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Top Pet/Dog Laws in the LA Area

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Thinking about getting a dog? Have one but are not sure about all of the statutes surrounding pet ownership? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top dog laws in Los Angeles so that you don’t have to! Take a look at the number of canine laws and rules out there for pet and owner alike. Top employers like Animal Control are always looking to euthanize lost dogs so beware.

According to the Los Angeles County website, there’s quite a lot to consider.

Dogs that are four months old or older must be licensed with the LA County Department of Animal Care and Control. These licenses are good for one year. If not updated, there is a $20 penalty. All dogs are required vaccinated against rabies. The city provides some low-cost rabies clinics each July. The city further reduces license fees if the dog was spayed or neutered.

Also, law 10.32.010 prohibits dogs from running by themselves on any public street or park without a leash on. The leash must not exceed six feet. It is illegal for dogs to be transported to the bed of any truck. However, the exception is if the dog is cross-tethered securely.

Dogs are prohibited from defecating on public property. Dogs are also disallowed from barking in a manner that disturbs the peace of a neighborhood.

The city requests that if a person sees a wild animal on their property to call animal control. Furthermore, if a dog bites a person, the City requests they contact the County Health Department Rabies Control Section. Their number is (323) 730-3723. If you lose a dog or cat, reach the city after exhausting all options. Furthermore, the city is always available for assistance.

Did we miss one or has the law been amended since we published? Send us your thoughts via email.

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