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Hot Water Heater Injuries Lawyer

Tap water when overheated can cause painful burns. And these can easily occur if there is a defective water heater. So for example, let’s say you are washing your hands in the sink. Then all of a sudden, the warm water becomes boiling. If not but for a problem with the water heater, you would not have scalded your hands. Now you are likely burned. You are in a heap of trouble too. Who will pay for your hands? Who will cover your time off work?

Also, these tragedies are exceptionally painful and expensive to treat. Often they can result in 3rd-degree burns. Furthermore, the associated scarring and disfigurement can be emotionally damaging to the burn victim. And these are often lifetime injuries too. Ehline Law Firm leads the way to recovery of millions of dollars for consumers in California. Also, these were people who got harmed in accidents causing bad injuries. So burn cases are part and parcel of our law practice.

Hot water heater valve work.
Wrench and hot water heater valves

The Dangers of Water Heaters. Designed to Be Unusually Hot?

The design of water heaters allows them to be set much higher than above 150 degrees. And this is a higher temperature than safe for human contact. The temperature of 110 degrees is the human pain threshold for hot water. So this typically is considered a safe water temperature. But many heaters are not just for human use though. Sometimes hotels, for example, want to kill bedbugs in sheets. So they will set laundry water higher than the human threshold. This is why there is a thermostat. Because of this, you can set the correct temperature for humans.

Third Degree Burns.

Even water at the safe temperature of 110 degrees can result in third-degree burns. But this is only after approximately ten (10) hours exposure. Of course, most people won’t have water on them at this temperature for ten hours. But it’s critical for water heaters to be set at a reasonable temperature. Don’t set them at the highest temperature setting. After all, it is still foreseeable a situation could arise where a burn could occur.

Elders Most Likely to Suffer Burns.

Consumer Product Safety Commission standards set the safe temperature for people. They say water heaters should get set to a maximum of 120 degrees. But sometimes the heater fails. Other times, there is a problem with the cold water mixture. Maybe the cold water is not flowing, but there is still pressure from the water heater. So in that case maybe only hot water flows out of the tap. One can see it is not always so cut and dry here.

The most likely people to suffer water heater burns are the elderly and children. But toddlers are especially at risk, and often when drawing water for a bath. There is data collected by the National Safe Kids Campaign. This shows that between 4,000 and 5,000 children get scalded each year. And most of these are from hot tap water and in bath tubs.

The bottom line is, get out of the tub. Draw the water. Next, make sure the water is a safe temperature for you or your child. Then verify that the water gets turned off. Then bathe. Simple.

More About Hot Baths.

The bathtubs burn over an average of 12 percent of the body. In any event, most of these result in a third-degree burn. Statistics from the National Safe Kids Campaign shows 95 percent occur in residential settings. And 54 percent of these injuries occurred in apartments. But an astounding 46 percent of these took place in single family residences.

Negligent Landlords.

Water heaters can be set at too high of a temperature. Often this gets done by landlords, homeowners and plumbing professionals. But it can become caused by a defective product, like a thermostat or heating element. It is sad if this caused the tragic harm to the body, mind, and soul of a person. But alas, it happens. It happens quite a bit. And Ehline Law Firm has been successful helping people hurt from defective heaters.

Compensation for Negligence.

When a hot water ailment occurs, you may have rights under the law. Most of all, you will need to get compensated for your injuries. Our California firm has the experience it takes to investigate a case like this. Because of this, we take action to determine if there are responsible parties. The compensation recovered can include time lost from work, medical expenses, scarring, and disfigurement. But we also will fight for money for emotional stress, along with pain and suffering.

Hot drinks, pots of water or other liquids that are cooking on a stove and spilled can cause burns. This is similar to a water heater set way too hot, or that is defective. So obviously this can be dangerous. And this can be especially hazardous to young children. Rarely do they realize how dangerous water that is too hot to the touch can be.

Exacerbation and Worsening of Previous Conditions.

Overly hot water can be dangerous for people with diabetes and other people too. Because they have lost sensitivity to temperatures, they may not feel the burn. So even it is too hot in their extremities, they just stew in a pot.

Getting a Lawyer to Help You.

When you or a family member has been the victim of a serious water heater burn, you need help from a lawyer. Usually, it gets caused by negligence or carelessness of another. Same goes for injuries from a defective water heater. Do you honestly think the heater company is just going to send you a check? No, they will fight tooth and nail to blame you, the consumer. Never fear, the experienced attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have the skill it takes to represent you. Reach us at (888) 400-9721, or (213) 596-9642.

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