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Author: Michael Ehline - Wrongful Death Attorney

Many firms only take on big cases with clear fault. So naturally, they get landmark verdicts and settlement awards. But the true test of a skilled trial attorney is turning lemons into lemonade. Accordingly, almost all our cases were rejected by larger firms. What we do is take on the hardest cases and win. Do or die is the ethos that sets us apart from the pack.

Jury Seated in Wrongful Death Lawsuit of Michael Jackson – Was Voir Dire Easy?

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So this is a case that should be fascinating. To many, Michael Jackson, King of Pop, had a reputation of not liking some people in his family very much. [1. Why did Michael Jackson hate his dad?]

[2. Did Jackson order a hit on his brother?] [3. Michael Jackson Trashes his family] Also known is that Jackson did not leave anything in his will for any of his brothers, sisters or his dad. [4. Jackson Leaves no Money for Siblings]

Here is a video of Decedent Jackson saying how he felt about his father: (Click Here)

Incidentally, the defense was raised that Jackson’s kids are not even the biological offspring of Jackson. [5. Jackson’s Kids not from his seed] If anyone has ever seen Jackson’s kids, it is not hard to believe they aren’t biologically his. They appear to be Caucasian and not mixed. Why this is all important, will come into play soon enough. But this is the setup.

The Muddying of the Jury Pool Over the Years.

So after much fanfare, the jury is finally selected in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit. It consists of six men and six women jurors, on Monday, yesterday.

All this controversy and all the rumors of several decades has poisoned the minds of many. There are many allegations of child abuse against Jackson himself. Also, there are allegations that he was not close with many of his siblings, etc. So this will be a tough case.

Katherine Jackson brought the lawsuit for $40 billion dollars. So the causes of actions are negligent hiring and wrongful death. These are in a wrongful death lawsuit against the promoters of the London concert series. Conrad Murray was working as Michael Jackson’s personal physician.

Guardianship Stripping.

Recall that a court had previously stripped Mrs. Jackson of her guardianship of Michael Jackson’s children. [6. Bitter Battle Over Millions]. And this happened amidst allegations she was held against her will by several Jackson family siblings and members. Also, this was due to a financial dispute between those family members and the Michael Jackson Estate.

So why is all this important? Well. To recover for wrongful death, a party must first establish they are a surviving blood relative or adopted children. Even then, if that threshold gets met, the survivor now must prove that they lost the love, affection, sex, or financial support of the decedent. So clearly, any children getting cared for that were the lawful heirs, as well as siblings, moms, dads, wives, could potentially recover money damages. These would be for wrongful death, as against the defendants in this case.

The Jury Instructions – Evidence.

The jury instructions or the court may require proof of all of the above, to arrive at a verdict. Now, it appears that those who do not wish for the children to recover are asserting that they are not legally Jackson’s kids, as they are not biologically his, and were never adopted.

But from my perspective as a wrongful death lawyer in L.A., that should not matter, because Jackson appeared legally married at the time.

The twist is that AEG is asserting that the mother Jackson was married to was not the biological mother either. And if she had not adopted the kids, then they are barred. Some slick defense attorney knows their stuff, and the judge has yet to rule on a pending motion on this very issue.

Alternatively, if it is proven this was a sham marriage or something, there might be another argument to invalidate the claims of the kids.

Can Voire Dire Weed Out Biased Jurors?

The alternate jurors in the case have not been chosen yet by the lawyers for the trial. The trial once it begins is expected to last approximately three weeks. It was hard enough to get the jury we have now. The point behind jury selection, or voire dire, is to give the potential jury pool a chance, to tell the truth about how they will perform their duties as a panel.

They are then sworn in and told not to watch the news, discuss the case, to follow the law and form a verdict. But here, we have precedence that many former jurors in celebrity lawsuits have a bias for or against the star, or just want to make money selling their story.

So this makes it hard for everyone, especially the judge, who would prefer not to have the case reversed on appeal, and instead seek the efficient administration of justice.

Unbiased Jury?

So theoretically, yes, an impartial jury can be found, but it is 100% based on their ability to uphold their solemn promise, to be honest. A biased juror may wish to award nothing, to get back to the family, or they could give a runaway verdict because they hate Dr. Murray.

In my opinion, AEG should pay the indemnity and walk away. These risks are simply too high. It is not worth rolling the dice.

The Big Corporate Defendant.

In the lawsuit filed in September of 2010, Katherine Jackson stated that AEG Live is responsible for the hiring of Conrad Murray. As Jackson’s personal physician, he administered Poole to Jackson. That resulted in his death on June 25, 2009. Jackson died of acute Poole intoxication at a rented Holmby Hills estate at the age of 50.

In November of 2011, Murray was sentenced to four years in the Los Angeles County Jail in connection with the death of Michael Jackson. Murray got convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

The attorneys for AEG have argued that there was no wrongdoing and that the pop singer had a long history of drug problems, before the agreement between Jackson and AEG to do the London concert series. Katherine Jackson filed the wrongful death lawsuit for herself and Michael’s three children, Michael Jr., Paris Michael, and Prince Michael.

AEG Argued They Did Not Hire Dr. Murray.

The attorney for AEG Live Marvin Putnam argued that his clients did not hire Murray. Also, the cardiologist has been one of many physicians that treated the pop singer in the past. Putman also stated that Jackson had a drug problem. Also, this was long before the entered into the agreement to perform with AEG.

The proposed contract between Murray and AEG Live had not gotten implemented before Jackson’s death. The agreement had been found implied by the actions taken by AEG. So according to a judge, this included discussions on paying Murray $150,000 a month.

Red Flags.

Jackson’s attorneys contend that AEG hired Murray. So there was no concern of red flags that he was not a board certified cardiologist or that he was in serious debt. AEG live lawyers moved for a dismissal of the entire complaint.

So they were stating that after two years of litigation there was a failure to prove that AEG Live or its executives did any wrongdoing. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos tossed out all the other claims March 1. The good judge held AEG Live liable for Jackson’s death.

Partial Dismissals Sua Sponte?

Judge Palazuelos dismissed both AEG’s former president Timothy Leiweke, chief executive officer and the company as defendants. A division of AEG Live and AEG Live President and Chief Executive Officer Brandon Phillips, Judge Palazuelos ruled, would remain named in the case.

In a sworn declaration, Gongaware stated that he did not tell Jackson or any of his physicians what medications should get administered to the singer. Also, he said that at no time did he ever require that Jackson take the drug. So he had no idea that Jackson was using the drug.

The Emails

Gongaware said that he only learned about the use of Poole in the press, after Jackson’s death. He said he did not suspect that Jackson was taking the drug. He claimed he had no control over the doctor, or that Dr. Murray was administering Poole to Jackson.

But Katherine Jackson’s attorneys say an email Gongaware wrote shows he did control Murray. Under two weeks before Jackson’s death, he sent the tour director Kenny Ortega an email. He was exclaiming that Dr. Murray was keeping Jackson from rehearsing a day prior.

AEG Paid Murray’s Salary?

In the email, Gongaware stated they should remind Murray that AEG was paying his salary, not Michael Jackson. He made clear what they expect of Murray. So in this case, the heirs have to prove to a jury, all the other minutia aside, that AEG knew. That they knew what Murray was up to, and that they either allowed it or encouraged it.

But even if that gets proven, a lot of evidence will still need to come. Also, this is how to find out on how much the lawful plaintiffs would have been able to recover had Jackson survived.

So the jury would need to believe that Jackson was really in a position where he could have provided at least as much as the Jackson heirs are seeking. So they could also award a lesser amount. Do you think MJ could have provided the millions in wrongful death compensation sought?



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AEG Not Negligent in Michael Jackson Wrongful Death

Just Beat it
Michael Jackson

Many of you people know one of the specialties we have at Ehline Law Firm involves wrongful loss of life claims. Thus, you are aware that we have been following this Michael Jackson wrongful death trial. Also, we realize no portion of money can ever fully compensate a fatality victim.

They never fully recover from the mental, physical suffering and grieving. Hence, when a case has merit we fight vigorously for the victim’s best interests. Striving to retrieve the indemnification that our deserving clients seek is a daily thing.

The Jury Returns.

Here, the alleged victims put their best foot forward and lost. The breaking news relates that after being thrust into a four-day struggle to get to the bottom of the case, defendants prevailed. So only after enduring four painstaking days of deliberation, the wrongful death of Michael Jackson, brought by his mother and children, the jury has arrived at a losing verdict.

This comes just after the press was covering major and heated personality conflicts and allegations of uncivil behavior by counsel for both sides. Aside from that, there was a very powerful closing argument. Also, we are sure the jury had no easy time in arriving at their decision.

The Closing Argument

The jury determined that AEG was not negligent in the death of the singer. Dr. Conrad Murray was fit for the care he was hired to provide. This relieves AEG of liability according to the verdict. Dr. Murray was held criminally responsible for Michael Jackson’s death in a criminal trial of manslaughter. AEG, big business attorneys argued in court that Murray was licensed in several states to practice medicine.

Also, they had no way of knowing what went on behind closed doors in the treatment of the singer. During the five-month wrongful death trial, the lawsuit was asking for $2 million dollars. But AEG attorneys said that Murray was hired to ensure the singer was hydrated. He was medically in shape for the comeback tour being promoted by AEG Live.

Jackson’s Comeback Tour Ended By His Death.

Jackson died days prior to the start of the comeback tour. So that would have debuted in the summer of 2009 in London. AEG Live lawyers said that they did not believe that Michael Jackson was in danger getting treated by Murray. Of particular interest here, he had never gotten sued for malpractice. He had several years of practicing medicine. So they said that Jackson was a secretive drug addict.

The “Execution” Drug.

AEG claimed he kept everyone in the dark. Hence, even his closest relatives knew nothing about the use of Propofol. Also, this is a potent drug used in prisoner executions. After five months of the jury listening to the AEG Live attorneys and witnesses, the jury came to its decision. They heard from Michael Jackson’s mother and eldest son. Jurors heard them testify.

Furthermore, they rendered their verdict after four days of deliberation. The finding was that the concert promoter was not liable for the death of the singer. At this point, it is unknown if the victims have paid a penny, as most injury firms advance costs.

But we are confident this case was not a cheap expense to execute. So we know that they had competent attorneys committed to giving no nonsense representation. Also, we are aware that most legal reps give accurate, honest case assessments.

So more than likely, the victims knew this case was not going to be a walk in the park. It is unknown whether or not an appeal looms. But typically, excellent and punctual attorneys, no matter how good they are, could have a judge erroneously exclude vital evidence. So we are sure we have not heard the last of the Michael Jackson saga.

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Can 911 Victims Finally Sue State Sponsors of Terror that are Donating Money to U.S. Politicians?

Disaster approaching catastrophe.
Los Angeles catastrophe meter.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a new law. This law gives American citizens the right to file death lawsuits against Saudi Arabia. Most of all, this is due to members of the Saudi Royal family orchestrating the 9/11 attacks. However, the Saudi government’s ability to influence our elections with campaign donations is stunning. So it is highly likely the U.S. president will NOT sign this consumer rights legislation into law.

So the Saudis, like ISIS are a Wahabist Muslim country. So this is the same type of Islam followed by ISIS and Al Qaeda. And a lot of innocent people were killed in the 9-1-1 attacks by Wahabists. Much of the deaths around the world due to terrorism were due to Wahabists. Also, this report is not intended to disparage moderates.

How To Distinguish Shia versus Wahabist Islam?

Of course, Iran has its Shia version of Islam. Also, it supports a world government dominated by its form of Islam. Both countries have their version of Islam as the official state religion. They have been at war for generations over who has the purest form of Islam.

But both support and fund terrorism around the world. Anyone who supports Israel is an enemy of the Saudi royals and all of the Iranian government. Sometimes they will work together to fight a common enemy, like the U.S. However, we are not allies with Iran.

This Report Deals With Rights to Sue Saudi Arabia for Wrongful Death

Here we discuss lawsuits against our U.S. ally, Saudi Arabia, for wrongful death. We are not an ally of Iran. So how is it we are even allied with the Saudis? After all, they want to spread Sharia Law to the U.S., and they appear to have funded terror.

Yes, Saudi Arabian royal family members allegedly support terrorist organizations. The country also supports terror organizations that support Wahabism and Sharia Law. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. It’s proxy here in the U.S. is CAIR.

Role of CAIR in Disinformation About Sharia Court Goals

CAIR have helped coined terms like “Islamophobia” to attack anyone who opposes Sharia Law. So Wahabism is a strict form is Islam similar to that practiced by the founder of Islam, Mohamed. It requires the stoning of women who got raped. Also, it allows the rapes and enslavement of non-Muslims. Of course, this system requires the killing of homosexuals.

Furthermore, it uses an Islamic doctrine called the “Al-taqiyya.” But this is to deceive “infidels” as to the actual goals of Wahabism. So this allows followers to blend in until their numbers are significant enough to influence the vote. But once they get large enough, they will simply be able to intimidate natives as they have done in Europe. Of course, this goal is a “caliphate,” or if you prefer, a world ruled by Sharia Law.

Why Do Progressives Support U.S. Indoctrination to Accept Sharia Law?

Many westerners have been indoctrinated in their public schools or by the news media that Sharia Law is peaceful. Hence, it will not be above the Constitution. Under mainstream Islamic doctrine, no law can ever be superior to the Quran. All Sharia courts do is use the Quran’s prescribed punishments above, and enforce them. Also, non-Muslims are second-class citizens under this Sharia Law system.

Is there a Saudi Connection to the Nazis?

Sharia Law is the ultimate object of the Saudi Arabia Wahabists. A statist system like this has been the envy of dictators for generations. A similar form of Islam was followed by individual members of the Nazi SS. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood grew out of World War II and the Muslim Nazi SS Division. To this day, the PLO does the Nazi Salute.

Islam and Nazi connection.
Muslims Doing NAZI Salute.

The SS Handschar Division made such an impression upon Hitler that he wished Germany had been Islamic:

‘During a meeting with a delegation of distinguished Arab figures, Hitler learned of how Islam motivated the Umayyad Caliphate during the Islamic invasion of Gaul and was now convinced that “the world would be Mohammedan today” if the Arab regime had successfully taken France during the Battle of Tours, while also suggesting to Speer that “ultimately not Arabs, but Islamized Germans could have stood at the head of this Mohammedan Empire.”

Hitler expressed admiration for the Muslim military tradition and later directed Himmler to initiate Muslim SS Divisions as a matter of policy. – Wikipedia, Religion views of Adolf Hitler, Islam.

Connection to Germany and Sheltering Islamic Fundamentalists?

German war criminals were also sheltered by Syrian and Egyptian Islamic fundamentalists after the War. (Source.) Angela Merkel has apparently moved forward with Hitler’s will, by flooding Germany with millions of military aged males from Syria and other Islamic countries.

She is now forcing them into military conscription as part of her multicultural experiment. Rapes by male refugees and attacks against natives not following Sharia Law are at epidemic levels throughout Europe.

Gun laws are so strict in these invaded countries that only terrorists seem to have firearms. Victims have little to no defensive guns. So why would these countries be letting in these scofflaws? After all, they refuse to assimilate, rape their women and pillage their welfare systems. Follow the money.

Who are the Biggest Donors to Politicians Who Support Open Borders?  Saudi Arabia!

So we know when the 9-1-1 Report came out, that parts had to be redacted implicating the Saudi royals as having helped Bin Ladin kill Americans. We are aware that Saudi billionaires and Soros backed foundations are donating billions to get as many immigrants from Islamic countries into the U.S. as possible.

Follow the money. For example, just one Saudi Prince pledged $32 billion to promote Islam/Sharia in America. Also, the Clintons collect millions of dollars of donations from foreign organizations that support global Sharia Law. Saudi Arabia has so far funded 20% of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Tax records submitted by the Clintons show that Bill Clinton was an “honorary chairman” of GEMS Education, a Middle-Eastern-based company whose only goal is to teach and spread sharia law. Bill Clinton was paid $2.1 million by GEMS as they worked with the Clinton Foundation to expand their worldwide schools and teach people that sharia law is the best form of government. The purpose of GEMS’s schools is to “teach all Muslim students the pillars of Islam, Islamic faith and morals, enabling them to efficiently apply them to their lives.” . . Foreign governments like Saudi Arabia have donated huge amounts of cash to the Clinton Foundation…”

Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) for 911 Victims

So the law passed as House Resolution 3815 is probably a non-starter. The current U.S. president is a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and recipient of donor funds from Soros backed companies advancing Sharia Law. But the new law would help shed light on the corruption of members of the democrat and republican parties in placing the rights of people hostile to our country, over that of our own. Another reason why it will probably be vetoed.

This law is known as the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). It is a tort attorney’s dream. The law makes an exception to sovereign immunity. This allows U.S. citizens to file a lawsuit against foreign governments. Because of acts of terrorism, that happens on U.S. soil killing Americans.

Resolution 3815

The Resolution 3815 passed due to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Since fifteen out of nineteen men from Middle East country hijacked commercial airliners. Then used them as missiles to target the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Last, all of the men who hijacked the planes were subjects of the Saudi kingdom.

The vote pushed to happen before the 15th anniversary of the attack this Sunday. Also legislators in favor of the bill included Peter King, New York (R). Then given approval by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Wisconsin (R). Ryan gave permission as long as Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Virginia (R) back the bill.

In the Senate version of the bill John Cornyn, Texas (R) and Charles Schumer, New York, (D) proposed the legislation. The bill passed in the Senate in May by 100 to 0 votes. So the House approved the bill Friday with a unanimous vote. But this gives the Republican legislature the votes to override a veto by the President.


As a result, Saudis with the use of lobbyists and Democrats, have tried to block the bill. One of the groups was the Podesta Group. This group was co-founded by John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Furthermore, the Podesta Group is run by the campaign managerís brother Tony Podesta.

The Right to Sue the Saudis For Wrongful Death Will Likely Be Vetoed?

Due to the incredible power that Muslim extremists now wield. They de facto control politicians, their friends in the press and U.S. bureaucracy. Thus, it is highly likely the U.S. president will veto this consumer rights legislation. Assuming it gets signed, it will blow a lid off of government corruption. Also, it will likely show foreign influence on U.S. elections. Whether the Saudis would ever pay a judgment is also unlikely. After all, they are a sovereign power with no clear duty under the treaty.

What are Your Rights, Duties and Obligations When a Loved One Killed by an Illegal Alien?

Illegals and flag burning
Burning flag.

Many scared Californians realize the implications of making our home a “Sanctuary State.” After all, the death of Kate Steinle sent shockwaves across the country. The 32-year-old was killed when an illegal alien brandishing an illegally owned pistol fired it at the ground. And a fragment of the round hit and killed Steinle. The killing in San Francisco in July 2015 was attributed to felon Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who was in the country illegally from Mexico. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of wrongful death and injury to citizens and legal immigrants with little to no ability to enforce the law.

H.R.3011 attempts to handle some of the issues related to the illegal immigrant crime wave. The text of the bill, otherwise known as the Establishing Mandatory Minimums for Illegal Reentry Act of 2015 can be read here on Congress’ official site. Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon introduced the bill in July 2015. The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, and there’s hope that it will come to the full House this year. Nevada Senator Harry Reid has worked hard to block this common sense legislation.

Kate Steinle’s death was not the only case that has wounded the country. There have been many cases, especially in California where illegal immigrants are driving against the law– and without insurance. Because of these factors, in many cases where there’s an accident, the illegal driver will simply take off, often not to be found again. There has also been a wave of drunk driving accidents caused by illegal immigrants. Coupled with a high crime rate in California and the troubling rise of Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, all of these issues require action.

Even more troubling is that every time the failed immigration policies of the current U.S. president result in a shooting, the California legislature proposes more anti-Second Amendment laws to disarm our law-abiding, native populous. (Take the San Bernardino Jihadists as an example – they used illegally obtained guns to kill Americans) The state legislature keeps using their own failed policies as a pretext to make Americans less safe. This dishonest policy has led to a rise in Donald Trump supporters.

See Video of Native Mexican Americans Outraged at Trump Rioter Thugs Waving Mexican Flags at Peaceful Donald Trump Rally

Recently we have seen a rash of illegal aliens burning American flags and attacking Donald Trump supporters being paid by democrat backed organizations like public employee unions advertising on Craigslist. The narrative they are pushing is that California belongs to Mexico and they have no duty to abide by U.S. law. (See photos here.)

However, they get free services here at U.S. and California taxpayer expense. And yes, many do pay some taxes. But much of what they pay in sales taxes, etc., is subsumed by the free healthcare, the free school for their kids, food stamps and government-paid cell phones, etc. In fact, most illegals do not file federal or state income taxes according to at least one study. What does a person do when they or a loved one is injured or killed or even assaulted by an illegal immigrant?

Typically these illegals are from Mexico and have no assets to speak of. Have they nothing to lose? To push back, an attorney specialized in both immigration law and personal injury/wrongful death law is a necessity. Ehline Law has ample experience in the personal injury and civil rights field. So this includes handling cases where residents were injured by an illegal immigrant driver or due to another’s crime. Our attorneys are well versed in the current case study and offer a compassionate, yet firm direction.

We believe that the government has a duty to enforce existing immigration laws. We support legal immigration and the rule of law. When public servants fail to uphold their oaths of office to placate the anchor families of illegals who can vote to the exclusion of other citizens, this is dishonorable. Our firm is researching ways to sue on the fidelity bonds of public servants who refuse to uphold their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

If you are an attorney or a victim, we want to hear from you now! For more information, please call or email our office today. We have offices up and down California and will come anywhere in the state to discuss your case with you. We don’t take a penny unless we recover for you.

We use our network across the state, including auto experts, doctors, other attorneys, and judges to ensure a positive result to help your family get back on its feet. For more information, please contact us today at (213) 596-9642.

Families of Slain Men Want Patriots to Stop Paying Hernandez

Although the Hernandez murder and wrongful death cases are not in California, they do raise the interesting overlap. So here we discuss a civilian death claim and a criminal murder claim. In a court hearing several weeks ago, the attorney for the families of two people allegedly gunned down made a special tribunal request. He asked Hernandez lose his bonus pay. According to the lawyer, parents want the judge to bar the Patriots from paying Hernandez a $3.2 million dollar bonus.

Prosecutors say Hernandez allegedly fatally shot Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in 2012. They claim that Hernandez killed one of the men after he accidentally spilled a drink on him at a nightclub. Hernandez is accused of fatally shooting the men weeks. Also, this was just weeks before signing a 5-year contract with the Patriots for $40 million dollars.

Patriots attorney William Kennedy said the Patriots had challenged the rights for Hernandez. They say he should not receive the $3.2 million dollar bonus at all. Kennedy said he wants a court order if the team gets sentenced to pay Hernandez in an arbitration hearing. Hernandez got released from the Patriots in 2013. So this was after his arrest in connection with the death of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

California Law is Similar In Death Claims

In California, this is the same type of procedure that a wrongful death attorney would use. So he would make sure there is money set aside for the survivor’s estate. However, it is hard to get such an order to issue. Also, this is since the defendant has to get convicted or found legally liable for the deaths. Last, appears in this case, however, that a stipulation by the suing parties gets entered into. But the content of which is unknown.

Hurdles and Bickering

In a case like that, at least one hurdle, survivors bickering over who gets what is not a basis to not enter the order. The next argument that is helpful to the suing parties is the contract prevents bonuses for certain violations of integrity or crimes. But again, it is hard when the case is still pending not to pay. But the arbitration agreement may allow the money to be set aside pending a court outcome.

Consequently, assuming Hernandez gets convicted of murder, families would use the findings. Also, this can be res judicata or collateral estoppel. Furthermore, this could obviate a lengthy civil trial, unlike the OJ Simpson case. But in that case, an almost all black jury found him not guilty of murder. A more balanced jury found him later liable for wrongful death.

So the biggest problem with orders like this is the 14th Amendment recognizes the right of an accused of notice and opportunity to defend. Depriving Hernandez of money to pay a lawyer is clearly problematic. Hence, a court would need to narrowly tailor any such order that would deprive him of his defense. Also, this could form the basis of a reversal on appeal.

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