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Legal Information About Back Injuries

Ouch! Back injuries come in many shapes and sizes. But often, they become some of the most painful injuries that people sustain. Depending on the stressors on the back or in other parts of a person’s body, disability can vary. But such an injury could leave people unable to work, drive, or enjoy their lives.

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Also, there are many causes of such severe back injuries and related pain. And these can include severe car crashes, injuries at work, slips and falls, and others. But regardless of the cause, if another party’s negligence caused the injury, the victim should seek every avenue for restitution possible.

Back injuries often have long-term consequences. The complex nature of the ligaments, muscles, and vertebrae in the back can make for the debilitating pain that can be or life. So this could mean that the victim is unable to enjoy life with their family or may even need to leave their job. All of these are drastic changes that severely impact their quality of life.

A skilled attorney, such as Michael Ehline from Ehline Law, will be able to assist in determining how to get your life best back together. Ehline Law can help in finding medical coverage and paying for it, as well as the cost of loss of work or your pain and suffering. When such an event occurs, the full brunt could become felt later. But this could be because the inflammation in the back sets in later on, or soft tissue damage manifests itself months later.

While some therapies, including Prolotherapy such as practiced by Los Angeles’ own Dr. Marc Darrow, has relieved much of this pain and damage, such issues are often not easily treated. Regardless of the level of treatment, these medical bills are often significant, as is the cost of physical therapy. Injuries to the back come in many shapes and sizes.

However, we see several common factors in injuries, including:

  • Herniated discs
  • Fractured and/or damaged vertebrae
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Cervical lumbar sprains
  • Thoracic muscle sprains
  • Bone damage
  • Onset osteoarthritis from an injury

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