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An Approach for Attorneys and Clients In Dealing With Online Communications

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Today we’re going to take a practical look at the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility and their recommendations for communications. These are tips for attorneys new to the field or more experience. Regardless of your years in law, we have a few ideas for you.

Not every single bit of communication is the same, but offers an insight into some general rules. For the most part, attorneys should consider their messages, and:

  • The content of the message itself, including sensitive or private information. How are they organized?
  • The practicality of improving or introducing new email security standards.
  • The overall risk of this communication being intercepted or read by someone not authorized.
  • What is the impact your communications with all of your clients: large and small, routine and more involved.

As you can imagine, all of this put together is a bit of a puzzle for an attorney not specialized in web or comm security. In some instances, this means that the lawyer’s office hires outside help. However, in others, there are several key steps your firm acts on internally. Each one makes a key difference.

Taking Plaintive Steps

This is why the ABA and other organizations ask about the way data is handled. Also, many attorneys have no or just cursory training in these matters. However, you only have so much time or money. Consider the following:

  • Who handles your information? What is their info security training?
  • What is your email routing method? Does your site use https protocol?
  • Is sensitive data labeled or treated as such? Consider means of securing this type of data separately.
  • Is this in line with your communications and privacy policy? Every firm worth its salt has one making your files more secure and inspires confidence in your clients. Believe me, they notice.
  • Each attorney should read and digest the new Model Rules of Professional Conduct. This provides a key backdrop for lawyers in just about any field to prepare themselves for recent and upcoming changes.In addition, changing to a uniform secure email or communications network allows for less juggling between different systems and less to consider for each client. Often, firms utilize a secure cloud-based solution for their needs. In addition, even for those without a lot of cash on hand have options. Utilize Google Drive and Dropbox as their primary or secondary mode of such use. Each is free usage. Furthermore, keep each in mind as you proceed.This list isn’t comprehensive. However, it allows firms of all sizes a jumping off point in making their communications ones that can and should be above reproach or worry. This pays for itself many times over. One less thing on your plate. Furthermore, each bit of security is key for your firm.

What are Some of the Benefits of a Las Vegas Corporation?

Weighing all the Options Opening in Las Vegas

Personal Injury staffLas Vegas is certainly a microcosm of the United States. There are so many advantages to Sin City and things to consider. If you or someone you know wants to incorporate a business, you may wish to consider LV. Below we review a number of factors that play a role in your decision making process.

The State of Nevada is known as a corporate haven across the nation. Businesses incorporate under Article 78 of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Las Vegas has a rich access to infrastructure. Being just three hours from Los Angeles, it can act both as its own entity and an extension of California. Nevada law is particularly protective of corporate officials.

In particular, if a company operates in California but is chartered in Nevada, the latters’ law applies. Furthermore, Nevada’s laws also prevents many companies from hostile takeovers. Nevada is a state with no franchise, corporate, or personal income tax. The state does charge a $200 business license fee for corporations but this is much lower than applicable CA taxes. This also allows disputes over corporate issues to be settled within Nevada District Courts and appealed to the Supreme Court of Nevada. This enabled protections beyond those of other states.

Very Friendly for New and Existing Businesses

All of these factors and more allows Nevada to be, in some ways, even more business friendly than Delaware.

Inc Magazine has several key reasons to move your business to Las Vegas, as well. These include the area’s low cost of living, tax advantages, joining a growing city, and taking part while property in the area is less expensive. All of these add up to a very compelling number of reasons.

This list is by no means comprehensive. However, we hope that the info included and our experience will allow you to make a better decision.

Why Do Rape, Sexism Suits Dog Uber?

Further Knowledge by Uber is Forthcoming?

Female getting raped
Rape victim.

Fortune reported on a recent suit against the company regarding sexism. In one high-profile lawsuit, a woman claims an Uber driver tried to rape her.

But why is this happening so much? There are mass reports and allegations of sexism against both men and women. One woman wrote that even after meeting with HR many times nothing changed. In the most recent case, another major allegation emerged. It was so great that Uber’s Vice President resigned. The company hired former US Attorney General Eric Holder to represent them regarding the controversy.

Another Uber Rape Alleged.

Ars Technica reported on an isolated but more severe case. The suit is crystal clear: “Uber has placed profits over safety by deliberately lowering the bar for drivers.” A Minnesota woman alleges that one of Uber’s drivers attempted rape in August 2016. The suit states that the driver, Abdel Jaquez, came on to her.

After she had refused, he tried to rape her, it alleges. The lawsuit also states that Jaquez had a prior criminal record against another woman. The suit says that a simple fingerprinting and background check would have caught the issue before it unfolded.

Furthermore, Uber’s woes stem from its decentralized model. Due to its use of contractors as drivers, it has little control over their background and conduct. This is part of the reason that so many allegations of sexual assault emerged.

The reasons why these rapes are happening seems clear. The current management system incentivizes other criminal and ungentlemanly behavior among drivers. There’s a reason many cities outlawed the app. It provides an unnecessary risk for others on the road and passengers.

Looking for a way to get involved? Our site follows news of misconduct by Uber and Lyft drivers. Keep reading to find out more about efforts to protect riders. Our team is always ready to answer any questions or discuss your legal options if you consider a suit against the company. Ehline Law is among the leaders in the fight to uncover as much information as possible.

Orwell Was Right About Mind Control?

Human Mind Control
Electro magnetic brain control?

New research released this month could have large effects on how the future is written. For a long time, non-fiction and fiction writers like George Orwell have warned against subliminal and unconscious efforts to manipulate people’s opinions. And now according to one study, the use of magnetic waves could create artificial thoughts and decisions similar to Orwell’s predictions.

The Government Can Use Magnetic Waves to Control Your Brain?

The UK Express reported on the amazing developments. The experiment included the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS. And this was done to change the subjects’ thought processes. In the results released, the patients changed their beliefs in God and how to treat migrants flowing into Europe. The experiments centered around the posterior medial frontal cortex.

The results were just stunning. Even after being reminded of the effects of death, which often lead to people turning to religion, the respondents still reported lower faith after undergoing the experimental treatment. The results were published in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. So this appears to be one of the first major successful attempts to sway people’s thinking and thoughts.

Israelis Can Even Control Maternal Instincts?

This followed a similar study conducted by Israeli scientists. This research is covered by the UK Daily Mail here. Researchers, in that case, pinpointed a part of the brain that helped control maternal instincts. They also believed that the same region could control aggression and other hard-wired parts of the brain. Science Daily reported on an effort that resulted in the part of the brain that controls dreams to be shut off. No matter how you look at it, these technologies are growing very rapidly.

  • Can this Technology Be Misused?

There are safeguards in place in labs, universities, and among governments to avoid the misuse of such technology. But the imperfect nature of these systems and human nature make it clear that eventually this type of treatment could fall into the wrong hands and be expanded. Scientists have just one shot at opening Pandora’s box.

They’d better be sure they want to find out what’s inside. Civil Libertarians like attorney Michael Ehline have been warning parents about state run mind control programs like Common Core, and the forced unionization of public school teachers for years.

“The similarities between post Weimar Germany and the modern U.S. education system are strikingly similar,” says Ehline.

Ehline went on to state that “scientific mind control was probably unnecessary. It appears that the only thing standing in the way of the total Nazification of America and other countries are those voices in the desert. These are those calling for a return to a Constitutional Republic. However, many Progressives and Statists would argue that people need to be controlled by government for “the greater good.” What is your opinion? Sound off.

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Don’t Pay for Others’ Medical Malpractice

Medical Insigina
Symbol of medicine

When you are in need of serious medical attention, you have tremendous faith in the doctors that are treating you. Your doctors and nurses all have very specialized training meant to take care of and cure patients to the best of their ability. We see this in hospitals and clinics across the country each day. However, these professionals are also human– they get tired, have hands slip, and forget things just like the rest of us.

When being treated and especially under the knife, such small errors could create tremendous complications. A missed or wrong diagnosis could lead to serious illness or death. An instrument left in the body after a procedure could result in severe infection. There are many facets to the human body that can be damaged due to such an action.

These types of accidents cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries a year. There are many different types of such errors, but there are often similar threads between many of them. These can include:

  • Error in diagnosis
  • Failure to spot critical ailment
  • Finding diagnosis too late
  • Mistaken prescription or dosage
  • Poor prenatal or natal care
  • Surgical accidents

Natal Injuries Among the Worst

Issues before and after childbirth can be among the worst for patients. Their children are extremely fragile in the womb and right after birth. Errors in medication and treatment could multiply for the newborn. There are thousands of children that are injured and killed during the childbirth process every year, and it is vital that further injuries are avoided.

Your Options

If you believe that a doctor, nurse, or hospital worker made an error that resulted in injury or premature death, you should do everything in your power to seek assistance. A skilled attorney, such as one from Ehline Law, will be able to assist in every step of the process. Ehline Law’s attorneys are specialized in both personal injury and medical malpractice and have years of experience in handling such cases.

We know the case study and laws that govern such areas and have held reckless doctors to account for our clients. Our attorneys can talk to your insurance company to seek redress to pay for your medical bills. We can also find a settlement to help cover not only your medical bills but the incalculable issues caused by your pain and suffering.

Seeking justice for a medical malpractice issue is not simple or easy. When you are recovering from such an error or grieving a loved one, there is a helping hand. Call Ehline Law for more information today. We will come to see you 24 hours a day anywhere in Southern California.

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