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Another Nanny State Law on the Horizon – Lane Splitting Targeted by Democrats

Motorcycle riding
Motorcycle riding

Motorcyclists are making up a larger share of the vehicles on California’s roads. The state’s unique weather patterns have made it a stunning place to ride. Both residents and visitors love traveling the US 1 or many of the premier roads across the Golden State. With cycling increasingly popular, is it any wonder that the state legislature wants to regulate how it is done?

A proposed bill that looks poised to become law would change how motorcyclists ride the road. A state do-gooder assembly bill will affect the practice known as lane splitting. As CBS News reported, the bill would significantly change how the state’s roads operate.

The practice has been legal but not regulated for years, and California would be the first state in the union to create guidelines on the lane splitting formally. The proposed bill would allow motorcycles to travel up to 15 mph above the speed of traffic up to 50 mph.

The practice has been legal but not regulated for years, and California would be the first state in the union to create guidelines on the lane splitting formally. The proposed bill would allow motorcycles to travel up to 15 mph above the speed of traffic up to 50 mph.

Are Car Drivers Usually the Problem?

Much of the problem is not with lane splitting, itself. Motorcyclists often take extra care to avoid accidents, especially considering the sharply increased risk of serious injury in case of a crash. Increased experience and practice on the road make motorcycle riders some of the best on the road.

For Now Lane Splitting is Legal in California

However, with many other drivers unaware that lane splitting is, in fact legal, the chances of a severe accident spike. Furthermore, the proliferation of cell phones and distracted driving also put the rider at serious risks. These factors are all significant enough for the State Legislature to take a serious look at before passing such a measure. As the LA Times reported, the number of motorcycle fatalities is significantly higher than it was two decades ago, even as it is falling from a recent peak.

Talk to the Rider’s Lawyer?

Los Angeles personal injury expert Michael Ehline has been riding for years and understood the rewards and risks of bikes. His expertise in motorcycle accidents leaves him especially attuned to the needs of bikers and the lack of attention that they often get in Sacramento.

There are many factors left unturned in the recent legislation, in particular with the advent of self-driving cars that may not be able to determine how to avoid lane splitting bikes. Until more research comes about, the politicians should put on the brakes.

Getting The Right Parts For Your Wrecked Bike

Car parts
Set of automotive parts. Isolated on white with clipping path.

Is There An Opportunity Out of Tragedy?

Your bike– your pride and joy– damaged in such a way. Such an event can make a grown man cry. However, this can also be a silver lining for a dedicated biker. Don’t give up so easily.

There are many ways to fix up your bike to be better than it was before. Finding the right parts and mechanic to install them is not always easy. However, if it is done properly, it can be rewarding.

Are Bikes More Than Just Parts?

The aftermath of a crash is about more than just the parts themselves. Any injuries sustained due to a motorcycle accident is a desperate time for the rider. Hopefully, you can continue work and not worry about extensive rehabilitation.

Your bike may be a different case. All of that hard work and research may be crumpled due to an accident. And this is where the hard work begins.

Often the needs are based on the type of accident. Many riders find that there is only cosmetic damage to the bike. A bent bar or broken light can be fixed relatively quickly and inexpensively. However, severe frame or engine damage is another animal altogether.

Riders need to weigh all of their options in fixing their bike. They should speak to their insurer with their attorney to determine if the vehicle is totaled. No rider wants to hear those words, but it may be the case– especially with an older bike. Sometimes a new engine can be dropped in place while in others damage to the engine compartment itself could make such a repair not worth it.

Why The Right Assistance at the Right Time Matters?

Often the first step in fixing a bike is seeking a qualified attorney. Such a motorcycle accident expert determines the cause of the crash with the assistance of experts. Also, the right lawyer fights for you until the end. There’s no better example of this than the Ehline Law Firm Motorcycle Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Headed by a motorcycle enthusiast ourselves, we understand what you are going through. We stop at nothing to get any medical expenses handled and the best possible replacement parts for your bike.

Ehline Law is a staunch defender of biker’s rights. We have the sharpest team of experienced experts at the ready. Even if your bike is a total loss, we go out of our way to find the best possible replacement. We challenge the at-fault driver or bad faith insurance company to get you the best outcome. Call or email us today for more information. Speak to one of our expert attorneys to set up a free consultation.

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