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Bullet Tax Proposed by California Law Makers Ties Mental Illness to Lawful Firearms Ownership

By attorney Michael P. Ehline, Esq.– The state of New York passed a law in January that restricts firearm sales, and there has been a ban barring ammunition magazines that hold more than seven bullets. But this is in addition to the bill passed in 2000, in which so-called “assault weapons,” were banned. Also, guns owned by mentally ill people, all of whom are considered a threat [even if their illness is not threatening], can be seized. In other words, if you go to the doctor in for depression, you may get a knock at the door from a stack of G-man demanding your privately owned firearms.

Awareness and prevention of senior citizen neglect
The attorney round table

We have seen a pattern that was explained by Obama confidante, Rahm Emanuel. “Let no crisis go to waste.” 1 The liberal wing of the democrat party for years, has been trying to reduce our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to “hunting”, and then ultimately, to nothing at all.

Mr. Janet Reno

This was echoed by Attorney General Janet Reno:

“Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.[Emphasis.] Janet Reno U.S. Attorney General – 1993-12-10 (Source.)

Fast and Furious Efforts to Blame Private Gun Stores for Mexican Gun Violence

Anti Second Amendment Extremist

Communist, Anti American, Eric Holder

Then years later, the anti-gun advocate, Attorney General Eric Holder, a former employee under Janet Reno, set up the top-secret Operation Fast and Furious. 2. But unlike the Bush “Operation Gun Runner,” Obama did not notify the Mexican government it was using U.S. private gun dealers to funnel guns into Mexico and arm the drug cartels. Remarkably, Obama and Holder then tried to blame private gun stores in the States for the violence in Mexico. And then U.S. border agents were ambushed and murdered3, allegedly with a “Fast & Furious” automatic firearm. Obama then ended that strategy. And he instead took executive privilege in a cover-up akin to Watergate. Make no mistake about it; their goal is to disarm the law abiding citizenry of all weapons.

California Democrats Actions Are Comparable to King George of 1776

The tyranny of the left, is comparable to King George’s attempt to disarm the colonists 4, when he was instituting his unfair taxes upon the people and property owners of the colonies. History repeats itself again. Two tax, spend and waste, Democratic state lawmakers in California, have proposed a bullet tax5, Assemblyman Roger Dickson of Sacramento and Rob Bonta of Oakland. Let them know how you feel.

The 5 Cent Per Bullet Tax Inexplicably Ties Ownership of Bullets to Mental Illness and Creates Impression Guns Should Fund “Mentally Ill” Programs

This is how disgusting and insidious these so called “lawmakers” are. And this would be no different than using cigarette taxes to fund a gay parade. There is zero reason to use Draconian bullet taxes to fund mental illness programs unless Democrats are trying to make the public think that people who own guns are probably right wing crazies who should be locked up. They seek to create a link between legal ownership of firearms and mental illness, and at the same time, “pricing out” law abiding gun owners from obtaining ammo at a reasonable price.

So after destroying the California economy, and scaring away Fortune 500 companies, leftists, here Dickson, proposed a bill that would impose a 5 cent tax per bullet sold, which would be used to expand a program that screens children for mental illness. The Bonta proposal is for a bill that would aid law enforcement in California cities with the highest violent crime rates.

Currently, the father is not allowed to live in the same house as the children, for a mother to receive welfare checks. So we have kids growing up with no fathers, and into a life of professional unemployment and crime.

There is a third bill that would require ammunition dealers to have licenses and have to report all sales. These are a few of the bills among the nine that have been proposed for gun violence, since the Newtown, Connecticut mass school shooting, the Oak Creek, Wisconsin shootings and the Aurora Colorado shootings.

Anti Gun Rights Democrats Have a Super-Majority

Democratic supermajorities control both chambers and the bullet tax increase will need a two-thirds majority vote by the legislature or a public referendum. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner a Democrat from Berkeley said we have numerous safeguards in place currently to purchase guns, and it is easier to buy bullets for them, than buying alcohol, some types of cold medicine and cigarettes.

As Stated by Attorney General Reno – Ban on Weapons is the Ultimate Goal

Most left wing Democrats I have met, have never served in the military, and are knee-jerk reactionaries. Here is another dumb thing California did. In 1989 California was the first state to ban assault weapons, after an elementary school in Stockton was sprayed with bullets from an AK-47 killing five children and wounding 29 others. I was lucky enough to have lived in California before welfare voters took over the state. But the DHS references an M-16 as a “Defense Rifle.” Thus, these semi-automatic non-military versions civilians have should be called “civilian defense weapons.” Try passing a “Civilian Defense Rifle” ban and see how far you get. There is still no legal definition of “assault weapon,” other than it looks “scary”. As stated above, Janet Reno admitted the goal is disarmament of law abiding people. So, they are using the scary weapon argument as the first step in programming the citizenry to waive their rights.

The Federal Ban on Civilian Self Defense Rifles of 1994 Has Expired

One of the other mass shootings occurred in California in a San Diego McDonalds restaurant in 1984, when a gunman killed 21 people. There were 23 executive orders by President Barack Obama, who has proposed the U.S. assault weapon ban be revived and mandate background checks for all gun buyers. Several of the executive orders include the maximum prosecution of gun crimes, and more access to government data for the background checks. Vice President Joe Biden has headed an administration review of gun policies and has made it a major effort to promote the new gun legislation.

California Democrats have proposed strengthening the “assault weapon” ban in the state, by limiting who may get a permit. Also, this includes requiring safe storage of weapons in homes where anyone lives that is prohibited from possessing guns. They propose to extend the waiting periods to purchase firearms and ending a provision allowing possession of assault weapons that were purchased before the ban.

Firearms and Mental Health

Republicans in California have proposed their bills, which raise the penalties for gun crimes, including the illegal purchase, selling or possessing a firearm. These bills include more severe penalties for state parole for those convicted, rather than county probation, and higher spending on a database of convicts. There would also be a limiting of information for concealed weapon permit holders that will be available to the public.

One of the other proposals is to give counties more control over mental health funds. In any event, we can all see that the Second Amendment is threatened. All Obama needs is one more liberal justice, and our God granted rights to defend our families as well as tyrannical government, will be stripped from us, the militia. We the People are the Militia, from age 16 onwards. The left’s bullet tax is nothing more than a non-rationally based law, designed to expunge and extinguish, step by step, a common law right of the people to defend against tyranny and criminal acts. If an unfair law extinguished your rights, and you were injured contact Ehline Law Firm PC.

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