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Benzene Exposure and Employee Rights

Exposed to dangerous chemicals, and forced to use them at work? Were you provided inadequate respirators or other safety equipment at work? Did you know these are some of the main ways you can succumb to Benzene poisoning? The chilling effects of getting exposed can be temporary or lead to the graveyard. For those that survive, you have to live with the pain for life. But that does not mean you must suffer the burden of expenses, like the costs of your medical procedures. There is a way to avoid living with the regret of not having the offender pay for it.

But there are many impediments to getting justice in these complex cases. First, it is quite difficult to prove the negligence of another. So when disease, illness or other malaise involves chemicals, you need a legal expert. Even workers who are considered safe and intelligent often get blamed. Employers will say they engaged in reckless or negligent themselves. So they will say the plaintiff’s actions are what led to the injury.

Passing the Buck?

Sometimes insurance companies and manufacturers blame another incident they had nothing to do with. So this is called “passing the buck.” So they will try and say that the victim sued the wrong party, case dismissed. Even more alarming, the person who got injured is so terribly hurt that she or he in no position to fight on any longer. So he or she gets left to live out a terrible existence.

The offending party tries to take advantage of this situation and cut corners. Injured individuals sometimes get stuck with thousands or millions of dollars in medical bills. Contrast this to the offending party. This defendant might be meandering about fancy-foot and care-free. Most of all, a wounded person or surviving family member has to make sure to pick the right attorney. Hence, they must choose wisely. They need a pro to help them with their battle for restoration of monies. Ehline Law is the professional injury firm famous for persistence and tenacity.

We count ourselves among the very best law firms in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Ehline Law has always been most helpful and sympathetic. Some of our prominent attorneys are friends or family members of victims of deadly diseases. Some of these got caused by dangerous chemicals. These advocates know the pain one has to go through after a diagnosis like this. However, the good thing for them is that they have the personable knowledge. Also, they have the skill level to fight for settlement or verdict in such cases.

Benzene Exposure and Employee Rights

It is amazing when one thinks about all the many places that dangerous chemicals get found. One of these common household products concerned with atom and molecule change is Benzene. Most of all, this is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency, as a dangerous chemical. Also, other governmental and private groups say it increases the risk of cancer. Also, this carcinogen is linked to various illnesses. This malaise includes leukemia and, multiple Myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

The American Cancer Association lists benzene among the 20 most exposed chemicals in the workplace.The cancers that are linked include specific types of leukemia. Other examples include erythroleukemia and acute myelomonocytic leukemia. Also, thousands of workers and other Americans get exposed to this dangerous substance yearly. But it doesn’t mean that you have to live with the pain along with the expenses for medical procedures. And there is always a regret of not having the offender pay for it.

Understanding the Long and Short Term Risks of Benzene Means Hiring the Right Help:

There are both short and long term risks from benzene exposure. According to the ACA, the material can cause severe problems. If it touches the eyes, it can cause redness and blisters. In the nose or throat, severe irritation can follow. Benzene also can lead to drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, tremors, confusion, and unconsciousness. Consuming foods or fluids contaminated with high levels of benzene can cause vomiting. Also, it can cause stomach irritation, dizziness, sleepiness, convulsions, and rapid heart rate.

In extreme cases, inhaling or swallowing very high levels of benzene can be deadly.” In the lab, rats exposed to benzene suffered severe changes to their bone marrow. And this is consistent with the development of leukemia people developed after contact with benzene. So long term exposure brings significant risks to patients. It should get avoided at all costs. Leukemia is commonly fatal and is one of the most potent cancers today.

It is notoriously difficult to treat and often brings with it a painful and lengthy process. Further, it’s not uncommon for benzene exposure to cause cancerous symptoms over a decade after the first incident. There are many ways that people get exposed to this chemical. It often gets found as a colorless but sweet smelling gas or a yellow liquid. It gets used to create different substances too. These include insulation, plastics, insecticides, dyes, and various drugs.

Various workers, including those at chemical factories, are at increased risk of exposure. If any of these symptoms are familiar after exposure, it’s important to take immediate action. See a doctor and determine what has happened. Find all records of the chemicals that you or they have gotten exposed to, and when.

Why Hire An Attorney Immediately?

It is important for you to know that a case is easier to prove when you discover that your body is wounded. So this helps prove up the internal harm that happened to you. You will be seeking compensation for bodily injuries. Also, you will need compensation for loss of earning capacity. Further, you may need round the clock nursing care. But what if your medical insurance company isn’t agreeing to pay for the injuries? What if it’s taking too long to investigate the unfortunate happenstance?

Not hiring a skilled lawyer means you may end up forking out for all the medical bills from out of your pocket. Due to the horrific nature of most chemical exposure injuries, they often result in significant problems. These will create problems with your finances. So your ability to make the rent or house payments gets hampered. You may be stuck in bed, be unable to travel, let alone work.

But it is within the purview of legal counsel to obtain desperately needed compensation. Hence, you can get paid for each kind of loss you have sustained due to the exposure. Attorneys try and make sure that mortgages for homes get covered. Also, they seek compensation for other essential living expenses.

What A Lawyer Will Do for You?

First, a lawyer with skills will examine the facts of your particular case up close and personal. So they will gather evidence so they can prove it the fault of the liable wrongdoer(s). Second, advocates assure that insurance and court claims get filed in a timely fashion. Hence, this assists in avoiding the delay tactics of the liability insurance companies.

Third, legal counsel will gather up relevant papers to satisfy red tape and roadblocks. All the while you rest up and prepare your estate. Last, your lawyer can make all the arguments and counter-arguments. So this is necessary to compel the evil-doer insurance providers to compensate your expenses.

Besides Visible Injuries What Else Does Compensation Cover?

Yes, it is true that you can recover money for things not visible to the human eye at first blush. Often, this gets called “hidden injury.” It is simple to understand that the law allows damages recovery for injuries. But what qualifies as an injury? For example, it is easy to say that a cut or laceration is an injury, but it goes deeper than that.

You don’t hire an attorney only because you want the other party to pay the medical bills. There is usually a lot more hidden damage that rears its ugly head later. Usually, after you’re somewhat stabilized, and the adrenaline rush has subsided it arises. Furthermore, this later uncovered damage qualifies you for additional compensation.

The focus of the inquiry immediately after the crash is on prominent and severe injuries. They often are visible to the naked eye. But there are also other important things that hurt us as humans like mental agony and suffering. The devastation from the accident and internal injuries may require CT Scans. So you must identify injuries for additional forms of compensation. Hence, attempting to indemnify you, or make you “whole,” is the goal of the tort law process.

You will also get compensated for any medical treatments or regimens that you have to cling to for life. All of this was a result of some gross and permanent injuries due to the accident. Every single day that you had to remain on the bed and miss your work at the office will become compensated. So you will receive your lost wages. Also, any reduction of your capacity of work at the office due to the injury gets compensated. So when your lawyer gets the settlement done for you, you get paid.

Why Should You Pick Ehline Law Firm?

It is quite apparent almost any lawyer is legally allowed to sue in personal injury cases like this. Pretty much any lawyer can claim they will brawl for you when it comes to protecting valuable rights. But take is cheap when it comes to maximizing cases. Also, getting you sacred justice in the land of the free and home of the brave is the goal. That is why our attorneys are not your ordinary, run of the mill lawyers.

Many attorneys we work with have honed skill sets in many types of legal and non-legal practice areas of life. Hence, they have frequently engaged in heated contests with all comers. Michael Ehline himself has seen the tough hills of Camp Pendleton as a Marine. Also, he has also explored virtually every part and parcel of Greater LA as a bicyclist and hiker. With the collective experience that exceeds 30 years, we, at Ehline Law Firm, know what needs to get done. We can make it happen in a toxic chemicals case to close a justiciable settlement for you.

Here are a few ways we go the extra mile:

  • Our experts set you up with you a free telephone conversation. So we can both get to understand and know each other a little bit. Also, this is cost free.
  • We have a no recovery, no attorney’s fee type of compensation structure. In a nutshell, you pay us no fee unless we get a result for you. If not, we cannot take payment for our services.
  • Our achievements in toxic exposure cases like this, speaks for itself. You can see in just a few examples we have provided on our website, we have made significant inroads in the personal injury profession, and are now well-heeled esquires. Our experience is top-notch.
  • These lawyers truly are masters of disasters. Also, they have earned significant accolades and industry-wide recognition. But this is because they are experts in mass and complex tort cases.
  • This staff works towards a full recovery. So this includes costs and expenses not just in the past. But it also includes moving into your future.
  • We know Greater L.A. as our backyard and stomping ground.

Get in touch with Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC right now. We’ll make sure to pick one of the best and most suitable accident attorneys to deal with. Also, we can help capture you the funds you need. Hopefully, we can do this in the nick of time. Contact a skilled legal expert at our offices for a free consultation today.

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