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Ehline Helps Victims of Sex Abuse

Sexual assault is one of the worst crimes that an individual can suffer. And it happens on cruise ships at sea and in public school in alarming numbers. Also, the clergy and religious institutions are notorious for raping children. Unfortunately, it is a fact of modern life ashore, and a crime of terrible proportions. There is no way to completely rebuild a person’s physical and emotional health after such scarring. But every effort should get paid to make sure victims will return to a fulfilling life.

Sex Attack Victims Need Money for Medical Treatment.

Every part of the assault can lead to severe long-term medical treatment. So all of it requires a hefty amount of time and money. Victims need both immediate and long-term care. So overcoming such a significant obstacle means there a particular need for assistance.

Headed by a former law clerk in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office in Michael Ehline. So Ehline Law understands both the civil and criminal sides of such heinous crimes. We hope that the perpetrator gets imprisoned for as long as the law allows. Our staff prays they never commit such a horror again. But we also understand there are civil actions the victim can take. All of this to seek compensation for such an act of the defendant.

Ehline Holds Rape Enablers Responsible.

If anyone created conditions rapists used for their actions, they get held responsible. Also, a person in public trust must ensure public safety. When a church, government, school, or sports official allowed sexual predators access they have a problem. So if a crime resulted to victims they bear some responsibility. Also, if an employer did not protect their employees, they were negligent.

Ehline Law seeks to make the victim as whole as possible. We fight for all medical bills to get paid and for the victim’s pain and suffering. Also, we can negotiate with the insurance companies to honor their policies. Additionally, we do the same to get the proper medical treatment needed, including therapy. Furthermore, we work with counselors. Why not let us help you ensure a safe emotional space to start the road to recovery?

Skilled Advocates Instill Confidence in Rape Victims.

No matter how victims aim to rebuild their life, having skilled advocates is necessary. Most of all, there’s too much to handle and deal with insurance companies. Also, bills are stacking up. And you still need to deal with the perp himself. Often he or she is already locked up. So they are spending all your money defending a criminal case.

Furthermore, if involved in a horrific act, make sure you have compassionate legal partners. Michael Ehline has children himself. He takes this personally. So our staff will help you through your misery. Contact us today and speak to skilled legal experts. We are available anytime, day or night and will come to you and listen. Call (213) 596-9642 to learn more.


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