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Profiles in Excess and Stupidity of LA, CA Gun laws

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California has perhaps the strictest gun laws in the country– and a high crime rate to boot. The state’s liberal politicians believe that by stripping rights from the hands of law-abiding gun owners, fewer people would die.

Instead, crime is a major problem, and many ordinary Californians find themselves without a chance to protect themselves. All of these result in injustice for the Second Amendment and those that wish to exercise the right to self-defense.

Rights of Man and Citizen

Despite the clear wording of the Second Amendment, politicians in Sacramento believe that these rights should become altered, or abolished. This results in a very tense and likely unconstitutional scheme in California. The rights of citizens are trampled upon by the state.

It didn’t happen all at once. Some restrictions are dating back to the 1990s and before severely limit the rights of law-abiding residents. After the 2012 Newtown shootings in Connecticut, the state instituted some even worse laws.

Led by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, the state carried out some non-sensical laws. These include the banning of magazines larger than ten rounds. The state also effectively banned detachable magazines with its “bullet button” law. This and Newsom’s ties to corruption led to the recall effort against him.

The state is putting in place many even more restrictive laws, including those upon ammo sales. Laws against so-called “assault weapons,” also severely impact residents’ ability to buy and own firearms, especially in rural areas.

Considering the general lack of knowledge of the politicians in charge of such a process, perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising. Furthermore, these restrictions aren’t followed by criminals at all. Making it more difficult for the average person to own a handgun doesn’t reduce crime– it encourages it.

We will follow up with more examples as they come along.

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