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Personal Injury Attorney - Michael Ehline
Personal Injury Attorney – Michael Ehline

Welcome to the law blog. Here we discuss everything and anything about serious personal injuries in Greater Los Angeles. So the topics covered here go from drone injuries, commercial driver-less vehicles and beyond.

More than anything, public figure Michael Ehline and invited guests to discuss the many territories of accidents, injuries, science, biomechanics, legislation, court cases and more. Come check out our blog now.

Could Enhanced Cruise Ship Safety Bill Have Stopped the Rape and Murder?

Cruise Worker Accused of Raping and Attempting to Throw A Passenger Overboard

Ship at sea
Cruise ship

A cruise ship worker stands accused of raping, beating and trying to throw a passenger overboard Friday morning. Many of our readers already know the chatter on the Hill.

And that is that the industry can easily target potential sponsors of the enhanced Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act. Some pundits say they can be bribed for perhaps as little as $25,000 in campaign contributions.

In other words, they could vote “no” to upset much-needed legislation. In other words, in exchange for advertising money, many politicians will refuse to protect U.S. passengers.

Does this prove money can buy anything? We will keep digging up facts on donations and vote shifting. Afterward, we will report back. At any rate, you can decide.

In any event, on 2/11/14, Rep Corrine Brown argued with Rep John Garamendi over issues like whether the cruise industry should be forced to install man overboard systems. After all, they have been required by law to do so since 2010 under the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act.

Where are the Teeth?

Since there were no enforcement provisions with teeth, the cruise industry has refused to implement many provisions of the 2010 Cruise Ship Safety Act. Only one organization, ICV, or the International Cruise Victims is doing the legwork to fix the problems with the last bill.

But they are an anomaly. These laws need enforcement provisions. In other words, they lack teeth. Teeth mean a fine or a penalty. Right now it is a waste of time to pass laws that are ignored with impunity.

Since there were no enforcement provisions with teeth, the cruise industry is just not implementing many of the provisions of the 2010 Cruise Ship Safety Act. Only one organization, ICV, or the International Cruise Victims is doing the legwork to fix the problems with the last bill. But they are an all-volunteer crew of victims who, on their dime, lobby DC.

DC and the Downtrodden Victims.

I was fortunate enough to have lobbied with these downtrodden souls on the last round of tromping through the halls of Congress seeking support. But let’s face it, the cruise industry has billions, and victims on their own, cannot pay $25,000 to a re-election campaign for some politician, or many.

Those are the grim, cold facts. In any event, Garamendi called for enforcement of protections that are already required under U.S. Laws, but not enforced. And Brown went so far as to accuse Garamendi of “grandstanding.”

Is Lost At Sea a Consequence of No Man Overboard System?

Many of us attorneys at Ehline Law have suspected that a percentage of these “lost at sea” cases arose from a crew or a crew-member or passenger raping someone. Why? Because with no man overboard system the rapist would toss a person overboard, leaving no trace. Cruise lines are notorious for failing to turn over digital and video images of crimes aboard cruises. Even when the FBI demands them, the cruise lines have pushed back. But why?

Throwing a Body Over the Side Covers Up Crimes.

So it is a no-brainer that a criminal eliminating a body overboard would quickly cover up a crime. In any event, the 2010 Bill required all cruise ships to install “man overboard systems.” It is now 2014 and still nothing. But the cruise industry seems to be putting out two stories. This regard why the lines never recognized the four-year-old law. (Read more here.)

Garamendi went on to retort:

“I think it’s time for the consumers, millions of them, who are getting on these ships to know what they’re getting into,”. He is the ranking member of the subcommittee overseeing maritime transportation. “To know the history, the good and the bad, of an individual ship” he said.

Female getting raped
Rape on a cruise ship

On the heels of the legislation above failing, another cruise member was arrested Sunday and has been identified as Ketut Pujayasa, age 28, a worker from Indonesia.

And of course, he was attempting to toss a severely brutalized rape victim overboard. Sound familiar? The incident occurred on the MS Nieuw Amsterdam early Friday morning in the international waters off of the coast of Roatan, Honduras, authorities said.

The MS Nieuw Amsterdam cruise liner departed from Fort Lauderdale on February 9th. From there on it was a seven-day western Caribbean charter cruise. The attack victim was a female. Her attacker was “Pujayasa.”

What are the Victim’s Allegations?

The raped woman said she was attacked in her stateroom. As a matter of fact, the cruise ship employee attempted to throw her from her balcony. So we can see there is an understanding by this employee that disposing of the woman is key to avoiding jail. In any event, all these facts appear in the criminal complaint. The woman said that she escaped from the cruise worker. After that, she was helped by another passenger.

  • Pujayasa was taken into custody when the ship returned to port at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Pujayasa was charged with aggravated assault and attempt to commit murder
  • He told investigators that he attacked the woman because she had “disrespected” him

He said he left the woman’s stateroom, but then later turned himself in. So there you go. The man performed an honor killing and used disrespect as a basis to justify. Whatever you want to call it, these are ideas from backward cultures.

In a news release, Holland America Cruise Line stated that they are working with authorities.  And they said they want to understand how the incident occurred. Also, the promised they will take additional measures to ensure this type of event does not happen ever again.

Holland American Cruise Line CEO Stein Kruse said that at Holland American Line our highest priority is the safety of our guests.

  • He stated that in the 140-year history of the cruise line to his knowledge there has never been an incident like this occur on one of the ships. Of course, he said that. What else would he say?

But the facts are: “we have a history of covering up crimes, flying criminally accused employees back to their home countries so U.S. authorities cannot arrest them, etc.” This fact is just so sad and laughable from our perspective.

See the Devastating Video.

Regulating the politically connected cruise ship industry has long been possible. But due to the fact these ships sail under foreign flags not from U.S. territories, international maritime law applies.

  • Also, contract law has made prosecuting a negligence claim against them much more difficult than land-based cases.

Considering that most cruise ship passengers are North American, it stands to reason that most crimes are against them. But thanks to ICV, the cruise industry is finding itself under increased scrutiny from sages like Senate Commerce Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) who is at the front with Matsui.

Is The Hole In Security a Basis for Cruise Ship’s Liability?

Cruise lines know they are strictly liable. But they hold all the cards. If their employee tosses a body over the side, do you think they will be so happy to turn over the videotape? Think about it. That could cost the cruise lines millions of dollars.

The bottom line is that criminals know there is a hole in the security of ships. And that makes raping and tossing a drunk or passed out victim quite easy. Cruise lines recruit low pay help, often from countries that culturally teach an uncovered woman is a harlot or dhimmi to be raped and used.

For example, the defendant, in this case, hails from a country, Indonesia, where many men think that failure to wear a hijab is an “invitation to be raped.” (view source.) So imagine a person seeing Western women in bikinis for the first time, who is not properly vetted in accepting that Western culture is different, etc., working aboard one of these ships.

  • Background Checks are a Joke.

There is often no way to conduct proper background checks on criminals. Is there even a computer background database in Syria? NO. What about Somalia or Ethiopia. No!

What we do know is that many of the countries cruise ship employees hail from have no national system. And we also know that these countries are often archaic, male-dominated societies bound by religious dogma. So many things like rape, aren’t even a crime unless there are three male witnesses, etc.

Imagine these people getting aboard the ship as employees and them seeing a blonde woman in a bikini. So now what a Westerner would consider a predator has boarded. Next, this person learns its layout.

After that, they discover strategies and tactics from fellow countrymen on how to get away with rape and murder. All that is left is a method on how to dispose of a body. Think like a lawyer. Follow the bodies.

Cruise Lines Should Not Hire From Countries That Don’t Respect Female Equality?

In my opinion, cruise lines are not doing enough to vet male employees. This cultural difference is precisely the issue in many cases. So this hypothetical and others can easily take place. In fact, the cruise lines are tripping over a dollar to save a dime.

Cruise lines like to hire people who think $2 thousand a month is a lot of money. So they are their own worst enemy. They already can skirt U.S. tax laws. But the least they could do is install man overboard systems. That way they could make it harder for the criminally minded to get away with rape and murder “without a trace.”


Cruise worker accused of raping passenger:

What is The Human Brain Stem?

Color chart of stem of human brain
Schematic of brain stem

Damage to any part of the human brain can have severe effects on the future of the injured. Especially this is the case when the fragile brain stem is hurt. This vital piece of the brain is located where the spinal cord meets the rest of the brain. Importantly, it controls voluntary functions, such as fine motor control and facial muscles.

The delicate brain stem also controls needed automatic functions, including a person’s heartbeat, digestion, and breathing. Due to the stem’s role as the main passage between the cerebral cortex and the body, injuries here are often debilitating and life-threatening.

The composition of the Human Brain Stem and Damage Outcomes

The brain stem is made up of several parts.

These parts include the:

  • Pons
  • Medulla oblongata
  • Midbrain

Injuries to any of these areas can affect the rest of the body. Damage due to swelling or similar injury could lead to severe blood issues, including stroke or hemorrhaging. Also, it could cause long-term problems. These include issues with motor control, breathing, or even speaking.

In other cases, such damage can cause severe shifts in personality or even loss of memory. Furthermore, brain stem damage can lead to fainting, coma, and in some cases paralysis. Some brain stem injury victims have been bedridden or in comas for the remainder of their lives. There are also long-term issues caused by such damage that can lead to sudden death.

  • Trends in Treating Brain Stem Injuries

Modern science has made strides to treat such injuries. But brain stem injuries remain decades away from active treatment. Common causes of such an injury include car and motorcycle accidents. There can also be similar injuries due to high falls and work accidents.

These injuries can be especially severe and more likely for children.

  • Brain stem injuries have also been the result of contact sports. These can include sports such as football. They can also arise from recreational activities like skateboarding and horseback riding.

All Brain Injuries Carry Risk

No matter what the cause, the effects are almost always severe. Most that suffer from brain stem injuries have extended periods of therapy and hospital care. Such specialized care remains expensive. And costs of care can bankrupt a family.

Such injuries can also lead to unexpected deaths and add burden to the household. Those that suffer these accidents are often left out of work, and their family is unable to make up for their income.

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