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Are you looking for an “All American” personal injury attorney in San Bernardino County, California? It seems like you need help for a Greater LA car accident or another incident if you found this page. Good, because you came to the right place. Most important, the administration of our firm is in the hands of a former United States Marine. His name is Michael Ehline. He is also a victim of catastrophic and debilitating injuries.

Hence, his experience enables our firm to place ourselves in your shoes. Consequently, we fight to make sure you get fully paid for all your troubles. You probably have acute pain brought about by your terrible and tragic event. It may have hurt you or someone else you care about too.

We have earned millions of dollars in legal money damages compensation. All this was for our clients who suffered injuries at the hands of negligent wrongdoers. We want to help you as well. Keep on reading and educate yourself. Learn about what makes us the best choice for your tragic injury compensation claims. Feel free to call right now for a free legal consultation. Make a free telephone call by dialing (888) 400-9721.

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Our Legal Expertise

Michael of Ehline Law Firm has done the trials. Also, he has drafted the motions, and negotiated with the big carriers. He’s taken on these companies. Most important, he has never faltered in his devotion. You can probably see he loves his legitimately injured clients. Our superior legal training makes us competent in appellate law, and writs. But we are great at other law and motion matters too.

As noted, we have also received industry recognition. And you will need legal experience like ours to max the value of your case. Why is that? Simple. In personal injury claims, the circumstances or parties surrounding the accident can be complex. It can often involve difficult legal situations.

Then, adding insult to injury, large insurance companies often use tactics to take advantage. So the unrepresented negligence victim often get steamrolled. These dupes have no-one there to protect their legal rights. And the conversations and routinely recorded.

One leading question and one honest wrong answer can become twisted to create doubt. So in the minds of decision makers, they get to pay you less money, or nothing at all. Thus, this can spell death for some of the most severe claims. Since later your credibility can get called into question.

Insurance Companies Want You to Lose

In many cases, this can even discourage you, or a potential future legal representative. Hence, you may feign from even making a claim. Remember that insurance companies want you to slip up, or say the wrong thing. And they know how to ask questions in such a way as to make you look like a liar. It is of paramount importance after an accident to consult an experienced negligence lawyer. You must discuss the claim and to learn your legal options.

Ehline’s Commitment is Getting You a Victory

The Ehline Law Firm is world renowned for a personal injury practice. It is famous for representing suffering victims for years. Hence, it has an outstanding reputation with other legal advocates. Of particular interest, the courts and insurance companies have seen us in action. Our lawyers focus on mishaps claims and violations of rights types of cases.

We have the commitment to justice our clients can trust. And we have the compassion to guide the customer through the complicated legal system. Plus, we have the expertise and the resources to deal with bodily injury claims. And gear this to a successful outcome.

Inland Empire City Injury Risks

Understanding risk mitigation is an important part of avoiding injuries. San Bernardino is in the Inland Empire and is one of the largest cities with a population of over 209,900 (SB Growth Forecast.) The surrounding area is less congested than the coastal regions, and there are lots of big rig trucks and tour bus routes leading in and out of the State through this passageway to the commercial areas of the west.

The combination of heavy vehicles and high speeds is known to result in cataclysmic events. (Famous Accidents in San Bernardino Of historical note, this city is where the McDonald brothers founded McDonald’s restaurant in 1948. It is a large geographic area and thinly populated when compared to most of L.A.

Residents can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, etc. The city boasts the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra, and Blair Skatepark, along with the many other attractions for both young and old in the Inland Empire city. (Other Info About SB County.)

Accident Numbers and Causes.

The national statistics show motor vehicle accidents occur every six seconds. And they do not skip the city of San Bernardino. Also, the only real difference between a city like Long Beach, is that there are so many big trucks. Furthermore, they are driving at higher open freeway speeds. The San Bernardino Traffic Report confirms this as well. These are risks that can easily lead to the death of a motorcyclist, or bystander.

But traffic accidents are not the only negligently caused injuries in that great city. There are many work-related injuries from manufacturing. Also, it comes from other industrial activity going on here including:

  • Warehouse accidents. (large facilities like Home Depot are known for falling objects, head injuries, and even death).
  • Sweatshop safety violations and are known to exist here. (See also “wage and hour claims”).
  • Falling off of a ladder.
  • A slip and fall in a factory. (banging your head, or busting your knee, are all real possibilities).

Negligent Security Cases

Since it is a lower income area with a recent influx of thugs from Los Angeles City, some of the nightclubs and bars will need to hire additional security. They need to protect their patrons and their property. But sometimes they hire bad security, and these bouncers hurt innocent people or exceed the reasonable use of force. We sue for this type of nonsense.

Potential For Civil Rights Related Injuries in San Bernardino.

The recent influx of African Americans to San Bernardino also brings with it the increased probability of a false arrest or excessive use of force lawsuit. We help the victims of all personal injuries and civil rights violations.

  • A police shooting is an example of a physical injury that could very well become a civil rights case.

But any injury or accident that occurs here can be devastating physically, emotionally and financially. These incidents, whether from a terrible car crash or from being punched out by a bad cop, can also result in permanently disabling injuries and fatalities.

  • Recent Example of a Bus Accident Case in San Bernardino

One of the examples of the tragic mishaps that can occur here, is February 21, 2011, bus collision in the San Bernardino Mountains on Highway 189. A passenger bus collided with another vehicle on the road when the driver lost control of the bus.

The bus contained middle and high school students returning from a weekend church retreat. The collision resulted in over twenty people injured and one person killed. Understanding the personality of the community, means you pay particular attention to the above perils as a consumer and try to avoid them.

But as can be seen in the above example, the driver lost control. No matter what you do, you cannot control everything. So short of not going out in public, there is a real risk of injuries to people and property in this fair city.

Our Concern, Compassion, and Dedication in Personal Injury Representation.

“Do or Die” is how we handle our cases. Our dedicated representatives and staff members have dedication. So we move fast to evaluate every potential client’s case. And they do this as if it were their own. Then they determine what the legal options are and provide legal guidance.

We have concern and compassion for every case to work hard at obtaining the best possible results. Every year we recover millions of dollars in damages for a victim’s damages that they deserve. This compensates them for medical costs, loss of income, pain, suffering, and other losses.

Also, the law firm attorneys have high standards of ethics, and professionalism. Additionally, they provide the best quality representation for our clients. As always, we work on a contingency fee basis. Hence, we don’t win unless you win too!

Having a Lawyer Helps Protects The Time Limitations to Sue

There is no way to know when a disaster will take place. But when one does, and it results in injuries, seeking legal advice is crucial for the future of you and those whom you love. In cases against the government, a consumer only has six months to make a proper claim with the City Clerk. So a claim may get filed for dangerous road conditions, for example. But it may also need to get served on another government agent too. How does a client preserve their right to sue a government entity? Only a lawyer can help.

The vast majority of people who got run over by city work trucks. Some injuries are from a falling object from a scaffolding on a town or county work detail. It follows that many have no idea that they have to get an exclusive claim filed rights away that. Most important to know is that the government has sovereign immunity. So you lose unless you follow the statutory rules under the Government Code.

Cases Against Private Actors Must Also Be Acted Upon Fast.

Even when the case is not a Tort Claims Act matter like the above examples, you cannot sleep on your legal rights. It is a case against a private company or citizen you cannot sit idle. Besides losing the ability to respond rapidly when seeking to build the case value, there is still a limited period to sue non-state actors. All this info is in the California Codes (See also “Statute of Limitations”.) Having a great lawyer ensures your claim will get filed within the statutory period. Also, the law requires an application to get filed before the right becomes extinguished

By all accounts, early legal representation preserves the statute. Also, it helps you locate other things like valuable documents. So before they disappear you can find things such as notes on the backs of matchbooks. You may also be able to recover emails, and penned out statements from people who saw what happened. So this will get gathered and protected.

Expert Representation Also Affords You Credibility

Defense insurance adjusters are notorious for letting the statute run out in an unrepresented person’s claim while pretending to be helping all the while, running out the amount of time the law allows for suing. Our law firm offers case evaluations at no cost or obligation to you, and we are willing to advise you of your legal options quickly. If you are immobile, we will meet you wherever it is convenient to you. We do what it takes to earn your confidence and rescue your case from the jaws of defeat.

Contact Us.

There are reasons for retaining help after a roadway incident or some other calamity. Usually, the injured victim is seeking financial damages from the other driver. , or parties. responsible for the accident and their insurance company. But the person sustaining injuries should not have to to shoulder the financial expenses. And these will often result from the crash when someone else was at fault.

The law provides protection for the person suffering injuries. So those occurring from careless, reckless or negligent actions of another person are compensable. Contacting us is your first step in getting that financial recovery you are seeking. Call us now for a cost-free, confidential phone conversation. So go ahead and discuss your options with a quick, free call directed to (888) 400-9721.

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