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Long Beach Train Accident Lawyers

Need to File a Train Crash Lawsuit in Long Beach? Ehline Law Can Help

The train accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have proudly assisted victims in Long Beach, California for over ten years. Without warning a train wreck can injure people or take lives. Our dedication is to assist residents and visitors hurt or damaged by trains. Our offices are convenient to you. We are right here in this historically maritime community. We have helped injured Southern Californians get indemnified for tragic calamities over the years.

Our expert team is here to assist you and your families get insurance companies to pay their fair share. Attorney Michael Ehline and the team take great pride. We have this because we know we help get victims a better existence. We are available 24 hours a day and will come to victims.

Our firm’s commander is a former United States Marine with a “do or die” motto. Let us help you. Call for a no hassle and free consultation to learn more about us. More important, find out more about your rights in your potential legal matter.

What are Some Reasons Long Beach Train Accident Happen?

Long Beach train wrecks can occur for numerous reasons. But the most common causes of train crashes are due to negligence. These mishaps include operator error and lack of proper train maintenance. Outsiders hired by the railroad company may have improperly cared for the rail tracks. The victim of a crash should have legal representation.

Train Conductor Negligence as a Cause of Injury.

Train operator negligence can be a reason for devastating accidents. An engineer is responsible for the train that weighs hundreds of tons. When the train operator is not alert and fails to remain focused on the tracks, accidents occur. Type of train does not matter. Hence, whether a passenger train or freight train, calamities often result in mass casualties.

Inexperienced train operators are often responsible for avoidable errors. The consequences of traveling at speeds too fast for curves, cause derailments. People inside and outside the train are at risk for permanent disabilities and death. Thus, when operators fail to conduct safe operations, they’re outside acceptable margins of error. Thus, people get hurt.

Common Operator Negligence Can Lead to Serious Injuries or Death.

The most common types of operator error or negligence can include:

  • Train Operator Not Alert: This happens when train operator does not focus on operating the train and the tracks. Thus, he may be talking and texting on a cell phone. So he could even be eating or adjusting the radio. Conductors are easily distracted. These actions mean that the operator’s attention is not focused on the train or tracks. Hence, the negligence results in a crash.
  • Operator Fatigue: The fatigued train operator places the passengers and crew at a higher risk of being injured. Train operators travel long distances. They can get tired. Thus, this can contribute to the inability to focus on the operation of the train and the tracks.
  • Traveling too Fast: The train operator that moves at a higher rate of speed than they should; can cause the train to derail. Of particular danger is moving too fast on curves. The more cars that are attached to the train’s engine the longer time to stop. Even more disconcerting is if the train is traveling at too fast. When it needs to stop quickly, this can cause the train to derail or hit fixed objects.
  • Failing to Stop: Trains have lights at intersections and exchanges. When there is a failure to stop, this can cause a wreck (Learn More.)

Improper Maintenance.

The lack of proper maintenance of a train or the tracks can also cause a train to crash, collide or derail. It is also possible for the train operator to lose control even when focused. The train can go off the rails at increasing speed. When there is a lack of maintenance of the train or the tracks people can die. Inadequate maintenance places passengers and crew at a high risk of being serious injuries.

The negligent parties accountable include:

  • The company that owns the train.
  • The transit company when the train accident involves a local train.

Defective Train Parts and Repairs

Train accidents that occur in some cases can also be attributed to a defective part or the mechanical repair company, or person that is responsible for the maintenance of the train. When a wreck occurs, the negligent party(ies) can be held accountable.

They include:

  • Repair companies or mechanics enlisted to perform maintenance on the train.
  • The part manufacturers, when the part is defective or weak design.
  • Train operators when the design is faulty or other defects in the train.

Negligent Vehicle Drivers.

When there is a train crash, it is not always the train operator that is at fault. Therefore, the accident can be due to the driver of another train that causes a collision. Furthermore, it could have been the driver of a vehicle. The other train operator that is speeding or not focused can cause a collision with another train.

When ignoring the train warning arms and lights, motorists can cause a train crash. Same goes for cars parked on the tracks. Thus, the train engineer and the owner or driver of the vehicles can be jointly and severally liable. Hence, each pays for liability each of them played in the smash up.

The Long Beach Train Accident Attorney

Legal advice is valuable after involvement in a Long Beach train accident. Hence, it is important to have an experienced train accident attorney protecting your rights. The train or transit company and their lawyers can be intimidating to injured victims. The insurance company, or train part manufacturer will also have legal representation. They have heavy hitters protecting their client’s interests. So the victim’s goal is compensation. The defendant’s purpose is not to compensate the injured victims after a train crash.

Contact a Lawyer to Protect your Rights in Long Beach.

The personal injury plaintiff attorneys at Ehline Law Firm protect victim’s rights above all else. Hence, we have the skill, experience, and resources that are needed to win. Most important, we provide the best possible representation for your ailments and monetary reimbursement.

The tore up victim deserves to recover compensation that is fair. The compensation is to cover injuries, damages, and loss that they have suffered. Hence, our legal counselors help to ensure the personally harmed victim is treated fairly. Our compassionate counselors can be reached by telephone at (888) 400-9721. Let our team give you a no-obligation consultation.

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