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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

A motorcycle accident is often a life changing event. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers help riders who were hurt in bad collisions and spills on bikes. This means that we are the injury law firm you call when you or someone you love has gone through a devastating motorcycle accident.

Ehline Law Firm is recognized nationwide as the motorcycle rider’s friend. Michael Ehline, the firm’s head is a rider too. He knows it is the rare accident that is more destructive than that on a motorbike.

Michael also knows how many close calls he has had dealing with LA drivers. He can place himself in your shoes. So you can be supremely confident you have located elite lawyers who ride.

Regardless of their motivation in hiring us, you will have the personal relief of knowing you are getting dedicated legal professionals. In fact, our staff consists of agents who are looking out for the best interests of motorcycle accident victims. And you want these tier-one litigators do so both in and out of court. Our “can do” attitude is exactly what you want.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks.

Patriotic, freedom loving Americans love the feeling of joy that riding brings to life. And these fellow travelers can rest extremely confident that our firm knows exactly how to deal with the insurers. Also, they know we are abreast of the cutting medical procedures available. But even more pertinent, we take quick steps to protect your legal rights. We are aware the pits and valleys of the law like the back of our hand.

Our professionals get down to bare brass tacks. So whether you walked away, or were “carried away” from the accident scene in an ambulance, we can help. We understand that you could have sustained a temporary or permanent loss of mobility or the use of an arm, wrist, leg or other limb.

Either way, we will fight tooth and nail with unscrupulous insurance companies. Also, we take steps to ensure the wounded motorcycle rider gets the right medical and legal care. This is key in these often complex cases. Rest assured, we know what you want.

Michael Ehline U.S. Supreme Court.
Attorney Michael Ehline. The Motorcycle Rider’s friend.

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What is No Recovery No Fee?

What is the no recovery no fee promise? Simple, it means no recovery of money to you, no pay to us. We want to represent you. Our confidence in winning helps you deal with the uncertainty and frustration of a bad crash. Our solid, steadfast representation has won us numerous awards, and peer recognition in our industry. And if our reputable attorneys can’t win, we don’t think we deserve to get paid. That is the no recovery no fee promise. So if you were thrown off your bike and hurt during an accidental collision or crash in Greater Los Angeles, there is no out of pocket cost to hire us. 

What are Some Steps We Take?

We take many steps to get your life back on track. Determining who is legally responsible for a traffic accident or casualty is the first step in getting paid. Also, there could be many defendants, not just one. Beyond that, it depends upon the carelessness, among other factors, of the alleged wrongdoer(s).

To learn the truth, we think getting to the incident scene, interviewing witnesses and locking in testimony is an important step to take. So we go the extra mile with our due diligence since we are in it to win it. And we stake our reputation, time, money, and paycheck on excellent outcomes as you will see below!

What are Some Other Reasons You Will Choose Us as Your Champion?

  • You want your motorbike repaired as soon as possible
  • You want a law firm local to Los Angeles County Courts
  • You need someone to find evidentiary holes in biased police reports
  • You deserve lawyers with thousands of successful cases from start to finish
  • You want to hire an award Winning Super Lawyers Rising Star
  • You want a former U.S. Marine runs the Firm
  • You want convenient locations statewide
  • You Want lawyers with millions of dollars recovered
  • You want a free initial consultation
  • You want lawyers who advance costs
  • You want lawyers who ride. WE RIDE!

If this list of expectations appeals to your needs, then keep reading. We think there are other features about us that make us an even more attractive choice.

An Experienced Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Law Firm.

As noted above, our lead attorney is a rider. Michael Ehline also goes to the rallies, stays up on the latest bikes, and court rulings dealing with bikers, safety laws, etc. Michael Ehline understands the needs of the military clients who ride. And he gets why they use bikes more than cars.

After all, it is for obvious reasons. And these include ease of storage upon deployment (learn more about military motorcycle accidents here.). Also, Michael is a sympathetic, inactive United States Marine.

And wearing your orange safety vest, full faced helmet, heavy duty biker boots, and riding chaps don’t ensure a scot-free escape. Things like padded leather jackets and gloves offer little protection when stacked against a large car, truck or bus slamming into a cyclist. In fact, riders get lucky when they escape with mere bruising, scrapes and black and blue marks.

Many enthusiasts are only trying to get from point A to point B safely are killed or wounded in motorcycle collisions every day.

Because of this, we have an experienced staff of legal experts with resources oriented towards traffic accident victims. These people know exactly what they need to do to increase the value of your case. Also, whether you were following safety protocol or not, we can still help. Let the apostle of motorcycle law help you.

Heavy Traffic and LA Cyclists – What are the Statistics?

Take a look at Los Angeles motorcycle accident statistics. After you do, it is hard to image why you would purchase a motorcycle, let alone ride one. The California Office of Traffic Safety says motorcycle accident deaths went up 153% from 1998 to 2007. So in just a 9-year span, large numbers of riders died.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 4,976 people died in motorcycle crashes in 2015. This was up 8.3% over 2014’s total of 4,594. Furthermore, another 88,000 motorcyclists were injured. This was down about 4.3% from 2014’s total. All in all, motorcyclists are about 27 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per mile traveled. They are also almost five times more likely to be injured.

Death or serious injury due to motorcycle use is no joke. In fact, those who suffer a sore back, skinned knee or whiplash are the lucky ones. The number of innocent lives taken each year is far too many. The increase in deaths is particularly alarming.

Although in some cases drivers are out on the road less, the number of motorcycle deaths increased. This is a matter of national concern for the 8.4 motorcycles on the road today. Each motorcyclist takes care of their vehicle and to keep themselves safe. However, other drivers are not always aware of two-wheel traffic. Blind spots and lack of experience often cause severe injury or death. Distracted and drunk driving is also a perennial risk. Distracted driving, in particular, is on the rise across the country.

But Los Angeles is filled with traffic. So the very crammed traffic on the arteries, onramps, offramps and turnpikes are an accident waiting to happen. So the density of vehicles traversing the road means there is a high likelihood you could be the next motorcycle crash victim.

Whether an L.A. city motorcycle collision or Santa Monica bike accident, you will likely suffer harm. The City of Los Angeles could be a defendant. They could be the ones who caused the traffic jam that caused your accident. But now you have bills and pain.

And your doctors and hospital care providers need payment too. But while you heal, what about your injury claim? The wrongdoer should be forced to pay under our tort system. Just be aware that the chances of getting hurt increase a lot when riding in LA.

Does the above describe your circumstances? If so, make sure you have a lawyer on call. Read more about our committed, responsive team below.

  • Yes. We can help you get paid for your injuries and loss of use of your bike.

Using our motorcycle lawyers as your mouthpiece, as opposed trying to handle this yourself, or hiring an incompetent ambulance chaser, can keep you sane and out of jail.

  • Yes. Hiring us means you don’t “lose it,” or do something could regret later.

An angry biker might try and handle this the old fashioned way. Don’t do it. Let us be your legal sword, shield, and referee. This avoids self-help, like the days of the wild west. In a civilized society, the evil doer should pay for his transgressions in money damages. We work with qualified experts to investigate your case and learn the finer points of your individual fact patterns. Our injury law firm has vast legal knowledge of the anatomy of motorcycle incidents.

Want to Know Your Legal Rights?

Angelinos, whether they are a rebellious 1% er, black and white, independent, or motorcycle enthusiast, should be aware of their legal rights. As a service to you, Ehline will walk you through this arduous process, while guiding you every step of the way. This promise includes advice about representation for mishaps on trail bikes and even mopeds. Whether you have injured yourself while riding operating a chopper, Vespa or scooter, don’t guess the value of your case! Don’t deal with an antagonistic liability insurance company’s adjusters.

And never speak to the other lawyers, while not with legal counsel. Focus on regaining your excellent health, and let us focus on getting you justice. Ehline will help you understand the entire motorcycle accident insurance claims and legal process from start to finish. Call now.

What are Some Different Risks to Bikers In the Bumper to Bumper Traffic of Los Angeles?

Rider on a motorbike in Los Angeles, CA>
Motorcyclist in the LBC

Cars, especially during rush hour, don’t always pay attention. Motorcycles are usually two-wheeled vehicles like a Ducati, Harley Davidson, or BMW that will usually eject the rider in a high, or even low-speed crash.

And this poses a different risk than a four or three-wheeled conveyance. We realize that most rider injuries happen near the bikers residence, and occur at intersections with only seconds for a rider to react.

Left Hand Turn Crashes.

Typically, this happens when a passenger car makes a left-hand turn in front of an oncoming bike. Sadly, this can force the biker into a head-on crash. Often, the side of a vehicle faces the rider. So the rider will T-bone the motor car. And this will launch the rider into the air.

Close calls are standard for bikers. But they are not normally the rider’s fault. Even pads and helmets do little to protect riders in freak accidents. Rider experience is also a key factor. However, most accidents take place within five months of owning a newer bike, irrespective of how long a biker has been riding.

The mischief arising out of these collisions isn’t the same as that suffered in an enclosed passenger car. After all, cars have seatbelts and airbags. And bodily injuries can vary from ruptured discs, road rash, a severe brain injury. And they can even result in loss of life.

Because we have a vast knowledge of tort laws, we can help guide you through the legal quagmire. Most of our clients complained that other attorneys either didn’t have the time, or the desire to explain the ropes. But we take the extra care to teach victims their rights, duties, and obligations.

The Statistical Dangers of Riding In Los Angeles County.

Statistics show a chance of a smash up is higher in the geographic area of LA. [1. The Hurt Report 1981] Riders don’t have a chance against the four-wheeled, steel beasts we call automobiles.

In freeway and highway traffic accidents, state traffic laws, like the California Vehicle Code,[2. CA Veh. Code] provide the rules of the road. Also, violating these rules and then causing a collision could create a rebuttable presumption of negligence – aka negligence per se – and ultimate liability.
But in many situations, car operators could be liable for a mischance traffic accident. And this is true even if they were driving at, or below the posted speed limit. Of special interest, they can still be at fault. And this is true even if they were obeying the traffic laws of the state.

What is Meant by Safe Speed?

Two Wheeled Vehicle Dangers. Unlevel road.
Misleveled construction zone

This is because, for example, a “safe” speed and not the posted speed is what is required for a responsible driver. Another example would be a roadway defect, or foggy conditions, or cases where the sun is in the car driver’s eyes, impairing visibility.

Most of all, these road conditions would require extra care and caution when driving. So riders may need to pull over to the curb when safe. But they may simply need to drive slower. If not, the cyclist could cause a smash up or serious spill onto the roadway. Often bikers are thrown into a curb or fence.

Other times they fly through the air and land on a vehicle or inanimate object. So people get badly hurt. Thus, you need broad info on dealing with the insurance company. And you need to understand the idea behind indemnification. But the first thing you must do is lawyer up!

Want Legal Advice Now?

At Ehline Law Firm, our staff of seasoned motorcycle lawyers in Los Angeles offer free phone consultations to injured tort victims. As discussed, we litigate surface street and roadway spills throughout the LA Basin. But valuating damages claims is just part of what we do. As noted above, we have recovered gigantic sums of money for tragically harmed individuals.

The odds remain stacked against the biker. The local Ehline Law Firm can help even those odds. Hence, we help make sure that you recover the max payment. So now you can get paid back your lost wages, ambulance, and health care costs. Also, these damages can include money for mental and physical pain and suffering.

So the choice is clear. Hire an average advocate for underwhelming results. No! You want to hire an ex-Marine with a “do or die” mentality. Hence, Ehline is the ONLY choice. Call for a free consult 24 hours a day. How does that sound?

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