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Los Angeles Bedbug Attorney

Bed bugs have a long history in this country and beyond. Often thought of a problem relegated to the past, they have become more prevalent in the last ten years. The United States has faced the return of these pesky critters, much to the chagrin of people nationwide.

Particularly disturbing is the trend that these bugs have turned up in greater numbers in Southern California, including in and around Los Angeles. Reports exist of increased bedbugs in hotels and apartments. Often times, bedbugs are very difficult to finally get rid of. Children and adults can both become biting victims. And they cause nasty sores.

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Bed Bugs and California

These insects are particularly nasty to people because they feed on blood. They are attracted to people as fleas are attracted to pets. They sense carbon monoxide and body heat.

When these parasites find a host, their mandibles bite through the skin and start sucking the blood out of an unsuspecting victim and fill it up in just a matter of minutes. Particularly distressing is the fact that the problem is growing and has a wider health issue. This type of blood feeding can spread diseases such as the West Nile virus and perhaps other dangerous pathogens.

These bugs and their eggs are easily transported. Documented cases exist of bed bugs transmitted through clothes, blankets, and furniture. Even the family pet can carry these pests. Once in the building, they can travel all over, including to other parts of the house and can remain on beds. So this makes finally killing off these parasites very difficult.

Who is Responsible?

When bed bugs are involved, questions arise. People want to know who is responsible for the outbreak. When new tenants enter into an apartment, they don’t expect to face an infestation by these critters.

The landlords remain obligated to their tenants. So they must assure no insects remain in the office or apartments before occupation. If they knowingly do so, they may be liable. If they found out or were told by a previous client, they must immediately solve the problem.

When they do not, they open themselves up for legal action. If a tenant discovers that this is the case, a statute known as “constructive eviction” comes into play. This means if the problem remains unsolved, the tenant may legally move out. Also, they can stop paying rent without the risk of violating a lease or being sued.

The landlord has a responsibility to prevent this from happening. And this enforced by California law. When an apartment is furnished, all liability for bedbugs in these linens or sheets is the landlord’s.

Avoiding Bed Bugs.

If you believe that your apartment or hotel room has bedbugs, you must take action. You should see your doctor to take care of the bites that may encompass your body.

You must also inform the landlord or hotel owner and document the conversation, including who you spoke with, what you spoke about, and time and date. If you can, vacate the premises.

When you are ready, contact the local or state health department to find out if there have been similar complaints in the past. When you have all of these done, make sure to contact a skilled injury attorney that can help you through this tough time.

Compensation for Bed Bug Infestation

The nasty bites up and down your body are more than just marks. There are risks of infections through the blood and long term scarring. In order to destroy the bugs, you may also need to destroy you or your family’s clothes, furniture, and sheets.

Mattresses should probably be destroyed. Loss of work due to sleep disruption can be severe. Allergies that develop due to these bed bugs can have long-term effects. All of these collectively can cause long-term emotional damage.

You must make sure that you work quickly. Don’t wait too long to speak to an attorney. Normally the statute of limitations in the state is two years since the issue. Although there are sometimes extensions due to extenuating circumstances, it is not worth the wait.

Getting Help with the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC

With the cases of bed bug infestations increasing across California, especially Southern California, your risks increase. If you or a loved one has faced this situation, make sure that you contact a skilled injury attorney.

A skilled and experienced attorney at the Ehline Law Firm can be vital for your case. They have successfully won settlements for hundreds of clients, totaling millions. Call us today at (213) 596-9642 for a free, no-pressure consultation today.

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