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Our firm is open weekdays from 10:00 am till 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. Always call for an appointment. Most lawyers cannot take walk in traffic. We are often in depositions, or in court or some other high stakes litigation. Although the front desk is available to accept mail and answer basic questions, legal advice cannot be dispensed without an appointment. So to make it easy, simply pick up the phone and dial (213) 596-9642.

That way we can arrange a way for you to speak with a real lawyer about your potential legal matters. In some cases, we can arrange transportation for handicapped or economically harmed people to and from our offices. Also, we can even send a lawyer to your home, hospital or workplace locale.

Driving Directions:

We are located in Downtown Los Angeles near “Good Samaritan Hospital.” Also, we are just a few miles from Mid Wilshire. We are located inside the landmark US Bank Tower building. This building is located on the corner of South Grand and West 5th Street near South Flower Street. Also, we are within blocks of Los Angeles County’s Little Tokyo. In fact, we are central commuters in the Valley, as well as Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Glendale and even East Los Angeles.

So this is a convenient, central location to many victims. It is also convenient for people coming from South Los Angeles and areas like Torrance and Redondo, Manhattan and Hermosa Beach. Last, we are just a short commute to or from Simi Valley. And we are law enforcement friendly.

Directions From South Bay: Freeway Directions: And this is a short cut by the way.

  • Take the Sepulveda Blvd North from Hermosa, Redondo, El Segundo, Torrance or Manhattan Beach.
  • At Howard Hughes Parkway, make a quick right.
  • Then enter the 405 Freeway and head North and merge onto I-10 E/Santa Monica Fwy E using the ramp on the left hand side.
  • Next, merge onto the CA-110 N/Harbor Fwy North using Exit 13B. This is located on the left hand side in the direction of Pasadena.
  • Continue to “All Downtown Exits.” Stay left as you arrive at the fork in the ramp.
  • Then, EXIT at 4th St exit, EXIT 23B.
  • Merge onto West 4th Street.
  • Go right on South Olive St.
  • Go right on West 5th St.
  • Go 0.14 miles and you will arrive at 633 W 5th St #2890, Los Angeles, CA.

Need alternate directions from Orange County, Long Beach, or South Redondo and Rancho Palos Verdes Estates? If so, click here For Mapquest Alternate Directions:

Did your loved or you suffer an injury in a freak accident? If so, healing up fast and getting your life back on track is paramount. All of this can defeat a person and make them overwhelmed. But your misfortune can be mitigated with the help of a top rated personal injury lawyer legal services.

Ehline Law Firm’s staff and attorneys are specialists in personal injury and accident claims. It fact, we have favorably assisted scores of injury victims all across Greater Los Angeles. We have offered these legal services since 2005.

But we have collectively been practicing law for well over 30 years. Ehline Law Firm helps the downtrodden little person who is down on his or her luck due to no fault of their own. Most of our clients had nowhere to turn or had been burned by an ambulance chaser in the past.

But our lawyers have a national recognition that is far beyond average. For example, our lead trial counsel, Michael Ehline is a Multi-Million Dollar Advocate Award recipient. And this means he has recovered many million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients. In fact, Ehline received the prestigious Litigator’s Award in 2015. Ehline also received Hollywood Weekly Magazine’s “Attorney of the Year Award.” And these are just a few of our accolades.

Our injury law firm has the fear and respect of many defense firms and insurance adjusters. We have fought them all and won. Fortune 500 companies are faced with a stark choice when facing our attorneys. Either they pay up, or we go to trial. It’s that simple.

Insurance companies know we have vast financial resources. They also know that our big firm results and small firm service mean we are not a “PI Mill.” Hence, files don’t sit in the corner; they get worked up by our experts. Learn for yourself and call one of our case evaluation experts right now. As always, the calls, are confidential, and there is no charge for our time.

Our Los Angeles location is 633 West 5th Street #2890, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

For an Immediate Consultation – Call (213) 596-9642

For an Immediate Phone Consult – Call (213) 596-9642
Call (213) 596-9642

L.A. is a huge County and central to California’s economy. The dense population alone means that someone is going to tangle with another at some point. The density of the streets, paths, and sidewalks mean that accidents happen consistently. Sometimes irreparable harm is the outcome. In fact, Greater LA subsumes parts of the OC and Inland Empire. So there are 34,000 square miles of territory where a person can be hurt at any time.

And there are 19 million residents, and even more visitors transiting to and from these areas at any given time. There are shipping hubs and ports located throughout. So naturally, accidents take place on the land, air and sea on a regular basis here when someone is negligent or careless.
What Clients Say:

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What is Tort Law?


    In 2014, the California Department of Public Health reported 546,741 unintentional injuries that hospitalized Residents of Los Angeles County aged 1-85.

The top 5 personal injuries in Los Angeles during the same period were as follows:

  • Slips and falls.
  • Being Struck by an object.
  • Occupants in Motor Vehicle Accidents.
  • Stress/Overexertion.
  • Cutting and Piercing.

Accidents challenge us in our day to day activities differently.

An accident is an undesirable incidental, and unplanned event that could have been prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, before its occurrence. Most scientists who study unintentional injury avoid using the term “accident” and focus on factors that increase risk of severe injury and that reduce injury incidence and severity (Robertson, 2015). (en)

So for example, distractions, not paying attention, etc., are the focus of what causes accidents. And many of these mishaps can devastate our lives permanently even though they were really “avoidable.” The long-term impact of a severe accident may vary, however. So stress related injuries at work will also be different than in car collisions, just as a slip and fall will vary in outcomes from a drowning hazard. Also, when victims face physical wounds, psychological trauma usually follows. Same goes for the expenses connected with medical care and lost work.

Typical outcomes of personal injuries are:

  • Part time or permanent bodily harm coupled with lessened mental and physical ability.
  • Personal and commercial property destruction.
  • Costly medical care and treatment.
  • Lack of ability to go back to work, or not becoming hired for a new job in the workplace.
  • Getting stressed out, depressed or anxious regularly.

Auto and other liability insurance are supposed to place us at ease. In fact, you are paying for a feeling of certainty when you think about it. Our experience has been that when push comes to shove, most insurance companies do not act in good faith. In other words, when their insured gets hurt in an accident, they play hardball.

For instance, a common ploy is for the adjuster to try and make a low-ball settlement offer. In other words, they try and pay less than the case is worth. But if they attempt this, our top Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are ready to act.

In fact, a skilled personal injury attorney knows how to measure the value of the compensation you have coming. In part, this is done by computing your actual monetary losses by placing a value on your pain, anguish, and suffering. So were you injured in an unfortunate accident?

If so, never speak to the insurance company without a lawyer. In other words, call a personal injury attorney. This legal expert will be able to handle all aspects of your case. Furthermore, a Los Angeles personal injury attorney can deal with those same insurers in your case he has also dealt with before.

So your representative already knows the ins and outs of this or that insurer. But if that fails, know that we can easily navigate your case through the court system.

Are You Seeking Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys?

Most accident victims remain in a haze following their calamity. So in this confused state, they either fail to act promptly, or they fail to act at all. Taking steps to protect their legal rights is the one this they must do to secure their future. An excellent method of achieving this is to seek legal protection from a personal injury law firm. Generally speaking, this should be an experienced personal injury attorney group. More often than not, this organization will have the ambition, knowledge, and financial backing to take a case all the way through.

What are Some Ways an Injury Lawyer Helps?

  • A lawyer helps people harmed by the negligence of others. But many attorneys are less qualified than others in personal injury law matters. The object is to retain the lawyers most qualified to help with your case. Not only will they have years of experience, but they will also maintain motivated staff members to assist you when the attorneys are trying cases.
  • So your accident lawyers must be specialists personal injury claims. The best thing to do if you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident is hiring a specialist lawyer with experience helping prior similar incidents.
  • Last but not least, your personal injury lawyers must have a proven track record of success. A record of winning can mean everything. So time in grade as a lawyer is far less important than historical outcomes. Results like earning monetary compensation victims, and how much, should weigh greatly in your hiring decision. A past history of winning is a reliable indicator of future victories. Most of all, prosperous lawyers retain help from specialists in their prospective fields. That way they have expert opinions to help with trial preparation. Front loading a case with all this information makes it better for trial. The insurance company is more likely to pay a fair amount when the lawyer goes the extra mile. A great lawyer will investigate the accident scene and even hire investigators to take pictures and get witness testimony. Accident reconstructionists can then use this data to recreate a simulated video of the accident. If the Plaintiff makes a compelling case recreating the unfavorable event, the case could settle and avoid the necessity for a jury. This is always in the interests of judicial economy and helps the client move on.
  • Our philosophy is placing clients first. The first intangible quality clients should look for is compassion. Without this trait, you will have no confidence. So as soon as you hear the lawyer over the phone, you must detect spirit and discipline. If you sense it, meet face to face. Anytime you get hurt, your lawyer needs to hustle. A good lawyer gets a good settlement. But a great lawyer wins huge settlements. They need to make a case file immediately. Next, they must hit the streets to gather evidence. In fact, Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC are motivated to go anywhere to get your case signed up. Our attorneys have been known to meet victims at their offices, homes or hospitals to sign up their cases. Ehline is committed to doing so 24-7 days per week. With convenient offices located throughout the Golden State, we know we can meet. If we take the case on, we can advance the costs and fees. We may even be able to help you find a medical doctor to work on a lien. So that way you can get treatment now. As always, we offer a no recovery no fee promise with our legal services. So you pay us no contingency fee unless we win.

How Does a PI Lawyer Prove Fault?

To establish legal liability, a personal injury attorney will need to determine where the fault lies for the incident. In California Courts, there is a formula used to determine fault using the law of negligence. CA Civil Code Section 1714 covers the elements of negligence.

To prove that someone was negligent, you have to show:

“The elements of a cause of action for negligence are well established. They are “(a) a legal duty to use due care; (b) a breach of such legal duty; [and] (c) the breach as the proximate or legal cause of the resulting injury.”[Emphasis.]

(Ladd v. County of San Mateo (1996) 12 Cal.4th 913, 917.)

How Do You Prove Fault in the Common Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are the number the one most common out of the top five most common accidents in Los Angeles. In fact, nationwide they remain a very typical mishap suffered by people on foot, young and aged alike. Of course, only reported numbers are available, so it is assumed many more cases of people falling exist. For example, when someone slips and trips at a party, or stumbles upon a misleveled sidewalk, they don’t always report their mishap. What we do know is California had at least 768,536 reported slip and fall cases. Wow. That’s a lot.

Nationwide, falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits or 12% of total falls. (Source.)

In fact, these events are the single greatest reason for sick days from employment. So how do these accidents arise? Typically, a person walking on foot will get his or her foot stuck on an elevated surface, such as a raised ridge on a sidewalk. But we have all heard the stories or seen the cartoons of people slipping on banana peels. Bottom line, when people are caused to lose their footing, they trip, or slip and fall to the ground.

But there are also other causes such as greasy or wet parking structure floors with poor lighting. If people can’t see that puddle of grease or standing water from a leak, they go down hard. Often, this results in a fractured wrist, ankle, or arm. But head injuries and dislocated shoulders and hips remain common trip, slip and fall injuries.

Proving fault in a slip and fall case is governed by the law of negligence, as discussed above. So unless there is a significant public policy exception such as injuries inherent in sports, or recreation, a potential defendant exists.

Civil Code section 1714(a) provides in part:

“Everyone is responsible, not only for the result of his or her willful acts, but also for an injury occasioned to another by his or her want of ordinary care or skill in the management of his or her property or person, except so far as the latter has, willfully or by want of ordinary care, brought the injury upon himself or herself.”

So unless the person who fell on the public sidewalk was drunk, or fell for some reason that was their fault, defendants like the city, county or state may exist. Tree roots that cause cracks with ridges greater than 1 inch are not trivial defects, and if you can show notice, you can sue the agency in question. Lack of ordinary care is normally the cause of bad accidents like this. Equally, if you can show constructive or actual notice of a slippery substance that caused your fall at a restaurant or grocery store, you can sue the parent company.

So in this case, the slip and fall lawyer needs to prove that the defendant had a legal duty to use due care; and they breached that legal duty. So long as the violation was the proximate or legal cause of the injury, the case can withstand summary judgment and move to trial. As noted above, failing to correct the dangerous condition triggers a duty to act. So the best thing is to get a slip and fall lawyer to examine the evidence to see if the property owner should have corrected the condition.

As discussed, sidewalks remain a real challenge. But Los Angeles is responsible for fixing, blocking, warning and diverting foot traffic when it knows of dangerous pathways. So they are in a real pickle. In fact, ABC News recently reported that:

The Los Angeles City Council approved Wednesday a $1.4-billion plan to repair a backlog of damaged sidewalks.The program calls for the city to repair 11,000 miles of sidewalks over the next 30 years, at the cost of about $30 million each year. The amount was agreed to as part of a legal settlement with disability advocates.

Incidentally, you can see that disability advocates helped make this possible, as seen in the above video.

Were You or a Loved One Struck and Hurt by a Moving or Falling Object?

Not all slip and fall cases place us at risk for death. But falling objects are the number two cause of injury in Los Angeles. And they are known to cause serious brain injuries and wrongful death. Examples of falling objects include falling overhead luggage on a bus, train or plane. But they can also include a rock slide on Malibu Canyon Road, or PCH near Santa Monica.

Since many of the defendants above remain common carriers with a special duty to travelers, they are particularly at risk for a lawsuit. So the best thing to do is contact a personal injury lawyer who helps with falling object cases as soon as people get medically stabilized.

Proving fault in a falling object case is done using the same formula. Was there a duty to make sure safety standards existed to obviate the reason for the object falling? If so, was a human injured and was that the cause of the injury? Because if it was, you could sue. But get hold of a falling object injury lawyer to learn how.

Are You the Victim of a Motor Vehicle Accident in Greater L.A.?

Motor vehicle accidents with an injury to occupants remains the number three cause of unintentional injury and death in Los Angeles. (Source, California Department of Public Health.) But these seem to be the most well-known injuries because so many people see the vehicle pileups as they drive around conducting day to day activities in their personal conveyances and commercial vehicles. In 2013 alone, Los Angeles County reported 54,994 car wrecks.

What Is a Motor Vehicle?

A motor vehicle is any conveyance powered by an engine with an internal, or external power source not human. So it is not a bicycle powered by a human’s legs or arms. But it could be a motorcycle because it is powered by gasoline, internal combustion engine, or electrical motor, for example.

So what motor vehicles are often involved in roadway motoring incidents?

  • Passenger Cars (including commercial taxis, limousines, Uber and Lyft).
  • Motorcycles and Motor Trikes (Including off road ATV’s, quad bikes and other two-wheeled vehicles).
  • Commercial and Light Trucks (including trash trucks, armored cars, UPS, FedEx and other transportation vehicles).
  • Commercial and Non-Commercial Buses.
  • Segways.

Are You the Victim of a Los Angeles Motor Vehicle or Car Accident and Need Help?

Passenger cars seem to be involved in a lot of roadside smash-ups.

A passenger car is a road motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, intended for the carriage of passengers and designed to seat no more than nine persons (including the driver). (Source).

However, sometimes legal lines get crossed when a vehicle is used for seemingly commercial purposes. For example, what about Uber, Lyft, and Taxi? So here it is more about how it is used and not what it is called. A passenger car remains a passenger car. But technically, a 120, or 9 passenger limousine is a passenger vehicle. But sometimes it becomes a passenger car used for commerce. As such, it must carry commercial liability insurance. (Source.)

So in case you are hurt by or in a car for hire, the chances remain greater that commercial insurance will cover you. And this is often much more than for a noncommercial car. The same formula is used to determine fault in a passenger vehicle crash under Civil Code Section 1714. Does a duty exist to keep passengers or others safe? If so, was that duty breached and were people damaged as a cause of the breach?

If so, contacting a Los Angeles car accident attorney would be beneficial to the victim. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will be able to investigate the accident scene, order police reports, and prepare a settlement demand package to the liability insurance adjuster. This is all vital to building a substantial personal injury motor vehicle accident claim. If no agreement is reached, the case should to trial and more mediation.

What Makes Los Angeles So Car Accident Prone?

In Southern California, we see all manner of cars and even custom bikes. We see sports cars, limousines, luxury sedans and everything in between. With L.A.’s distances and traffic, we have evolved a car culture unique to specific area codes and zip. For example, in the 818 or 213 area codes, cruising is a happening thing for blue collar types. Take Huntington Park, for instance. Have you ever driven the main street when there was an L.A. Laker’s win?

The scene is reminiscent of the L.A. Riots. All manner of cars with Dubs and custom features are rolling. An outsider risks crashing just out of sheer terror when traveling here. Then when we go to the 714 and 949 area codes, we see the white collar types driving sports cars and sports sedans rolling along and crashing. The common denominator is that sometimes drivers become drunk or distracted. In fact, millions of small cars ingress and egress along the many thoroughfares, highways, and freeways of Los Angeles proper.

In fact, these are some of the most crowded streets in the world. Poorly maintained roads, road ragers, and other factors only add to the problems. In 2014, the California Office of Traffic Safety counted 37,546 injury and death collisions in Los Angeles County. 3,409 of these wrecks were alcohol related. (Source).

Will You Always Know You Are Injured After a Crash?

Being dazed and confused is part and parcel of a newly motorized vehicle accident. Adrenaline, fear, and shock all tend to mask pain. So you may not even know you are hurt. The time right after a surface street or even a parking lot crash is one of the most critical moments for protecting yourself and preserving your ability to get compensated down the road. There is never a better time to collect evidence about how the accident happened then right after the crash.

Is Making a Record Important After a Crash?

Yes. Making a record and collecting evidence is key to winning a car accident case. Below are some ways you can help your lawyer protect the case.

We suggest the following:

  • Make a Digital Record. Ask for permission from percipient witnesses to use your iPhone to videotape them. Have them narrate what happened, and identify who they are. Even though the car may look like a crate, take pictures of license plates and vehicle damage.

  • Take Written Statements From Each Witness. Just the facts. Time of day, date, place, location, directions of travel. And get a narrative of how the accident happened. Don’t rely on the CHP or local police to interview everyone. Even if they do, it could be absent in the Traffic Collision Report.

  • Gather Witness Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers. Be nice. Don’t spook potential witnesses. For example, what if witnesses are illegal aliens? They may be scared to speak in a court setting in the future. But qualified lawyers can explain there is nothing to fear. And always try and get phone numbers too. Focus on contact info for their place of employment. And get their cell phone number. You need this info.

  • Document the Defendant’s Driver’s License and Insurance Numbers. By law, the parties in a motoring accident must exchange info. Make sure you verify proof of valid auto insurance with your own eyes. Refuse to rely on the defendant to pen the info. Of course, the other driver may be scared and shaking too. Maybe thinking straight was impossible. And take a picture of these items with your phone camera? Be smart.

  • Call the Police. If injuries and vehicle damage happened, get a copy of the police report. (Source.)

Here is a partial list of parties who may have to compensate you for an accident.

  • Companies and Government Agencies. Both private and public organizations can be liable for a car accident. For example, when the employee causes a crash while acting within the ordinary scope of business, the employer bears some liability under the legal theory of vicarious liability. But if the employee was off the clock, or exceeding the scope of their job description, employers can wiggle out of the case. Of course, government employees and agencies can cause a wreck by failing to maintain or repair roads, for example. So the City and County of Los Angeles could be liable, along with the private contractors they hire. Traffic signal phasing problems have been known to result in massive casualties. But failing to place a light or stop sign in an area known to have substantially changed is also a basis for legal liability. Unfortunately, many lawyers don’t even know the various statutes of limitations in cases against the state, local or federal government.
  • Vehicle Makers. Automobile manufacturers regularly recall defective vehicles for some sort of latent defect. Often it is learned that a design error has led to a partial or complete failure of a safety system, such as an airbag. But bad or brittle fuel hoses have been known to start vehicle fires. Sometimes seat belts fail and need to be retrofitted. These are just some of the more common defects faced by commuters. If such a defect was the cause of occupant’s injuries, the passengers can sue all those in the chain of commerce. In other words, the dealership, car factory, and anyone else involved in the construction or sale of the car remains a potential defendant. Only the most qualified Los Angeles car accident lawyers understand the nuances of these complex cases.

Are You the Victim of a Motor cycle Accident and Need Help?

In 2014, the California OTS stated that motorcycle wrecks composed 1,773 of Los Angeles fatalities and death. Before going further, let’s learn a few things about why these vehicles are so injury prone.

A motorcycle (also called a motorbike, bike, or cycle) is a two three or four wheeled[not in citation given] motor vehicle. Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport including racing, and off-road riding. Motorcycling is riding a motorcycle and related social activity such as joining a motorcycle club and attending motorcycle rallies. According to the United States Department of Transportation, the number of fatalities per vehicle mile traveled was 37 times higher for motorcycles than for cars. (Source.)

Obviously, there are many types of motorcycles, including superbikes, classic bikes. (Source.) Some bikes get equipped with competition cams and all manner of racing equipment. So some are going to be more risky to ride than others. Although motorcycle technology is making bikes safer to operate, bikes are still more dangerous than most small cars.

“Motorcyclists are a bigger and bigger percentage of deaths each year,”… (Source).

Today, bike deaths are twice as high as they were in 1997. As the costs of gasoline go up, more and more commuters buy motorcycles due to their fuel efficiency alone. Unfortunately, riding safely in LA traffic requires years of experience. In fact, these bikes make up around 3% of the total vehicle numbers. But they account for 14% of commuter fatalities.

Is Riding Gear and Technology Helpful to Obviate Injuries?

Also, with motorcycles as with most two wheelers, no rider protection exists beyond the basic gear like boots, gloves, leathers, a helmet and reflective items. Even waterproof body armor won’t stop prevent a full face helmet from filling with water after a slide out in the rain.

No enclosure or roll cage protects the biker’s eyes, mouth or body exists as part of the vehicle’s nomenclature. Stronger frames and EMS have helped improve safety. But no silver bullet exists. No matter how safe you drive, the surface streets are filled with peril.

Are There Many Risks to Riding Bikes?

When a person rides, they literally are taking their lives into their own hands. Small things like cold tires, or brakes can mean the difference between life and death. Driver distraction and inattentiveness of others is responsible for most motorcycle wrecks and fatalities. In any event, a poor rider can easily get stuck in the blind spot of one or more other cars on the road. (Source.)

Bicyclists, even with all the special laws and lanes carved out for them, are among the worst for victims. Riders are often thrown and pinned in a rain gutter, or underneath parked cars. Worse, they don’t normally wear the same gear motor cycle riders will wear.

Since operators of other vehicles have a duty to look out for cyclists, they are liable for negligence if the distraction is the proximate cause of the damages and/or death. So if you or someone you know was in a bad motorcycle wreck, a motorcycle accident lawyer located in Los Angeles would be able to confidently and gingerly handle your important claim.

Have You Been Hurt By a Big Rig or Semi Truck?

In the Los Angeles area codes like 562, 323, 424 and 657, we see scores of transportation collisions. The Ports and shipping mean an abundance of large, commercial 18 wheelers mixing with cars and cycles. Naturally, big rig truck accidents carry with them the increased risk of mass casualties. At almost 100,000 pounds fully laden, a fishtailing semi requires increased stopping distance than a small car.

On a winding freeway like the Interstate 110 in the 90711 zip code, a single truck could easily careen into a bus, motorcycle or bystander. Obviously, a highly skilled lawyer is key to winning in the local Los Angeles Superior Courts. The great news is that since our attorneys drive in the 90712-90899 zip codes daily, they know the risks of commuting, and how to argue for winning results in and out of court.

Also, there are nuances for truck accident law. For example, truckers are required to take breaks, keep maintenance logs and even be commercially licensed. Unfortunately, trucking laws are not always easy to abide by. Drivers will cut corners and miss breaks, or only use the trailer brakes to save on the tractor maintenance. Some truckers will take illegal and legal stimulus drugs just to remain awake. All of this increases the possibility of distraction, danger or inattentiveness.

These cases involve significant insurance policy coverage. As such, the insurance defense attorneys are outstanding, and willing to take the case to trial if you have a crummy lawyer. Even with a good lawyer, the insurers face losing millions of dollars.

Did You Suffer a Los Angeles Bus Accident and Need Advice?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration:

Although the number of large trucks and buses in fatal crashes has increased by 26 percent from its low of 3,432 in 2009, the 2015 number is still 18 percent lower than the 21st-century peak of 5,231 in 2005. (Source).

In any event, getting run over by a bus or hurt as a passenger on a bus remains one of the most devastating ways to become injured. Recently, in Redondo Beach, a little girl was run over and killed on Pacific Coast Highway, when the rear view mirror of and Metro Bus almost tore a little girl to piece when it struck her head. These little girls were riding bicycles, thinking they were safe. But surveillance footage from the nearby Creative Indulgence building indicates the riders were not safe.

So what exactly is a bus?

A bus (/ˈbʌs/; plural “buses”, /ˈbʌsᵻz/, archaically also omnibus, multibus, motorbus, or autobus) is a road vehicle designed to carry many passengers. Buses can have a capacity as high as 300 passengers. The most common type of bus is the single-decker rigid bus, with larger loads carried by double-decker and articulated buses, and smaller loads carried by midibuses and minibuses; coaches are used for longer-distance services. Many types of buses, such as city transit buses and inter-city coaches, charge a fare. Other types, such as elementary or secondary school buses or shuttle buses within a post-secondary education campus do not charge a fare. In many jurisdictions, bus drivers require a special license above and beyond a regular driver’s license. Buses may be used for scheduled bus transport, scheduled coach transport, school transport, private hire, or tourism; promotional buses may be used for political campaigns and others are privately operated for a wide range of purposes, including rock and pop band tour vehicles.

Irrespective of its use, sometimes a driver may turn the wheels to the curb and sideswipe people. Others, they operator mail fail to set the brake. Other times people get hurt from a failure in the design, construction, and workmanship of the public transport vehicle itself.

Buses can also involve road trips, like Casino Tours. These are like tourism gambling excursions for retired folks. So they are not all public city or county run bus lines. School buses have been in the news a lot too. In most states, seatbelts are not required for children either. Greyhound coaches and other small charter bus companies all serve specific tasks. They are private, however. So injured passengers and survivors of bus wrecks must understand the nuances of the government entities and closely held companies they are pursuing. (Source).

Hence, if you need legal advice over an injury by a bus caused from negligence, a bus accident attorney will help you understand your rights.

Other Sources:

“Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2015 – PDF.” Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. April 05, 2017. Accessed May 09, 2017.

Did you Suffer Elderly Abuse or a Dog Attack in Los Angeles?

Elders usually suffer the worst in a slip and fall. But many of us fail to understand how widespread financial and physical abuse is against people in their golden years. Because of this, we help families of nursing home and adult day care abuse. We will see out all wrongdoers. Last but not least, we are superior dog bite lawyers. Call us when you have any need for a talk with an expert.

Are You a Wrongful Death Plaintiff?

Accidents causing death can be caused on a surface street, subway, airplane, recreational vehicle, SUV and anything else. Whatever the case, these accidents may cause permanent injuries or those that take months, years, or never heal. The worst consequence of an accident is when someone loses his or her life.

Life-ending accidents can happen in a car crash, slip and fall, because of a defective product, or in many other scenarios when someone acts negligently. When a fatal accident happens, a wrongful death lawsuit or survival action can earn compensation for the surviving family members.

Are You the Victim of a Brain Injury or TBI?

From 2010-2015 39,838 cases of Los Angeles, brain injuries caused by accidents were reported by the California Department of Public Health. Head injuries are known to affect people in different ways negatively. Proper treatment and diagnosis after being hurt is key to protecting your medical and legal rights. So what is a head injury? Let’s look at the below definition.

A brain injury is any injury occurring in the brain of a living organism. Brain injuries can be classified along several dimensions. Primary and secondary brain injury are ways to classify the injury processes that occur in brain injury, while focal and diffuse brain injury are ways to classify the extent or location of injury in the brain. Specific forms of brain injury include: (en) (Learn more about brain injuries here).

Immediately after an accident sometimes, but not always, symptoms of brain injury can present themselves. So for example, if you get fall and bang your head, or get struck during a car crash, see if you are dizzy. So vertigo, lightheadedness, and even throwing up can all be signs of a closed head injury. Even when these symptoms don’t crop up, following some simple tips listed below can help rule out a brain injury.

First, get to the emergency room. Get the police to make a report at the accident scene so you can make a record of consciousness, or see little birdies. Make a digital/photographic record of the crash scene too. Of course, it goes without saying that you should consult a brain injury attorney and a brain doctor. Learn about your lawyer by looking at reviews, social media and have a face to face meeting.

Did You Suffer a Spine Injury In an Accident?

Whiplash is actually a common spine injury to car accident victims. It is also called “Cervical Lordosis.” But these so-called soft tissue injuries often turn out to be more than meets the eye regarding long-term pain and discomfort. Only a well trained spinal cord injury (“SCI”) lawyer along with a great doctor can evaluate the significance of your claim.

The spinal cord is a long, thin, tubular bundle of nervous tissue and support cells that extends from the medulla oblongata in the brainstem to the lumbar region of the vertebral column. (Source).

When the nerves along the spine or the bones and cartilage become damaged, we can lose feeling to our limbs and extremities and even become incontinent. So these are among the most devastating personal injuries. Simple tasks like lifting heavy and even light objects can be denied to a SCI victim.

So hiring the right lawyers is a no brainer if a person wants to recover damages for a spine injury claim. Reaching out to Ehline is a wise choice.

Were You Injured From Overexertion, Cutting or Piercing?

Overexertion, cutting, and piercing are also very common injuries faced by people in L.A. When you think about it, just living and commuting in the city lends itself to these types of injuries. A thrown biker can be pierced and punctured by all manner of fixed and moving objects like metal poles, glass chards, and barriers.

But of course, piercings can be done at a tattoo parlor, or they can be due to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. In fact, a piercing of the skin due to a dog attack raised questions of strict liability. Also, overexertion could reveal itself in the form of sexual harassment or constructive termination case. Only a well trained Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can decipher the facts and make the case a winner.

What are Some Insurance Coverage Problems?

Whether a slip and fall, car collision, or some other mishap, many victims think they can turn their problems over to their own insurer and wash their hands of building their case. Defendants assume they will be protected. Plaintiffs may even think their insurer will have their best interests at heart. But we have all seen property damage claims handled shabbily by adjusters. We have seen crummy aftermarket parts installed on exotic vehicles, and worse.

Besides that, the personal injury claims are almost always undervalued by both Defendant and Plaintiff’s insurance alike. Sometimes UM and UIM won’t cover everything. In any event, only a personal injury lawyer will be able to evaluate the case honestly. For example, sometimes no insurance exists at all.

Cruise ship accidents are often covered by “self-insurance.” But to bring a claim, passengers must jump through hoops. Hence, to get the maximum payout or defense for that matter, parties to a claim should always seek outside and even Cumis Counsel when necessary.

What Can I Get in Dollars and Cents For My Personal Injury Compensation?

Almost all injury claims pay out cash for the same items of loss. Let’s take a look at your potential items of economic and non-economic recovery as follows:

  • Loss of past, present, and future wages. (you may have a total disability, or have to be retrained for new work too).
  • Loss of past and future medical care. (for example, you may need expensive in-home nursing care).
  • You may need a mobility chair, pool lift, wheelchair lift, or other assistive medical device.
  • General compensation damages for your pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium damages for loss of sexual intimacy, love, care and affection. (These are more common in death and survivor actions).
  • Exemplary damages act as a warning to others not to engage in the same bad conduct. Commonly, these are called punitive damages. But these are designed to punish reckless, intentional and grossly negligent conduct. Los Angeles courts, in particular, have awarded some of the largest damages awards. But most of all, a great personal lawyer is the decisive factor in winning an award whether it happens at the Airport Courthouse, or at the Stanley Mosk Superior Court.

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