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Fifty Injured in Overturned Tour Bus 210 Freeway Crash

In my many years as a serious injury lawyer, bus rollovers and collisions always seem to have the worst injuries. During a bus crash, the occupants were tossed like rag dolls. Most of the time people end up with friction burns, head injuries and much much worse, dead.

Today I awoke to phone calls from people asking me about the Irwindale bus crash. Fifty people were injured in a tour bus crash on the 210 Freeway. In any event, the wreck was near Irwindale in the eastbound lanes. That is when the bus overturned.

The accident occurred in the vicinity of the Miller Coors Brewery in Irwindale. The collision took place in the eastbound lanes of the 210 Freeway near the 605 Freeway. Also, it was reported at approximately 10:00 a.m. I flipped on the news and saw it myself.

Bus rollover in Irwindale
Irwindale Bus Crash

According to authorities, the bus was on the side of the freeway. Also, it was lying on its side with the front windshield broken out. Officials said that at least 50 people were injured. But here, none of the injuries were critical. Also, a triage was set up at the scene.

Authorities closed all the lanes of the 210 Freeway so that emergency helicopters could land to transport injured passengers. Maybe the injuries were not “critical.” But I seriously doubt there were seatbelts on that bus. So just imagine the luggage and other objects like people, flying around inside that bus. Think about it!

The Helicopter Evacuation.

California Highway Patrol officials said four injured people were transported by helicopter to County-USC Medical Center. Also, ambulances transported three to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. In fact, another seven people went to Foothill Presbyterian Hospital in Glendora. But these folks were only moderately injured. So my question is, if the injuries were not critical, what is with the medevac by helo?

What is No One Saying How Severe The Injuries Are?

Naturally, the specific injuries and conditions remain unknown. Fire department rescuers first reports were that the injuries included minor cuts and bruises. The tour bus was reportedly operated by Da Zhen Travel Agency, with the Da Zhen Travel Agency office in Monterey Park. I doubt that all these injuries are minor.

My guess is that there will not even be enough insurance to pay for all the injuries. The word is that the passengers are a bunch of Chinese tourists. So suing is going to be hard, as it will be for those tourists in the recent San Francisco airport crash.

The Freeway Backup.

The CHP said the 210 Freeway was backed up for miles. But the westbound lanes were reopened at approximately 11:00 a.m. Sadly, the eastbound lanes remained closed.

The carpool lane was opened intermittently for traffic. That lasted until investigators finished at the scene and the bus had been removed.

I will be closely monitoring the case. Of course, I will do a follow up on the severity of the injuries. Afterward, we’ll talk about the ultimate legal liability of defendants. Then we’ll discuss payment for damages of the disabled passengers.

What are Some Tips for the Passengers?

Ways this crash can benefit you is that you can be aware of what to do if it happens to you. First, take pictures of your injuries. Also, get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses. In fact, make sure and collect all bills, including ambulance bills. Most of all, DO NOT speak to anyone about your case other than an attorney.

Only discuss your injuries with your doctor, not who you think is at fault. This is a job for a lawyer trained in dealing with insurance adjusters. Also, this is an expert at arguing legal liability in court. In any event, if you have more questions, call (213) 596-9642.


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