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Valuable Resources Page

Welcome to the Ehline Law Firm resources page. This is the one-stop portal to some of the various educational and authoritative sites we like to use when doing investigative research. Although we use these expert resources often as part of our toolbox, none of the below information is intended to be gospel. And indeed, none of these resources are meant to be a substitute for a highly trained lawyer. Before taking any court or other legal action, speak with a legal advocate.

In any event, education is an important part of damages mitigation in a tort case, and knowing who the good attorneys are, where the free resources are, and how to use the data. We hope that this comprehensive data helps you. If you have additional questions and wish to speak to an expert personal injury lawyer, Ehline Law Firm has a 24-hour attorney hotline at 888-400-08721.

Table of Contents:

Legal Research Resources.

Statues, Codes & Cases

California Statutes and Codes: This site covers all 9 official and updated CA codes, inter alia, the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, State Constitution and the other important statutes.

Justia: Incredible site listing free case law and statute research. This is a site we cite to a lot in our treatises and articles.

Video Tutorials.

Historical Documents

Magna Charta: This document recognized the principle that no one, including the king or a lawmaker, is above the law.

Blackstone’s Commentaries: Official Yale Law School website with complete commentaries on the Laws of Ancient England.

Declaration of Independence: The unanimous Declaration of Independence from the UK.

Articles of Confederation – Continental Congress: The very first constitution of the United States.

United States Constitution – Bill of Rights: Recognizes that certain rights are granted by our Creator and cannot be converted to privileges, altered or abridged by man or the state.

Administration of Justice


State Courts

Los Angeles County Superior Court Locator: The official Greater LA court locations and judge locator page. /locations/ui/listbyname.aspx

Orange County Superior Court Locator: Official OC Courts Index.

Riverside Superior Court: Official .gov site of the Riverside County courts.

San Bernardino Superior Court: Official website for SB court system.

San Francisco Superior Court:

California Second District Court of Appeal: Justices of locations of the most important appellate court in Greater Los Angeles.

California State Supreme Court: The official site containing the names of justices and important proceeding information of our state supreme court system.

Federal Courts

United States District Court: Official Federal Court website for the Central District of California.

United States Courts for the 9th Circuit: Latest opinions of the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

US Supreme Court: Official website of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Law Schools

Traditional Law School

USC School of Law: The USC Law School website. Discusses how to be a professor and becoming a law student. Official web page:

UWLA: Official website of the law school where more judges on the LA bench have graduated from.

Law Office Study

Law Office Official Website of the Law Office Study Program Assn:


Legal Support Services

OC Paralegals Assn: Official Site of the OC Paralegal Assn:


Legal Scholarships:

National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA): Find a legal or other scholarship by searching this site.


Legal Internships:

Indeed: A very excellent site where students can upload resumes and find a potential legal internship in a law office.



California State Assembly:

California State Senate:

US Senate: Official website of the United States Senate.

US House of Representatives: Also known as congress, the assembly is the largest chamber of representatives in the United States.


Private Advocacy Organizations

International Cruise Victims: A non profit organization dedicated to assisting cruise ship victims, and lobbying congress on behalf of survivors of cruise ship sexual assault, battery and missing at sea types of cases.

Three Percent: Pro U.S. Constitution society dedicated to the preservation of our God granted, individual rights as Americans.

Oathkeepers: Guardians of the Republic.

Personal Injury Warriors: An organization of international tort attorneys dedicated to the preservation of the positive image of injury attorneys. Provides PDFs of the latest verdicts and settlements of member attorneys. Also, has a legal directory of deputies.

If you believe you have an extraordinary resource, please feel free to email us your link so that we can consider you for inclusion as a resource. We are working to build only the best, most pertinent information for consumers, researchers and aficionados of the law.

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