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Overall, motorcyclists are some of the most law-abiding people on the road at any given time. Motorcyclists are involved in many charity efforts and helping veterans. Their contributions to society are just a small number of what the right bikers do for the United States. However, as with any organization or group of people, there are examples of rotten people. Fortunately, they are the exception to the rule.

Watch the chilling footage below to see one such case. The footage shows the results of one confrontation. Fortunately, these types of incidents are rare and do not reflect the overall state of bikers today.

This video shows many of the concerns regarding motorcyclists. These are concerns for both bikers and others. Additionally, these demonstrate the difference between the average rider and a gang. Gangs are increasingly rare across the country and are the exception rather than the rule.

Luckily this attack was caught on tape. A dash cam is a valuable tool. This is especially the case if a driver needs to establish blame for an accident. This also can deter an angry driver if they see it.

This is why a helmet camera is such a valuable asset. The injured party can contact the police with that information. It is also important for attorneys to establish the cause or causes of any incident and assign responsibility. Insurance companies also seek such information. In short, there are many ways these cameras help you.

The Next Steps

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Action Alert – Ehline Law Reports that Ontario man is sick over apparent abuse of elderly parent

Woman being abused in a wheelchair
Nurse hits woman

The son shocked over the treatment of 85-year-old mother in a Peterborough, Ontario nursing home. And he is more devastated that the home and its monster employees, will not be facing criminal charges.  Although this case happened it Canada, we wanted to demonstrate that even in so-called “un-greedy” socialist countries, physical, mental and outright criminal abuse against patients is a very common allegation. In fact, some would argue that the state will go out of its way to protect fellow government agencies and health care providers from lawsuits or criminal charges in a state run society. Is that the case here?

Although this case happened it Canada, we wanted to demonstrate that even in so-called “un-greedy” socialist countries, physical, mental and outright criminal abuse against patients is a very common allegation. In fact, some would argue that the state will go out of its way to protect fellow government agencies and health care providers from lawsuits or criminal charges in a state run society. Is that the case here?

Son is “Sick” About the Treatment of His Elder Mother in a Care Home

According to Camille Parent, he is sick about the fact that the nursing home will not be facing charges, even though video camera footage was shown, of his mother is what he termed “manhandled.” At one point the video shows a dirty cloth being “shoved” into his mother’s face.

Although there are more than 5000 hours of video, see for yourself a few snippets of a feces covered cloth into mother’s face. Note she is an Alzheimer’s patient.

Parent said he is confused that no charges will be placed on the nursing home staff at St. Joseph’s at Fleming nursing home, where his mother is a resident. The woman identified by her son as Hellen MacDonald, a resident at the nursing home, also has dementia. He said that he began noticing scratches and bruises earlier this year on his 85-year-old mother. Parent said he made complaints to the management, but he still continued to see injuries, so he placed a hidden camera in MacDonald’s room.

During a four-day period, Parent said the video showed his mother being mistreated by the nursing home staff. The abuse included:

  • MacDonald being treated roughly while getting her diaper changed.
  • A dirty cloth being shoved in the 85 year-olds face, by a staff employee.
  • A nursing home employee is blowing his nose on MacDonald’s bed sheets.
  • Two of the employees making out in his mother’s room, while she was in bed.
  • Another nursing home resident was entering the room and rummaging through his mother’s things.

No Charges Against the Nursing Home—is it Special Protection for Elder Abuse?

The police after seeing the video footage said they were not pressing charges. What does the parent want to know why? He wants to see charges and wants to know why the elderly in long-term care are not being protected and why were there no charges filed.

The Ministry of Health investigated the nursing home and found several violations of the Long Term Care Act, and they fired the four employees from the video. That the parent feels the police have failed in providing any reasons for their decision, they didn’t file any charges. And he has since been invited to a meeting with the Crown Attorney on Friday.

If there are no current laws that the nursing home and staff cannot be charged, Parent said he would argue for stricter legislation to help in preventing similar types of abuse. MacDonald’s son stated that he has not decided whether he will ask another police force to conduct an independent investigation into the nursing home abuse.

But If a Human Did this to A Dog, Charges Would Be Filed

The son rightly points out in the above video, that if this kind of stuff were done to an animal, the person who did it would already be in jail. Ehline Law Firm agrees.  “Since before and even mores after 2008, it seems like the U.S. has had a reversal in its view on humanity.  “Fish, frogs, dogs and people in the country illegally, appear to have special rights that are not even afforded to humans and citizens,” said Michael P. Ehline, who went on to say, “it is like Bizarro world from Superman.”

Does anyone doubt what the son is saying is true?  Watch the video and tell us how charges were not filed! Clearly, there is evidence of assault under California criminal and civil law.  There was an unconsented to touching, that resulted in bruising and harm, there is even video evidence. There was also mental and physical anguish being inflicted upon the woman.

What more do the police need?  Ehline Law encourages you to share this article with your local Canadian and U.S. Lawmaker.  As an aside, in California, we have the Elder, and Dependent Adult Abuse laws and Ehline says: “there is no doubt that these nurses would be in jail, and that civil tort claims would already be working their way in the courts if this took place here”! The moral of the story is, get out there and support the son, by exposing this shameful treatment of our seniors.  It could be your mom or dad next! Take action.

Sources: Police not laying charges over St. Joseph’s at Fleming footage:

Riding Etiquette Behind the Bars

Motorcycle riding
Motorcycle riding

Riding a bike is a privilege, not a right. The proper means of travel is different for each motorcyclist, but some common strains exist. Making sure that you and the other riders are safe is a no-brainer. Consider the conditions of the road and the potential challenges for both yourself and the others on the road.

Being polite on the road is a necessity. There is no room for aggressive or offensive driving. Rather, each rider has a chance to leave their commute a bit safer. With the right experience, we can all make the road one somewhat more pleasant and less likely to result in injury.

Common Motorcycle Etiquette

There are several major actions rides take to make this happen. These include:

  • Traveling at the appropriate speed, especially due to weather and traffic conditions.
  • Maintaining formation with other riders is key to avoid risk.
  • Stay alert and don’t ride tired. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and other cars and motorcycles on the road.
  • Keep all motorcycles appropriately spaced on the road.

Many ways keeping safe on the road will help both you and other riders on the road. This is especially the case when riding on unfamiliar roads or in bad weather conditions. These are opportunities for all of us to keep the road a safer and better place to ride on.

These are only a portion of the ways to stay safe on the road. However, they make up an important part of the ways to avoid injury. It can also put you in a better position to prevent drunk and aggressive drivers. Keep all of these in mind each time you get behind the bars and hit the open road. Keep riding safe and alert, America.

Motorcycle Safety Is No Joke.

Every motorcyclist has enough to worry about when they get ready to ride. Between other riders, parts issues, and other concerns, they don’t need to worry about further safety issues. Then again, every rider has a role to play in the security of the roads. Helpful tips often utilized at the right time can save lives. That is the reason why motorcycle safety month was created.

Little boy riding a bike.
A young rider.

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, understands these issues intimately. Ehline is a motorcycle enthusiast and a lobbyist in Washington for bikers’ issues. So Ehline is a leading motorcycle legal expert. His tireless work helping motorcyclists is second to none. His team is fantastic and never stop until the job is done.

Keep in mind the sobering statistics. About half of the motorcyclists killed annually are experienced riders, often 40 or over. The largest share of deaths are young riders, but no one is immune from crashes and severe injury.

Motorcycle Safety Month is just a part of the potential solution. However, the role of safety is in everyone’s hands. When we understand the ways motorcycle accidents happen, we can avoid them.

Studying some National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show the potential to reduce the number of deaths on the road further. In 2015 the number of motorcyclist deaths increased, one of the few subsets of riders that increased. Traffic deaths in cars and trucks have consistently fallen over the last twenty years. Why are the numbers increasing for those behind the handlebars?

We all have a responsibility for our roads. Play your part, and offer any chance to drive defensively and use manners on the asphalt. Motorcycle deaths will again begin to fall, but only after we all pitch in.

A Responsibility for Each Rider.

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting parts of a person’s life. The open road, the wind in your hair, and a jacket make for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. There’s never enough to do while riding and never enough miles to travel. There’s just something about such a ride after a hard day’s work or being out with your friends.

Rider on the road.
Keeping safe on the road

Tips for Road Safety.

However, riding a motorcycle is more than just revving the engine. In many ways, a walk has an individual responsibility not just for themselves but also to other riders and drivers on the road. There are several tips that every rider can use to keep themselves and their families safe.

  • Perform regular maintenance on your bike. There are no excuses for putting off even necessary work like oil changes.
  • Always operate your bike at the appropriate speed. Take other factors into consideration, including weather, construction, and traffic.
  • Drive defensively, not aggressively. This is especially the case for riding a motorcycle. With a much higher chance of injury or death, don’t play Russian Roulette with your safety and life.
  • Keep aware of your surroundings at all times. There are many opportunities to keep all other riders in mind. Other drivers and riders appreciate such cognizance, and it will keep you safer in most situations.

Remember that other drivers and riders don’t automatically know where you are at any given point. This helps keep you safe while also allowing greater visibility for others on the road. You might just learn something riding in such a way, too!

Your safety is in your hands and is an opportunity for a great ride. Use your experience and your knowledge when traveling. You’ll be glad that you did. So will the other people on the road. Avoiding hiring a motorcycle lawyer is the outcome. And that can be a good thing.

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