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Self-Driving Uber Cars Runs Through California Stop Lights

Motor Vehicles in bumper to bumper traffic, CA.
Heavy traffic is this a place for autonomous cars?

Uber and State Permits.

Uber self-driving cars reportedly ran six red lights in California. Uber for an amount of time transported customers in the state. In this case, Uber used the driverless cars in San Francisco.

In December the company announced the launch of its pilot program. In this case, public records show Uber hadn’t registered with DMV. California DMV, in fact, warned Uber for months. Warnings came before launching the program by the company.

To use the roads, Uber needed a special permit. In this case an autonomous testing license. Uber, in fact, claimed they didn’t need a permit. The company, in fact, claimed the cars didn’t need the special permit. They say the cars don’t fit with fully autonomous vehicles. Also, they have advanced driver assist systems (ADAS).

These cars with ADAS, in fact, don’t need a permit for road use in the state. In this case, California DMC countered under Uber. But CA says their rules make these cars fit autonomous standards. Further, the DMV revoked Uber’s registration for the driverless car. Uber said it would stop the pilot program in San Francisco. The company, in fact, said the program would go to Arizona.

Red Lights and Video.

Mishaps and disengaging the system in testing could have consequences. If they had a testing permit, it would have public reports. A video, of course, came out at the time in this case. It happened as the argument between Uber and DMV continued.

The video showed a self-driving car driving through a red light. In this case, the car drove through an intersection in San Francisco. It, in fact, happened in front of the Museum of Modern Art. Uber spokesperson Chelsea Kohler said the car running the red light happened. It, in fact, occurred because of human error. She said the company believes self-driving Users make the roads safer.

Newspaper and Arizona.

An unnamed source to the New York Times said, in fact, the car drove through the red light. It did so five other times too. She said to the newspaper the self-driving cars need human intervention. She said the operator of the car had time to intervene. Though, the person, in fact, failed to take over before the car stopped. The driver did take over and manually drive through the crosswalk.

The Arizona DMV upon contact did report they in fact work with Uber. Though, they did work with other companies too. They, of course, support self-driving technology. Further, in this case, they said they promote public safety.


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