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Contingency Fee – What It Means to You

We Get No Attorney’s Fees Unless You Get Paid

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Our injury clients can obtain our legal services on a contingency fee retainer. (Explained in detail here). In a nutshell, we don’t get paid unless we settle, or bring the case to a satisfactory resolution. So this is what the no recovery no fee promise is all about.

A contingency fee retainer is a contract whereby you get a consultation. Then you get an opportunity to seek a second opinion. Next, once satisfied, the consumer signs the agreement. In consideration for taking the case, the lawyer gets a set percentage of your gross recovery. Once the case gets resolved, we take our cut. In conclusion of the matter, you use the rest to pay back any costs we advanced. This is for things like experts, photocopies, etc. Also, you pay your other expenses out of pocket, or on a lien basis. The remainder is what you keep, typically as a tax-free personal injury award.

We leave any money in the attorney-client trust account to pay any liens we co-signed. But you deal with the other creditors. Well, at least unless required to by law, or we make an agreement with you to help you reduce owed costs. Sometimes it is a good idea to have us deal with outstanding bill collectors. Often, we can pass on the money saved from the lien reductions. But if we are unsuccessful in recovering damages, you will not owe us anything for the work done on your case.

Costs are Not Attorney’s Fees.

Keep in mind that costs advanced by your lawyer are not free. They are an interest-free loan. Advancements help less wealthy clients pay for things like court costs. These get paid back at the conclusion of representation. Some lawyers, on a case by case basis, including our firm, do waive costs. But these are typically in cases where the victim has recovered nothing. Learn more about how we handle contingency fees. Understand whether or not you have a possible, actionable, justiciable case. So call us for a free case evaluation and get a handle on your problem. Call now before it becomes unmanageable. (213) 596-9642.

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