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Personal Injury Attorney - Michael Ehline
Personal Injury Attorney – Michael Ehline

Welcome to the law blog. Here we discuss everything and anything about serious personal injuries in Greater Los Angeles. So the topics covered here go from drone injuries, commercial driver-less vehicles and beyond.

More than anything, public figure Michael Ehline and invited guests to discuss the many territories of accidents, injuries, science, biomechanics, legislation, court cases and more. Come check out our blog now.

To Claim or Not to Claim, that is the Insurance Policy Question

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One of the questions people often have after a local car accident is when to make a claim. To make a claim or not, that is the question. So this is an excellent question that deserves a detailed answer. For starters, car crash insurance claims against your insurer in particular. They should only become made when you think you can prove the case and have the correct insurance coverages.

Sometimes you will know if you’re covered, other times you won’t. An attorney can usually quickly decipher your UM/UIM, comp, collision, and other coverages. Of course, sometimes you won’t know if the guy who hit you had coverage. So you must you get your hands on the traffic collision investigation report. And this gets issued by the CHP or local law enforcement that came to the scene.

Other times it takes tracking down the owner of the vehicle that hit and ran. To see if there was a policy in effect when you got slammed and left for dead. As far as your policy goes. These terms and conditions found in your declarations of coverages and exclusions. They will determine what does and does not kick many coverages into existence.

Obviously, there has to have been an actual accident. Because making a false claim with your own or a third party’s insurance carrier is punishable as a criminal offense by law. If you’re found guilty of the offense (See, e.g., Penal Code Section 548-551 et seq.)

Danger – Be Careful What You Say to any Insurance Company

Most people don’t ever need to become concerned with this situation. They usually know they should only make honest statements to the insurer. After a collision, the crash should be immediately reported to the police. Then as soon as possible contact the insurer to report your crash.

This will begin the insurance liability claims acceptance or denial process. The insurer’s adjuster will investigate the crash to determine the at-fault party. Then decide what the settlement should be worth.

What is The High Deductible Consideration?

The other thing that needs consideration when making a claim with your carrier for property damage, for example, is your deductible. Sometimes the damage to the vehicle costs less than your deductible. In this situation, the owner of the car can decide whether or not to report the crash to their insurer or fix the damages.

This is why many people who crashed in wrecks try and get the at-fault person’s insurer to pay and wait for the check. The other factor in deciding to use your own comprehensive or collision coverages, or having the additional party pay, is whether the person hit wants to go through the process.

The process of obtaining estimates and the claims to give to the other company when their own company can handle everything right now. Also, you may never know what to do after getting all these estimates.

The Infamous “Non Claim Discount” Consideration

Another reason why individuals often do not file a claim with the insurer for small damages is due to a Non-Claim Discount (NCD). This discount is when the insurer rewards the policyholder. This discount will apply when they go for an extended amount of time without reporting any accidents.

That means in the event of a crash with damages less or about the same amount as the policy deductible it could be better not to report the car crash. That way you can keep lower policy premiums.

Other Considerations to Make Before Making a Claim Against Your Insco

If the person does report the crash that is more costly and the insurer will not negotiate a fair settlement. Then claim may go to court. In this situation, the jury may determine the settlement amount the insurer is responsible for paying the claimant. Doing something like this should be mulled over well.

Get a handle on what the damages are and whether the repair costs will be over the deductible amount. Then use this as a deciding factor when claiming against your insurer.

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Safety Measures to Take on Cruise Ships for Self Protection

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People think of a cruise line as a significant way to escape. In many cases, it is not. Instead, there are multiple cases where cruise patrons are assaulted— or worse. Also, there are many cases of passengers getting sick from mediocre food.

Furthermore, in other cases, the vessel strands the passengers for hours if not days.

All of these landmines combine for a terrible experience for cruise ship passengers. Consumers have a chance to fight back and make their experience a better one. Doing so will also make things smoother for future riders.

The top cruise ship law firm in Southern California

There are many examples of the danger from these cruises. The January 2012 Costa Concordia cruise liner crash in Italy is just one example. There are over 16 million people using cruise ships each year. Unfortunately many find that the companies cut corners where they shouldn’t.

The International Cruise Victims or ICV argues that the true statistics behind cruise injuries and other issues are covered up. There are several things that cruise passengers can do to stay safe.

Be Prepared

Do Your Research. This step isn’t always perfect, but it’s a good start. See which lines have the best and worst reputation. So this is a good jumping off point to see how your family will be treated on board. Sometimes the Coast Guard has stats about the liners.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings. Just because you’re on a beautiful ship doesn’t mean you’re automatically safe. Furthermore, many assaults on ships occur because the passenger lets their guard down. Understand where you are and what could happen to you. Scope out ways to escape if needed.

Life Jackets and Safety Drills. Make sure to prepare in case of an emergency. Know where your life jacket is at all times. Keep it near you. Be prepared in the event of a crash.

Keep Important Info Near. Also, this should go without saying. Keep your passport, travel agent info, and others close by. Don’t go too far without things you might need in case the ship faces issues.

If you want to find out more about safety on liners, keep reading our site. Ehline Law believes it is the finest cruise ship liability company in California. Furthermore, our team fought and won hundreds of such cases. 

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