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Hot Liquid Burns and Recovering Compensation

Hot liquid burn injuries can be extremely painful. Also, it includes such items as scalds, charring, toasting, and searing of the skin. Hot water temperatures in apartments or homes that are between 140 and 160 degrees can cause severe burns and even fatalities in some cases where victims are young or incapacitated.

Cooked skin from hot liquids, can make the victim feel as if their skin is on fire. And it can be painful for an extended amount of time. Furthermore, the pain can become permanent. According to data, approximately two-thirds of the burns treated in hospitals are scalds. Typically hot water, or cooking oil are common causes, but in truth, there are many ways a person can be steamed or boiled at home and at work.

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Hospital Scald Statistics.

About one-third of the patients admitted into burn centers are scald victims. Between the years of January 2001 and June 2010, the National Burn Repository estimated that 33 percent of those reported cases were hot liquid scald burns. Also, there were 44,537 burn injuries treated during these years with children. Next, we have elderly adults, including age 80 plus. They were the population segment representing the largest number of scalds. Particularly sad is that in some cases the parboil can excoriate the wound location of the patient.

The data compiled showed approximately 3.9 percent of scald victims died from their injuries. A child’s skin can be stewed and cooked within three seconds. Hence, it is almost immediately after being exposed to hot liquids. And these are liquids that are 140 degrees or more. The elderly person is also at a high risk of scalding at even lower temperatures. Mostly, this is due to thinner skin and a slower reaction time. But it can also be partly from diabetes or other skin type ailment associated with age.

Scalds usually occur from hot liquids. So this can include hot water, hot drinks, hot oil and other liquids heated at temperatures. Mostly, these will be higher than what the skin can withstand or safely be exposed.

When you or a loved one has suffered this type of condition, and negligence or careless actions were involved, you may be able to hold the negligent party liable for the damages. It is essential to discuss your case with an experienced counselor at law, in order to learn your rights and options to hold the negligent party responsible.

The Ehline Law Firm’s staff of agrarian attorneys have the experience and the resources to evaluate your case and to provide quality representation for the victim or the family that has lost a loved one, due to being badly boiled or flash burned by hot oil, water, and even gas.

Our staff of compassionate, intelligent advocates and support personnel will investigate the accident and determine the negligent party or parties and hold them accountable for their actions that caused your situation, even when it is the manufacturer of a defective product.

Ehline Law Firm has the resources including experts to preserve evidence and ensure that the victim recovers the compensation they deserve.  So call Ehline Law Firm toll-free to schedule a consultation to discuss your case at (888) 400-9721.

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