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This personal injury law firm in Riverside is here to help. We take care of client needs from car accidents, a fall at work, or faulty medicine. Anytime a person needs help getting back on their feet Ehline Law is here to help. We’ve seen the consequences of terrible accidents. Bad faith insurance actions are also part of how we help consumers. Our resolution is to help as many clients as possible.

We’re the people’s attorneys. We don’t ask for a red cent unless we win for our customers. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, grew up right here in Southern California. Also, we have law offices in Los Angeles, and throughout the state of California. We are local to you. Let our experience work for you.

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How Ehline Law Firm Helps Overcome the Challenges of a Riverside Injury Claim.

Of the many curve balls that life can throw at us is the unexpected and shocking personal injury. As a result, these are one of the most difficult challenges to surmount. The case like this exists when the careless, negligent or even downright reckless people injure others. Noteworthy here is Inland Empire injuries call for excellent Riverside personal injury attorneys. Particularly pertinent is that finding good help is no walk in the park.

Victims Have Lots of Questions

Hence, questions pop up like “who will pay for my medical bills?” Maybe people will ask “what do I say and not say to the insurance adjuster?” Employees might ask, “what do I tell my boss if I can’t come back to my place of employment?” Wives and kids may ask “what if you can never work again?” So the victims want to know “who is going to pay for all this?” And the family will ask “how will my family get by without your contributions to the household?”

And the answer to all these questions is probably simple. A quick phone call to Ehline Law Firm can pass away most your concerns. But you will almost always need help to understand the challenges you face on your road to recovery.

Our Dedication Means Winning

These dedicated, personable attorneys are world renowned for assisting the victims of bad injuries. This vast County has all types of lawyers. But you probably want a specialized lawyer for your injury case. Most relevant to you is that we have represented a broad spectrum of serious injury victims.

In fact, we have helped with many scary, unusual cases. Almost every case we handle is diverse. Also, they include all types of insurance and court claims. Most noteworthy, we still managed to come out on top.

Hence, the definition of a victory for our clients is a significant verdict or settlement. First of all, these cases win by preparation. Especially relevant is that guiding our victories is our experience as consummate legal professionals. Out of the gate, our firm will go to work for you and your surviving family members.

Most of all, we fight to get you the greatest number of monetary digits compensable by law. So it’s a good idea to call us now. Let us design a plan of attack and get you on the road to recovery. Call (888) 400-9721.

Riverside Injury Lawyers Getting Results – Covering Up Front Costs

Our past accomplishments benefit our clients in many ways. First, we understand and accept that most of you will not have the resources to pay for a lawsuit. You maybe cannot pay out of pocket to fund a case and be able to survive.

When you are down and out, you are likely broke or living off your savings account. You still will want to hold the negligent party or entity accountable for their actions. But you still want to have a nest egg for your future. It seems like everyone wants that right?

Don’t Get Stuck With Up Front Out of Pocket Losses.

At Ehline Law Firm we know that people injured by no fault of their own live off of their savings. You maybe are surviving off of vacation pay. But you should not be stuck in the pickle of paying out of pocket expenses. Hence, we advance case-related fees. So we loan funds for private investigators, medical records subpoenas, litigation costs, etc.

Hence, you pay back things like legal discovery, depositions, and filing court actions later. So we cover this up front so you can survive and heal. Also, we go the extra mile to help you gain confidence and sanity. What this means to you is that we roll the dice.

And we move your case through the complex California legal system on our dime. We don’t get paid back till the case is over. So we are ready to do whatever it takes within the law to advance our client’s interests.

We Work To Get Wounded Clients a Large Amount of Money.

Noteworthy here, is that we strive to get clients a large payout. No matter what, we want our customers to know
Thus, it goes without saying that we work on a straight contingency fee. What this means is that we refuse to accept an initial retainer fee. Thus, even though you are broke, you won’t have to dip into your financial cushion. Most of all, exhausting IRA’s and 401ks should be the last thing you need to do to survive while you heal.

We understand you shouldn’t need to worry about the legal part of your situation. Ehline Law Firm does not get paid fees unless we come to a favorable outcome on your behalf. So you know up front that we are in this case for the long haul. Hence, we will go down fighting if need be.

“Never surrender” is part of our DNA. In conclusion, we can retain experts and advance the costs for litigation. Our attorney’s fees get paid when we recover financial damages for the client. Here is our “no recovery no fee” promise to you.

How Else Can We Help You?

We understand how complicated and harrowing retaining a lawyer can be. But we are here to ease your decision making process.

So how do we put you at ease? Especially relevant is what we do when you call us for the first time. First of all, you get to talk to a real attorney. You will not get a referral service. We can evaluate your case with a quick and free call. Hence, you are not inconvenienced by driving to our office.

If the case seems viable, we will come to you at your home, hospital or job. Consequently, we can meet and sign you up as part of our confidence building strategy. Our dedication is looking after our client’s needs.

Thus, we always place the interests of our clients above our own. You can probably see why we are so respected. We think we can get everything out of life that we want, by helping our clients get what they want.

Our Broad Experience in Law Helps Us Find All the Potential Issues

Our experience is in a vast and wide range of criminal and civil law. Thus, we can spot all the potential claims and defense early on and prepare for them properly. Fighting huge, multi-national insurance companies requires acting with confidence. Therefore, having a take no prisoners mentality means victory in most cases. Michael Ehline, being a former U.S. Marine gets it.

No challenge is too great for our firm. Coincidentally, Semper Fi and Gung Ho are part of our persona as a law firm. Our superb staff has skill and training to stop sneaky insurance adjusters. You may not realize these malevolent agents are experts. But their expertise is not at helping you. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

These insurance agents are pros at weakening the strength of your case. We stop them in their tracks. How do we do this you ask? First of all, we will never let you give a recorded statement.

Most noteworthy, we will never let you take on the insurance company alone. The only shareholders we care about are you and your family. It’s maybe an excellent idea to put our experienced consumer advocacy by your side. Maybe you should let us try and get you the most optimal results.

Why is Experience Important?

The advocates at Ehline Law Firm have vast knowledge in handling personal injuries. Due to our background, we can win no matter what your injury. Thus, be it a small soft tissue case involving whiplash, or a severe brain injury we can help. Hence, we help with coma or even loss of life.

Particularly relevant is that no challenge it too small or too great for us. Most of all, the advocates at Ehline Law have the maturity and competence to take the case to fruition. You may not realize that many lawyers with more time in grade wish they had our skills.

Our “do or die ethos” means that we are ready to go down with the ship. And we would rather die than wave the white flag of surrender. So alas, if we cannot force a windfall like settlement, we are ready to fight in court. We are capable and confident that we can win your exemplary damages lawsuit.

Shying away from a full-blown court trial is not how we roll. There is no simple replacement for a talented, ambitious trial lawyer. Finding good lawyers is coincidentally easy. These lawyers are at Ehline Law Firm.

Every year we win great amounts of rectification for our clients. Included here are monies for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering. It can also include other types of damages. Our success is a matter of record.

Furthermore, our results are clearly documented. Hence, our experience provides our lawyers the best skills. These talents help us recover the highest amount of repayment permitted the client.

Logistics Matter.

Ehline Law Firm has the financial resources necessary to prepare and win claims. We have won cases against the wealthy insurance companies and large corporations. This is where small un-financed law firms have problems. You maybe did not know many aren’t able to handle the significant case expenses. Big money is a requirement to fund a big case. Big cases are complex or multi-party defendant cases.

They usually involve bad suffering or death. Small firms may settle earlier than they should to reduce costs. This means the client will recover a lower amount of allowance. We have the resources to prepare each case to go into court. Also, we will investigate your claim in totality.

Areas of Expertise.

Our team is skilled in a variety of case types. Thus, we have won hundreds of settlements and decisions in courts. So our clients have wins totaling millions recovered.

We can assist in many fields, including:

  • Personal injury
  • Car accidents
  • Truck and bus accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Bad faith insurance
  • Workplace accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Faulty product injuries

Please read more about these and others on our practices page.

Home Town Advantage.

Accidents Are Unpredictable – Our Local Firm Is Not.

When you are in need of a local mechanic, you won’t hire one far away, would you? Probably it’s always better to be served by an attorney in your area code. This representative can almost always give you that personal attention needed. Ehline Law practices in Riverside and Riverside County courts. So we are local. We are right here to use our experience to gain the most for our clients, and it shows.

Why Ehline Law Firm Riverside?

There are dozens of firms in the Riverside area– but there’s a reason that Ehline Law is one of the most respected. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, is a physically challenged former Marine. First of all, he learned the lessons of loyalty and tenacity in the Corps. And he is the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Litigator Award.

Furthermore, he has consistency in his ratings. Many clients say he is one of the most helpful and accessible attorneys in California. Ehline Law Firm is unique because of the access we give our customers. We are available 24/7 and will take calls and emails anytime, day or night.

Hence, we will travel anywhere in the state to hear your story and discuss your options. And we are problem solvers. Our staff is proud of the extra mile we always go for the suffering. For more information, please call us at (949) 207-7193 or email us today.

Incidents involving the scourge of negligence are unpredictable. No matter how careful a driver, product user, pedestrian an individual is, mishaps happen. We are predictable; we are knowledgeable, skilled and ready to answer your questions. So we can meet in one of our many offices.

Or we can go to your hospital room. But rest assured, we will travel to your home or other convenient location. If you are not able to schedule an appointment to come to us, we find a way to meet you.

Ehline Law Defends Your Rights to the Max Reimbursement Under the Law.

What are we seeking for you? We’re striving to achieve superbly justice and responsive service for you. We go on the warpath to collect one thing. But we want to get you justice in the form of money. The term used in court is “compensatory damages.”

So this award encompasses unique, or economic losses and general, or non-economic losses. Money is what we seek to restore to the victim since there is no pound of flesh to take. Basically, in a dog bite, for example, you could have been badly mauled. In a vehicle wreck, you could suffer broken bones or a severe head injury.

Usually, you will need time off of work, surgeries, etc. All that takes lots of money to get you recovered and back into a position where you can work again.

To help you understand better, we have broken down the below list. So these are the types of things you can get money for as follows:

  • Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Ambulance and hospital convalescence.
  • Nursing and rehabilitative care.
  • Lost wage and earnings, both past and current.
  • Loss of or reduction in earning capacity.
  • Repair to property is factored, such as torn clothes, damaged cars. But it includes ruined motorcycles of bicycles, and costs of their replacement components after wear and tear.
  • The loss of financial support of a husband or wife. And this also known as loss of consortium. (typically in a death case, the victim suffers from the inability to partake in certain sexual activities, loses the tenderness, sex, and attention of the decedent, etc.).
  • Pain and Suffering, both mental and physical.
  • Loss of enjoying life activities like being able to take the kids to Disneyland, or an amusement park.

Many things you want we have. Unleash and enable our well-trained counsel. Let us try and put a dollar estimate on the claim for you. Let’s battle the damages adjuster. Feel free to call us and learn more if you have questions.

Riverside Accident Info.

Riverside’s nickname is the “City of Arts and Innovation.” Originally, it was named due to its location next to the Santa Ana River. This county is where the citrus industry began in California. Riverside has moved on into becoming a famous commercial hub. (Roger, Vincent (November 15, 2007) “Inland Empire warehouse deals’).

Shipping, warehousing, and receiving is its forte. What this means to travelers is there is a high level of the trucking and locomotive activity in this area. Sometimes we hear about fatal commercial shipping accidents here on TV news.

A Lower Income Town.

This city has the largest Mission Revival style building. It is the home of the Mission Inn in the United States. Today, Riverside is a place where lower-income people live. The housing is much more affordable. Many people are forced to commute in terrible traffic on the 91 Freeway.

Most noteworthy is people do this to get to and from work in Los Angeles, or Orange County. The traffic is horrible. And there are lots of collisions. Bumper to bumper traffic and texting drivers cause a lot of rear enders.

Many people get the bare minimum liability insurance, assuming they have any at all. (Perault, Mike (May 5, 2010) “State Offers Low-Cost Insurance”). So we have a situation with many under-insured commuters, or with drivers not insured at all. These people are driving far from home to get to a low paying job in LA for example.

Lower Incomes Mean Little or No Auto Liability Insurance

In some drunk driving cases, criminal defendants may not have wages that are garnish-able. They are barely making ends meet. Also, the lower incomes usually mean less insurance coverage or none at all. So you can see right away why many lawyers would not sign you up as an injured client.

Unless there is adequate insurance, many cases are non-starters in Riverside. How is a lawyer going to get you compensation from someone with no assets to speak of? So think about all this whenever you get on the Riverside 91, the 15, or the 215 roadways. Be safe out there and consider getting additional coverage for yourself.

Off Peak Traffic Issues

Also consider that during off-peak times, there is much less traffic in the suburban areas. Contrast this with beachside areas like Santa Monica. The combination of densely packed housing and fast speeds on freeways is horrific. The roadways are filled with lots of families with children.

Also, there are many bus stops with moms and their kids standing around as pedestrians. Many children are crossing the street. There are also retired elders ingressing and egressing from buses. This much more people and higher weekend speeds mean a much greater chance of injuries.

Other magnets to attract accidents are the distracting holidays in Riverside. The holiday season in Riverside is spectacular with the Riverside Festival of Lights. There over three and one-half million twinkling lights. These are also known as distractions. The city attracts its fair share of traffic from lookie loos. It also attracts commercial trucking and tour busing.

Accident Statistics in Riverside County

Riverside is a bustling city and county. It may appear to be a great place to live and visit. But accidents resulting in serious injury and deaths can occur. One of the memorable serious accidents took place in 2010 on April 11th. In that case, a drunk driver jumped the curb on one of the streets. He hit a seventeen-year-old girl and a toddler with her. (Nielsen, Jacob (Sept 4, 2012.) “Car Drives Onto Sidewalk, Kills 5 Year Old Girl.“)

The girl suffered severe injuries, including the severing of one leg. And the toddler was not any more fortunate, suffering head injuries and internal injuries. This calamity changed both their lives forever. Instead of attending college in the fall of that year, the girl was fitted for a prosthetic leg.

She was learning how to walk with it after the amputation. (Ehline, Michael (2008) “About Amputation).” Above are just a few of the many unhappy conclusions that have happened in Riverside.

Retaining a Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer

When you or a loved one had bad luck, it is essential to have your rights protected sooner rather than later. Consulting an experienced firm with a successful history is how to ensure protection. The knowledgeable contingency attorney at Ehline Law Firm can guide your case. We will take you through the legal process.
Therefore, we will handle your case in a manner that is in your best interest. Contact a Riverside personal injury lawyer now. It makes common sense to discuss your serious accident and injuries at (888) 400-9721.

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