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Ehline Law Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is famous for representing plaintiffs in Costa Mesa, CA injury claims. The law firm has been around for over ten years. In that short time span, our team has reaped results of over $30,000,000. Catastrophic events that take the life of a spouse or child, or leaves them with a permanent feeling of pain. Often they are in a vegetative state.

Hence, this is nothing short of a lifetime nightmare for those left to deal with the outcome. The great memories and times spent together are now on the back burner, and the world seems to fall apart. And the sad fact is, in the snap of a finger, a promising full life can be over. Hence, the negligence of a careless and uncaring person can ruin a person.

So the plans you made with your spouse are no more. Also, the plans you made for your kids can no longer occur. Worse of all, the person we knew is no longer the same. A dejected state is often the result. Thus, you have no idea how to proceed and think you have nowhere to turn. But we are here, and we feel your pain.

Premier Costa Mesa Accident Attorneys

Ehline Law Firm are among the premier trial lawyers in Costa Mesa, California. Our competent and caring attorneys have experienced these same losses themselves. Hence, our team members have seen it happen to their personal injury clients and friends. So when you are feeling depressed and need a legal representative, you can trust it’s not easy. Therefore, as you are mourning, you want to be confident with your legal representative. We take great pride in knowing that we are one of the top law firms in the South Coast.

When only the best will do, you call us. We will help you take this monkey off your back. Also, we try and give you some time to deal with things like medical or funeral arrangements. Plus we have recovered millions of dollars for people like you, and we want to add you to our list of happy clients.

Unquestioned Tally of Achievement

Our firm settled a horrific automobile accident case for a survivor only recently, for over $8,000,000. Not that is not a typo. Over eight million bucks. Our client, a young man, suffered a serious back injury that required surgery. This will need future care. When the carrier failed to pay our policy demand, we argued that all the policies were exposed. We went after the excess coverage too. In that case, we scored a home run for the victim. Once the insurers realized what had hit them, they knew we would win. Hence they now realized the jury could award a possible runaway verdict.

Mind you; this is a client who had fired his previous attorney because he felt he was not getting the best representation. Our superior legal advocacy won that day that day, and we relish the idea of getting you a similar win. The goal is to get you a windfall result, but within what the law will allow. If we can keep you from bearing the costs and hassle of an expensive trial, we would rather do that. We do it with finesse and professional bearing until we score a satisfactory result for you.

Who Is Michael Ehline?

Attorney Michael Ehline of the Ehline Law Firm works on helping the individual get the justice when he or she needs it most. Michael himself is the victim of injuries from several motoring accidents, and he has a special place in his heart for people smashed up due to no fault of theirs. Not only is he dedicated to the people of Costa Mesa, California, but he is a former Marine, and knows a lot of valuable information and leadership skills that they don’t teach you in law school or college. Michael uses his street smarts and “do or die” ethos to push or drag your case to ultimate success.

Costa Mesa, California is a large Orange County city. Population in July 2008: 110,080. Population change since 2000: +1.2%.

Many Places to Get Hurt

Costa Mesa is also famous for Calvary Chapel, and conservative, family values. This community is a clean and low crime city. Ehline Law Firm understands his people and is available to assist them as a skilled, highly decorated legal warrior. Whether a bicycle spill, fender bender or loss of life during congested traffic on the way to Fashion Island, we are available for a no obligation phone call to help you navigate your potential lawsuit.

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Who Will Represent Me?

When you or a family member has been injured in an unfortunate circumstance beyond control, the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC can be contacted at (888) 400-9721.

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