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Gas tanks help make modern life possible. However, in densely packed cities the chances of an explosion increases. Additionally, the risk of severe injury or death is ever present. When faced with such an event, it could be due to many factors. Some factors include mechanical or maintenance defect. Ehline Law has dealt with cases like this before. So we can use our experience to help injury victims.

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Car Designs Known For Faulty Gas Tanks.

There could be many reasons for faulty gas tanks in automobiles exploding. These could be due to the defective manufacturing of the tank itself. So these are among the most common causes. Examples would include or the improper mounting of the fuel tank to the vehicle. These can usually get traced to the design stage. So this is usually where something was defective. Thus, it was not meant for the purpose it was ultimately placed into. So the mounts themselves could be the cause.

They may have been too weak. Maybe they were the wrong type of metal. The design and manufacturing of the tank and its apparatuses are among the top reasons for gas tank explosion. These are causes severe injuries. These include burns like melting skin, permanent nerve system damage, chronic, continuous pain. So this can lead to the inability to sweat. These injuries could also result in death. Even surviving such an explosion can result in significant trauma and scarring, including disfigurement.

Melted and Charred Skin Is a Serious Issue.

These types of injuries could lead to many surgeries. This includes plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and skin grafts. When faced with this kind of fire and explosion, these injuries are particularly severe. The right attorney can help victims get in touch with proper physicians and restitution to pay for it.

Manufacturing and Design Defect Case Studies

There are many case study of automobile manufacturing defects. This includes the original cases of poorly designed placement of gas tanks. These can include favorite pickup trucks, Ford Pintos, Crown Victorias, and others. The design of these vehicles places the fuel tank in vulnerable position. This includes saddlebag tanks in trucks outside the frame.

These can make the vehicles susceptible to side and rear collisions, causing explosions. The Pinto and Crown Victoria have become known for tanks that explode on impact. Because of the mounting of the gas tank between the rear axle and the bumper it goes boom. Hence, when struck in the back, an explosion can occur. The Pintos in the 1970s and the offending Crown Vics in the 1990s have their records too. These models were mired in the media’s tales of faulty construction and explosions. These can lead to terrible fires and fuel line safety issues.

Find Out More from a Gas Tank Eruption Attorney.

If you or a loved one got affected by such an accident, make sure you receive only the best in medical and legal care. Ehline Law is there to assist in these complex cases. We will use our experience to your advantage. Call us today for more information. (213) 596-9642.


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