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Car Runs Red Light – Plows Through Christmas Pageant – Several Dead

This a case that hits close to home. You see, I am not just a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. I am a resident of L.A. A deadly wreck took place less than a few streets down from my house in the South Bay. The story relates that a loser went ahead and plowed into a group of parents and children. These victims were lawfully in a crosswalk on PCH.

Thus, more and more, I see this sleepy bedroom community become like the rest of LA. While this is a case more reminiscent of the Farmers Market hit and run of Santa Monica, it is not what we would expect. At least, this is not reasonable for the small seaside community of South Redondo.

TV News and Helicopters

Wednesday, last night, I heard a helicopter flying around my house. My wife got irritated and switched on the news on the TV. So we were both shocked to see what happened. Seems like all the news stations were covering this tragic story. The wreck took place when a DUI woman allegedly ran a red light. As a result, she drove through a crowd of people leaving a Christmas pageant in Redondo Beach. Hence, one person died, and at least a dozen injured. Almost everyone living was in critical condition. As a result, some of the other victims died later.

The Facts of this Redondo Beach Accident are Disheartening

According to police the accident occurred at approximately, 8:00 p.m. The crash took place at Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and Vincent Street. It was right in front of the St. James Parish near my old house on Emerald Street. The female driver was in a white vehicle. She was travelling north on the PCH.

  • So Far Three People Are Dead

Most noteworthy, several other pedestrians in the group were leaving the church. These duped victims were departing an elementary school Christmas pageant. Sadly, they suffered life threatening injuries. The victims were evacuated to various area hospitals. There was not enough room to treat everyone. So far, at least three people have succumbed to their injuries.

  • Several Decedents Were Elders

According to authorities one of the pedestrians who died was an 81-year-old woman. Also, another was a 87-year-old lady. So far, there has been no information released about the third victim. Redondo Beach Police Officer Lt. Joe Hoffman said the woman ran a red light. The facts show she ran the intersection of Vincent Street. She then struck a group of pedestrians. Lt. Hoffman stated at least two of the victims were children.

  • Redondo Beach Police Narrated the Wreck

Sgt. Shawn Freeman stated the woman continued driving and collided head-on with another vehicle. A third vehicle got in the malaise too. Sadly, one of the individuals had been thrown into the windshield of a passing SUV, Sgt. Freeman said. The woman’s arrest by Redondo Beach Police Department officers was swift. She booked on charges of felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

This criminal suspect was transported to an area hospital. Furthermore, it is unclear if he had been hurt. The Los Angeles Archdiocese issued a statement. He asked the community pray for the families involved in the tragedy.

Insurance Coverage Issues

Typically in cases like this involving a loser drunk, there is minimum insurance coverage. But often there is no liability insurance at all. Only law abiding citizens tend to obey the law. Thus, often the only chance at economic recovery is for the survivors to sue the government. Usually, this is for some substantially changed condition of the roadway. Sometimes victims can prevail on negligent maintenance issues.

So only time will tell. However, this is a day to remember in infamy. So this is not a happy time for the South Bay. Just the opposite is true. In conclusion, this is a reminder to stay off of PCH during holiday seasons when you are on foot. It’s just not worth it.

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