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Child Car Seat Purchase Basics

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Parents have the responsibility for many things like what a child eats, wears, and medical care. One of these is car seats and picking the safest one. The choice is numerous, and it makes a difference what one you chose. Michael Ehline is a Los Angeles car accident attorney. He has provided the below information to assist you in making the right choice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for years children put in rear-facing car seats until age two.

Rear Facing Car Seats

Now it’s recommended the child remain rear facing until they outgrow the car seat. Another recommendation is for children to stay in car seats at least until age four. Facing back can reduce injury in a crash when the seat’s correctly installed.

While drivers do not expect involvement in a collision, many do including parents with children in the car. Toddlers, infants, and infants can suffer serious harm because of a crash. The rear facing seat and toddler car seats can help protect young children from injury.

The rear facing seat protects the infant or toddler’s body by minimizing sudden movement upon impact. The position contributes to distribute the impact and to depend on the crash the child could remain unharmed. However, choosing the right car seat is essential. A 2007 study published showed children under the age of two were 75 percent less likely to suffer serious harm in a crash when in a rear-facing seat properly installed.

Common Child Crash Injuries

Children in crashes can suffer some of the same harm as adults like whiplash. The most common injuries are spine and neck trauma for children. This happens when the impact causes the head’s violently jolted. This is where the rear facing car seat can protect the toddler.

Parents–Car Seats and Crashes

Parents want to keep their children safe, and one way is to research the seats and chose the best rear facing seat. Ensure when they outgrow the car seat it is replaced with a safety seat for the toddler’s size. Parents try to protect their children including driving safely; however, accidents can happen anyway.

Other Countries

In some countries, young children stay in a rear facing car seat until four and often until five years of age. Furthermore, some of these countries only sell rear-facing car seats for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Sweden is one of the countries with strict car seat regulations. Data from the International Safety Data and Analysis Group shows in 2013 two percent of car crash fatalities out of 144 deaths involved young children. The two percent in Sweden versus six percent in the United States for children under the age of nine.

Legal Help

It is impossible for a certainty of avoiding collisions or the severity of a crash. If your child, you or a loved one is hurt in a collision contact the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your claim and determine the best approach to obtain a settlement. Contact the law firm toll-free at 888-400-9721.

Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline sufferred a horrific rollover accident when he was young. Dealing with his injury lawyers, and the medical industrial complex made Mike want to study law. So after his tour in the U.S. Marines, and running several small businesses, Ehline went for it. Check out some of his Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Verdicts and Settlements. Now Ehline is a highly successful, ambitious car crash lawyer. He operates, which is an accident and injury law practice based in Los Angeles, CA.

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