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Where You are Most Likely to be Pinched in LA for a DUI?

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Law enforcement wants to get a clear message out: there is no safe place to drink and drive. The practice costs thousands of lives each year. In Los Angeles alone, the city faces hundreds of deaths and injuries annually. It also sees millions of dollars in damage to people’s livelihoods and vehicles.

It’s a nasty habit that should have no mercy of the law. That is why the police cracked down on the practice, and there are several places where it is much more likely that soused drivers will be nabbed.

No Place is Safe for Drunk Drivers in LA?

We take a look at several of these locations around Los Angeles.

There are several significant cases where drunk drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, some only happened after a severe car accident.

In the same city, there was a drunk driver checkpoint that capturtcalled six DUI arrests. This was a significant operation and one that was warned to the public before the event. Still, some people decided to drink and drive.

As a matter of fact, according to the Daily News, there were 219 DUI arrests in LA County in the New Year period around January 1, 2016, alone. The state total was over 1,000.

One of the areas of highest arrests is Downtown. There are some factors behind this, including population density. On top of that, there is also a more significant number of outlets for alcohol. Furthermore, there are a higher number of cars. All of these factors combined make up a more substantial reason that DWI and DUI arrests are so high in LA County.

Did we miss a place that you’re familiar with? If we did, make sure to send us an email. We’re happy to update with feedback.

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Smart Tip: LA’s Veggie Diet.

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