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Long Beach Slip and Fall Lawyers

We Offer Legal Help for Slip and Fall Accident Victims in the City of Long Beach

Welcome to the Ehline Law Firm slip and fall injury page. With millions of dollars in payouts to our victimized clients, we make it happen. So we are particularly suited to help all survivors of trip, slip and fall claims in the city. Long Beach is a large, densely packed City in California. Our local law firm has a tried, tested and proven record.

Our law firm has a positive record for achieving significantly favorable outcomes. We have won in all types of personal injury claims in this city. We take pride in the fact we are available 24 hours a day to respond to your questions. Our team is willing to come to your bedside at home or in the hospital. Thus. we are willing to do what it takes to earn your case and your trust.

Our local law firm has a tried, tested, proven record for achieving significant outcomes. We have won in all types of personal injury claims in this city. We take pride in the fact we are available 24 hours a day to respond to your questions. Our team is willing to come to your bedside at home or in the hospital. We are willing to do what it takes to earn your case and your trust.

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What Can Happen After a Slip and Fall Incident?

The physical and emotional cost of a slip and fall accident can be overwhelming. This is a type of incident that can result in back injuries. Some cases can result in broken bones and for some victims, brain damage. The second a slip and fall accident occurs it can change a person’s life immediately. Therefore, after a mishap of this kind, it is essential to consult a slip and fall lawyer in Long Beach.

Long Beach Trip and Fall Incidences

Long Beach residents like every other community, have a risk of being involved in a slip and fall accident. This is something that can occur anywhere and happen in an instant. Thus, even the person that is careful when walking may not be able to steer clear of a fall. Falls like this can result in serious injuries.

Were you or a loved one has been harmed in a Long Beach trip and fall mishap? Relevant here is that you must consult a highly regarded and knowledgeable slip and fall injury lawyer. This highly beneficial to your financial recovery. As soon as the victim is able, legal help should be sought out. In fact, this should be done without hesitation.

The slip and fall attorney of good reputation can be trusted to assist in recovering monetary compensation. Thus, this attorney helps victims sue for the harm they suffered. Hence, this representative will make claims on behalf of the plaintiff. Therefore, the lawyer argues in pleading for money. Relevant here is that money is needed to pay for medical expenses, loss of wages, along with pain and suffering.

The plaintiffs can only get money, so this is their only chance. Ehline Law Firm attorneys have a history of recovering compensation. Most importantly, we have done so in thousands of personal injury cases. We have earned millions of dollars for people hurt in accidents. Hence, many of our past clients were involved in fall injuries.

Taking Action After a Slip and Fall Mishap

If you have a slip and fall accident there are some actions that can be taken, including:

  • Get medical treatment immediately. Do not avoid medical care if you think you were not seriously injured. Not all injuries are immediately apparent. Thus, they can take hours to reveal themselves. In some cases, days may pass, or weeks may go by before signs of injuries show themselves.
  • Document the names of witnesses and their contact information. If you are unable to do this, have someone else collect this information.
  • Notify the property owner, manager or operator that the fall took place. But make sure the reporter writes an accident report and obtain a copy.
  • Determine the hazard or dangerous condition that was responsible for the fall.
  • Before the scene of the incident changes or is altered, have photographs and measurements taken.
  • Do not speak with the other party’s insurance company. Leave this up to your attorney to handle.
  • Hire an accomplished slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Provide your counsel with any information from the scene of the accident. Therefore, give the agent your photos, witness contact information and the copy of the written report by the property owner. Do everything possible to strengthen your case.

Retaining the Right Lawyer

It is essential to hire counsel as soon as possible after the incident has taken place. Acting quickly will allow a proper investigation. Hence, collecting evidence before the hazard being altered is achieved. Witnesses will be able to be located and have a fresh recollection of the incident. Thus, the claim can be filed within the proper amount of time. Ehline Law Firm has a stellar record of recovery in premises liability cases. Therefore, we are ready to go to the mat for you.

Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Some slip and fall incidents can settle without going to trial. So this is achieved through skilled negotiation on behalf of the victim. So many times the case will resolve through court-ordered mediation. When these two options do not work, it will be necessary to file a court action.

Sometimes the only choice is to take a lawsuit to trial, to ensure that you get the owed compensation. If needed, your lawyer will conduct an investigation. The representative will want to make sure all the liable parties legally held liable. Lawsuits like this make it easier for each defendant to contribute to the pot, so to speak.

The common parties named in slip and fall accident lawsuits include:

  • Property owners
  • The manager or operator of the property.
  • Service providers of franchises.
  • Parent corporations.
  • Government entities, who are responsible for maintaining safe public places, where the dangerous condition is located (Learn More About Premises Liability Here.)

Recovering Damages in a Long Beach Slip and Fall Case

The compensation recovered will be had in one of three ways. (1) through a negotiated settlement, (2) arbitration or (3) by taking the lawsuit to trial.

The compensation the victim of this type may receive:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Assisted living services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income
  • Reduction or loss of future earnings.

If a slip and fall accident is fatal, the family may have the legal right to bring a wrongful death claim. Thus, the surviving kin can file a civil suit to recover compensation. Relevant here, survivors can seek compensation for losses of financial support by the victim. Thus, intangibles like loss of love and companionship included too.

Plus there maybe are other losses like property that damaged or destroyed. For example, a fallen person could have dropped a computer during the commotion. The victim may have tripped and landed on their expensive iPhone, breaking it. The estate of the victim may also be able to file a legal action. Hence, he can sue to recover compensation for the victim’s heirs.

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