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Dangers of Electric Vehicle Fires

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The electric motor vehicle:

The car industry has made big advances in technology in vehicles and models. GPS navigation is a choice and is standard for some models. Some vehicles have self-driving, slowing or stopping features. The evolution is moving at light speed. But other models not on the market ready are entirely self-driving.

The autonomous vehicles are electronic don’t rely on gasoline. So they have little impact on the environment. Injury lawyers and others are seeing these new technologies blossoming into whole new industries.

There are many types of electric vehicles. Some are using autonomous technology heavily based upon GPS. We have already seen cases where famous people were killed while riding in driverless cars like that. Electric vehicles require special safety training, as in the video above. So this is a new and exciting technology that requires specialized knowledge and training. Electric vehicle technology is a burgeoning new industry.

Burgeoning Industry for Lawyers Tempered By Political Corruption Placing Consumers at Risk?

Consequently, it should create new jobs. Unfortunately, as with any new technology, there will be accidents and deaths caused due to faulty designs, weak warnings, and wrong instructions. So the plaintiff’s bar is likely to see an increase in filings for manufacturing defect and strict products liability.

This is because many electronic technologies are placed into the marketplace too early. In other words, products are put out there without adequate testing or warnings to consumers, or end users. Many of the products can prove themselves to be dangerous to end users.

But the government is behind hybrid and electric cars. Since they don’t harm the environment or use fossil fuels, it fits in with the global warming taxing scheme. The U.S. government is helping to put at least one million electronic vehicles on the roads. So due to this collusion between industry and state, count on courts and the political systems to make bringing tort cases like this difficult.

The plaintiff’s bar needs to push for legislation banning donations or campaign money by any industry seeking government favors. Examples could include a politician asking industry to donate money to a charitable foundation the politician runs.

Then the politician can put pressure on administrative agencies, and politically connected friends to grant that tax break, make a grant or loan. Whatever it may be, it stinks. This is truly the only way to protect the consuming public. Hence, whenever the government interferes with free markets, they place consumers at risk.

What are Some Technology Problems?

New technology often has problems in the beginning, and vehicle advances are no different. Things can go wrong even after the cars are on the market. Electronic vehicles depend on lithium-ion batteries to run, which can fail. They can fail due to dampness, water, and crashes.

Damage or dampness causes them to burst into flames and burn at a high temperature. A stark warning is coming from many Los Angeles car accident lawyers that anyone near or inside of the vehicle is in danger of severe harm or death.

  • Batteries, Fires, Testing, testing, and more testing

Before cars get put on the market, they undergo testing for design and safety. The Chevrolet Volt is an electric car was used in a safety crash test. And this was done to determine the level of protection the car provides for people inside. After testing the vehicle went into a damaged yard for several weeks.

Batteries and Combustible Chemicals

That is when the battery unexpectedly caught on fire. The car left unattended the entire car became engulfed in flames. Incredibly, this is not a danger with regular gasoline cars or trucks.

So despite the flammability and explosiveness of gas there is not fire in a crash in practically any accident. Contrast this with electrical cars. In such a case there is a danger after even a minor crash with an electronic car. This is true even when the automakers designed and built the batteries to be safe.

So any technology can have problems. The reason the batteries pose a danger is because they have combustible chemicals. Chemicals that have extremely flammable contents. When the batteries ignite they burn at a high temperature. The temperatures reach about 840 °F degrees. Damage, punctures, moisture from the air or humidity can cause fires. Also, any amount of water can cause them to ignite. The volatile ignition and high fire temperature can be dangerous or deadly.

Technology Accident Help

Electronic battery design no matter how safe it can have problems. Because nothing is 100 percent infallible. While battery fires are rare it can happen, causing serious injury or death. If you or a loved one has suffered harm or lost a loved one due to an electric car crash or battery fire. You may have a claim.

The claim may be against the automaker, battery manufacturer or another party. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation to learn about your rights. The settlement or award is for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. We will fight for the settlement or court award for your damages and harm you suffered.


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