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Michael Ehline is a highly trained personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, CA. He writes educational articles to help injured consumers.

What is My Personal Injury Worth $$?

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Almost all injury claims pay out cash for the same items of loss. Let’s take a look at your potential items of economic and non-economic recovery as follows:

  • Loss of past, present, and future wages. (you may have a total disability, or have to be retrained for new work too).
  • Loss of past and future medical care. (for example, you may need expensive in-home nursing care).
  • You may need a mobility chair, pool lift, wheelchair lift, or other assistive medical device.
  • General compensation damages for your pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium damages for loss of sexual intimacy, love, care and affection. (These are more common in death and survivor actions).
  • Exemplary damages act as a warning to others not to engage in the same bad conduct. Commonly, these are called punitive damages. But these are designed to punish reckless, intentional and grossly negligent conduct. Los Angeles courts, in particular, have awarded some of the largest damages awards. But most of all, a great personal lawyer is the decisive factor in winning an award whether it happens at the Airport Courthouse, or at the Stanley Mosk Superior Court.

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Since placing out our shingle in 2005, our Los Angeles injury lawyers have protected the rights of those hurt from the negligence of others. Our experience, knowledge, and skill in delivery of our legal services, is above the cuff.

Also, due to our vast experience and reputation, we have garnered local and national respect from many vaunted attorney organizations. So if you got injured and need help, call or email us right now for rapid service and a free legal case evaluation.

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I wanted to shout out to Michael Ehline is a kind, caring and considerate car accident lawyer. After my Uber accident, I was not getting answers. I was a passenger, and no police report put me at fault. I am glad Irene and Mike assisted and guided my case. I appreciate everything. I am happy and grateful. They continually informed me of progress. Michael is also a great guy. He just won the attorney of the year award, and it shows. I understand the issues related to compensation for my losses. I know what steps I need to further in my life. I recommend Ehline Law Firm. I think they are the best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles

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Date published: Date published: 2015-02-15
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Stopping Fraud Before it Begins

Personal Injury staffFraud is a shifty, slimy part of our culture. This is especially the case with false injury claims. Fake Worker’s Comp, Disability, and Unemployment claims cost the taxpayers millions each year. This is an issue in California, with its relatively lax enforcement. Altogether, companies and taxpayers are both on the hook. This hurts honest workers putting in their own claims. It’s a loss all around.

This is where effective investigative work prevents many of these issues early. However, you need the right firm to carry out such a strategy. This is where the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC comes into play. Our firm has decades of experience with Worker’s Comp issues and more. If you want it done right– and once, call Ehline Law.

What is a Subrosa?

Subrosa derives from an old Latin term meaning under the rose. The idea is that private surveillance might be able to determine the cause of such a false claim. In some cases it can be done through secret filming or audio recording.

It also distinguishes between several major differences in discussion. One can be whether or not a person is bothered by performing a task or cannot do it at all. A variety of evidence makes it clear to the court or other attorneys whether or not the claimant lied.

The attorney often works with a private investigator, collecting information on the claimant. This involves info on their daily routine, hobbies, and other work. All of this can add up in bills, but is a very valuable tool.

For more information on how to conduct such an investigation or past results, contact Ehline Law today. Our firm has experience in investigations. This includes both through our office and working with law enforcement and PIs. We stand ready to help you and your clients. Call or email us today.

NY Based Cellino & Barnes Dissolution Holds Precedent for Future Cases?

Michael Ehline U.S. Supreme Court.
Attorney Michael Ehline. The Motorcycle Rider’s friend.

The legal world set ablaze with the news that two of the biggest law giants on the east coast are at war. The New York Post noted this is not new at all. The two fought for over a year up until this point.

WGRZ has the text of the case. Ross Cellino Jr. and Stephen Barnes are known for their easy to remember number and jingle. Now, they’re known for their knock out, drag out fight. The case is in front of the Buffalo, NY Supreme Court.

The two seem to disagree on nearly every part of their business. This included how to market the firm, attracting clients, and more. One of the final straws seems to be that Barnes refused to hire Cellino’s daughter Jeanna. Cellino aims to break up the firm. However, Barnes strongly opposes this.

Many personal injury attorneys were surprised when the New York attorneys started to really market and franchise their name in California several years ago. We started seeing offices pop up everywhere, along with web pages, television and radio ads. Their market focus appears to be Los Angeles, the most competitive market in California for injury lawyers. So one could see why it would be hard to spend that much getting cases and not have disagreements.

What Happens to the Cases?

There are many possibilities here. In a smaller firm, there may be a simple separation. However, in such a large, known firm the case changes. Furthermore, media scrutiny makes it more interesting.

The Buffalo News reported that mediation attempts failed. Also, the firm employs 300 people. Their jobs are up in the air. One New York attorney said that a judge might need to hire a broker or auctioneer to sell off the firm’s assets.

Furthermore, this could take a long time and money. It could also destroy each one of the attorney’s reputations. In most cases, compromises are made. However, in some, the two go to war.

The two attorneys should probably also consider their employees. They likely don’t want to displace anyone. Clearly, they just don’t see eye to eye.  Furthermore, the acrimonious fight between the two serves as a negative precedent for other firms’ dissolution. The battle may have damaged their brand’s marketing in California and their home state of New York. Maybe not though.

I have personally seen a bump in their web traffic since the announcement. Sometimes there is no such thing as bad press, as they say. Each one understands the stakes.

In addition, the client base could become shattered through a loss of faith. What client stays under these circumstances? What injury victim risks their family’s well being? It appears that the California attorneys the New York based firm hires to sign up and manage their California cases have agreements which prevent the local case handlers  from taking the clients.

So this could be causing some people to just stay. Or maybe the clients will just hire a resident California firm to handle their California cases? Only time will tell.

Regardless of how it all shakes out it will certainly be interesting. Ehline Law covers the ongoing situation right here. In conclusion, keep this page bookmarked for updates.,%20P.C.,%20.pdf

When Can an Attorney Decline a Client?

Financial and Ethical Complaints after Medical Harm

Disaster approaching catastrophe.
Los Angeles catastrophe meter.

What happens when a loved one needs urgent surgery or medical care after an accident? This is a situation attorneys often represent for clients. However, there are increasing numbers of attorneys who won’t take on certain clients. Often it’s over the amount of money their potential claim is worth. It’s left a number of injury and accident victims in a precarious position.

ProPublica published a report on the matter recently. Many personal injury attorneys are hamstrung by the costs of a case. In many situations, attorneys work on contingency– they don’t take a cent unless their clients recover. Often lawyers work with or hire experts who determine the cause of the error or accident. Factor in court costs and time, it’s understandable why some attorneys are picky on the types of clients they take on.

This is very much the case with public harm issues. Often patients harmed during their hospital stay are without legal help. For many attorneys, the cost of such a suit is not worth the smaller dividend at the end. An Emory study came to similar conclusions.

The vast majority of accident victims are often boxed out due to this system. They’ve been wronged– and often attorneys agree with that assessment. Still, for all extents and purposes they get no protection in the legal system. This is disproportionately an issue for older people. This leaves them unable to fully recover from their injuries and trauma. For older patients at greater risk of such situations, attorneys often pass on their cases.

How to Find an Attorney to Take Public Harm Cases.

In many cases, the answer is harder than the question. Attorneys all over the country often have similar concerns. Experienced lawyers and firms which do not count money as their sole purpose may take on the case. Some firms specialize in taking on such “low reward” clients in order to ensure they are taken care of.

In my years as a personal injury attorney at the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC, I saw many of these types of cases. They don’t get any less heartbreaking just because the client might not earn me as much money. On the contrary, such cases are an example of defending public trust through medical accountability. The actions we take now prevent similar future accidents and errors.

Some suggestions for soft tissue cases include:

None of this makes it easier for accident and injury victims clueless about the legal system. Their trauma often extends into their wider family. However, it is a chance to ensure the best possible care for them and a chance to be heard in their most trying hour.

How Do I Sue Berkeley’s Mayor for Free Speech Violations?

Violence Against Conservatives

Hammer and Sickle on Red Star
Symbol of the democrat party

Berkeley’s mayor is in hot water after issuing a stand-down order during the May Day riots and before. This allowed Anti-Fa rioters to beat conservative protesters. It also allowed widespread violence across the city. The rioters set fires and worse.

Much of the issue comes from Ann Coulter’s planned speech. However, anti-speech protesters prepared to attack conservatives. Berkeley’s mayor told the police protecting the college’s Young Republican club to step away.

The new mayor, Jesse Arreguin, is allegedly involved with some extremist groups. He is a member of By Any Means Necessary, a group which incited riots nationwide. The group fought with Neo-Nazis in California last year, causing injuries.

Mayor Arreguin also stopped police from involvement in the April 15th tax day riot, which resulted in 11 injuries. Each one of these incidents becomes worse and escalates.

Gateway Pundit reported on the issue, as did FoxNews.

Fox Business reported on the incident. You can see the video of the events below.

How to Sue the City of Berkeley

If the rioters injured you or a loved one, you have legal options. Look no further than free speech defender and former Marine Michael Ehline. Furthermore, the Ehline Law Firm is second to none in defending the rights of patriots. No one should be forcibly attacked while demonstrating. Berkeley’s mayor does not understand that.

The well-established pattern of ties to left-wing radical groups and efforts to help the rioters shows intent. Mayor Arreguin refuses to step in when his job demands it. So does the City Council. Contact us today for more information about how to launch a lawsuit against him for injuries. The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC helps determine the extent of injuries and the means to rehab. We also figure out the mental injuries caused by such an experience.

Our firm stops at nothing– we are relentless. Contact us for more information. We will come anywhere in the state to discuss your legal options.

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