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Panorama City – Not Just Another Part of Los Angeles

Panorama City is a part of the Los Angeles locale just north of Downtown. It is largely known for its higher population and for its relatively young age. As a matter of fact, over half of the population of the area was born abroad – higher than the city as a whole.

It was originally famous for being one of the first planned communities in the area after the Second World War. Below we will list a number of major parts of the city and a portion of its history as we continue our look through the greater LA area.

The City that Has the Name for a Reason?

The city was originally planned by developer Fritz Burns and famous industrialist Henry J. Kaiser. The two created a new company to create prefab homes for veterans returning from the conflict. Many of the homes were bought through FHA loans or through the GI Bill. The community was slowly integrated in the 1960s and 1970s after there was a race quota for blacks and non-Christians. It was also right next door to the largest GM assembly plant.

The population is heavily Latino today– about 70%. The total population is about 70,000 residents and the median annual income is about average for the city. In addition, the area is home to the Panorama Recreation Center.

The city has an interesting set of neighbors, with Mission Hills to the north. To the northeast is Arleta. To the east is Sun Valley. To the southeast is Valley Glen and to the west is North Hills.

Did you find any part of this article very interesting? Are you from the area and want to add anything? Make sure to drop us a line with your thoughts and comments. We always read our emails. Let us know what is on your mind.

Driving Directions to Ehline Law Firm from Panorama City:

  • Driving time is 31 min (22.1 miles) via CA-134 E and I-5 S from Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA traveling 8 min (2.4 mi).
  • Drive along CA-134 E/Ventura Fwy, I-5 S and CA-110.
  • Take the Interstate 110 S exit from CA-110 23 min (19.2 mi)
  • Continue on W 4th St. Take S Hope St to W 5th St 3 min (0.5 mi)

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