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Motorcycle Rider Client Testimonials

Modernly, clients and consumers like to see a sampling of customer reviews. Accordingly, here are some motorcycle personal injury client reviews. Notice that our customers love us. As a matter of fact, so will you.

Edwin Marin.

Edwin Marin

reviewed 2 weeks ago
Quality Excellent
I am a former airborne U.S. Army, so I wanted to make sure I had a bad ass legal representative to assist me in my auto accident case and not just some dude who spent his time in colleges. Lucky for me, I found a former U.S. Marine. Michael Ehline is a local Los Angeles accident attorney. My friend at the director’s guild told me about this hard-core dude. I think everyone knows that Marines are bad-asses. Well, at least THEY think they are bad asses and sometimes self-confidence is the difference. So when I first met him and told him I was airborne, we were instant friends. Anyways, this Marine attorney went the extra mile for me and got me much more money than they were originally offering for my serious injury auto accident case. In fact, since the guy who hit me was drunk, Ehline got the judge to make the settlement part of the guy who hit me’s probation. So I got paid and got big money. If you need expert leadership and representation, Ehline is the guy to call hoooah! Semper Fi Mike. Thanks for everything!

Motorcycle Rider Joe Abatiello.

Joseph Abatiello reviewed 2 years ago

Overall Excellent
“Michael Ehline answered the phone himself when I called, met me at the accident site, took pictures, was aggressive, tough on the insurance company, helped me get money for my bike, and got me a HUGE settlement. I am very pleased with Michael Ehline and can attest that he is a highly experienced motorcycle accident attorney for injuries in cities like Santa Monica, Torrance and Redondo Beach, to name a few. It was refreshing to deal with such a stand up guy as my attorney!”

Andre van Wyk

Andre van Wyk reviewed 7 months ago

Quality Excellent
I have had the pleasure in dealing with Michael Ehline both personally and professionally, he is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated attorney, which is not only clearly apparent in his numerous victories for his clients but also in his willingness to assist wherever he can. A true asset to the legal community and highly recommended to any one seeking recourse and justice in their personal injury cases.
As a matter of fact, this is just a small sampling of the non confidential clients we have helped. So if you need legal advice, our services are just a phone call away. Our number is (213) 596-9642. At any rate, call now and get justice.

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