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Defective Product Accident Burn Injury Lawyer

Even with government regulations, products can still be faulty and fail. Some products can cause significant injuries to people beyond what many purchasers are aware. Some get recalled, and consumers may not even know. The bottom line is that when a product blows up or causes a severe burn injury, Ehline Law Firm will be there. So like a finely tuned weapon of war, our LA based injury attorneys pounce upon the negligent parties.

Hence, we fight hard to get you the maximum amount of money possible under California tort law. This is called money damages. Under general negligence, this will indemnify you for your injuries. So it can hopefully cover your special needs as a victim. Our seasoned staff helps injured consumers every day. Furthermore, we have helped thousands of them get money for their struggles and pain. This treatise details recovery of money damages for products causing burns to human beings.

Table of Contents:

Products Causing Burns

Each year in the United States thousands of burn injuries occur. Many get caused by defective products. Also, injuries caused by defects cause the burn injury deaths of adults and children. Every year some products get recalled. But the danger of burns caused by the defective product requires vigilance. Some products have already been responsible for burn injuries or death, before being recalled.

Suffering serious burns caused by dangerous or defective products can mean a product liability claim. So this would get served on the manufacturer. But it could join the supplier, retailer or distributor. These parties can also get held jointly and severally liable. Also, if you were a bystander and suffered burns, you will still have a case.

For example, when the burn injury occurs in the workplace caused by a defect, you can’t sue the employer. So the company gets shielded from a court case. Most of the time, worker’s compensation covers the employer on a no-fault basis. But it does not protect the manufacturer, supplier or distributor from third party cases.

Holding Evil Doers Legally Liable.

Defendants get held legally responsible. And this gets done by filing a legal claim against them for negligence. Factors showing negligence include:

  • Failure by the manufacturer to properly inspect products or equipment.
  • Improper warning of danger or hazards, when using products or equipment that can result in injury.
  • Improper testing of products to ensure there are no defects, improper design or flaws. All of these can result in injuries to the customer or worker.

Inadequate Warnings.

When a product is defective, or the consumer and worker don’t get warned of hazards, it can be dangerous. So it could cause severe burn injuries. Hence, the manufacturer can be liable under products liability law. So if you suffered burn injuries or have lost a loved one from negligence, you need representation. Most of all, the burn injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm can assist.

Also, we have the experience and resources to ensure negligent parties get held responsible. We want to make sure you recover the compensation you deserve. Ehline Law Firm has the litigation skills and the dedication necessary. Why not let us protect the rights of the injured victim? Also, we fight to win wrongful death burn injury cases for the family that has lost a loved one. We do it all.

The Significance of Retaining an Injury Lawyer.

It is crucial to discuss your potential new case with an experienced burn injury lawyer. Also, you need a pro that has the resources necessary to investigate your accident. There is little time to file a civil lawsuit, don’t let time run out.

Our lawyers help with defective products that burned you. Consult the experienced burn injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm. Learn your rights and legal options to hold the negligent party responsible. Call toll-free at 888-400-9721 today.

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