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Author: Michael Ehline - Dog Bite Attorney

Hero Dog Saves Wedding Party from Suicide Bomber

The Heroic Pup

Ehline Law Firm dog attacks info
Thwarting dog attacks

Dog’s are a man’s best friend. There’s little that a good dog can’t do. However, many people would not guess that such a dog would also save a wedding party from a suicide bomber. Still, that’s just what one dog in Nigeria did. The dog tackled a woman wearing a suicide vest and kept her from blowing up the people present.

The Daily Caller reported on the hero dog’s actions. The attack happened in the city of Maiduguri. This is a hotbed of Boko Haram violence. The Islamist terrorists are allied with ISIS. The alert dog found the bomber and tackled her. The bomber was unable to travel any further, so she blew herself up, killing herself and the dog. Local officials do not know if the dog trained to stop bombs. However, the dog is a clear hero due to what it did.

The Role of a Good Dog

The local police praised the dog for its actions. It is unfortunate that we don’t even know the dog’s name. Surely the dog is well known and thanked by the wedding party for what they did. It goes to show that the price to pay against Islamist terror is constant vigilance. We all have a role to play in stopping such violence. The dog took it more seriously than some of our leaders in Washington.

There is still much work to be done to wipe out Boko Haram from Nigeria and beyond. Local forces attacked and reduced the size of their emirate. However, they continue with their assaults. At least actions like this are more effective than Twitter hashtags like #Bringbackourgirls. We can clearly see the difference between ineffective and effective counter-terror actions.

Our site reports on such incidents and how dogs play a large role in our society. Keep it here for more info.

LAPD Pitbull Shooting Latest in Long Line

Dangerous Dogs a Menace to Children

German Shepherd Attacks
German Shepherd Attacks – 3D Render

This week’s graphic pit bull attack in Downtown LA showed the danger of poorly trained and restrained dogs. This is especially the case with Pit Bulls and Rottweilers trained to be attack dogs. The attack shows the liability of the attack and the very real consequences of such an attack.

ABC7 reported on the incident, which sent shockwaves through the area.The LAPD’s shooting of three pitbulls is nothing new. Two of the three dogs died. Furthermore, the event occurred because the dogs attacked a man walking his dog downtown. The man was in his 50s and ignoring the animals.

The attack happened near the corner of Stanford Avenue and 5th Street around 8:30 in the morning. There was a call for help. When the police arrived the man was under attack. Viral video shows the dogs on top of the man. The pitbulls tore apart the man’s dog. The police first tried clubbing the dogs but were left with no choice but to open fire. The victim is at the hospital, treated for lacerations and multiple bites.

See the CBS 2 video of the event below:

Who is Responsible?

Often responsibility falls to the owner. This is especially the case if the owner knew that the dogs represented a danger earlier. Furthermore, the owner would be warned if the dog or dogs bit another person at an earlier date. All of this shows that ignorance is no excuse.

The accident victim has many means to sue the owner and possibly other defendants. Perhaps local police or animal control earlier ignored these dogs’ danger. In addition, the victim can sue for the cost of the injury and all rehab costs. He can also sue for the mental distress of seeing his beloved dog killed in front of his eyes.

All of this adds up to a very difficult situation. The injury victim needs to assert his rights. For more info on this case and legal rights after dog attacks, keep reading our site.

L.A. Animal Control Guidelines for Dogs

A child and a dog bite an Apple on white background
A child and a dog bite an Apple on white background

Even with responsible pet owners and modern animal control, there is still a high chance that a dog will bite a person in their lifetime. The likelihood rises for children and with stray dogs. Other factors, including owner abuse and disease, can make the situation even more complicated and dangerous. With so many issues at play, there are some general guidelines to follow to mitigate attacks.

What are Some Hints to Prevent Dog Attacks in L.A.?

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control has some helpful tips on how to help to avoid such attacks. The Department itself can also assist in response to dog bites. Also, they can seek out stray dogs, and make sure that owners have appropriately vaccinated their animals. They are also able to determine if such a dog should be classified as Potentially Dangerous or Vicious, further protecting the public.

Irresponsible Pet Owner – Is It A Legitimate Problem?

Some people see owning a pet as without responsibility to them. But allowing a pet to roam wild or get infectious diseases can be a threat to the public. Also, about half of all bites require medical attention for children according to the CDC. So there should be extra weight behind prevention with parents and pet owners, don’t you agree?

How to Prevent Future Attacks? What Role Can Authorities and Lawyers Play?

If such an attack does occur, there is vital to make an example to prevent another attack. Contacting the appropriate authorities and seeking medical attention is a good first step. However, what many people don’t realize is that a skilled attorney can be the keystone to an appropriate recovery.

So a trusted advocate could help get medical bills compensated and work with you regarding long-term recovery. But a lawyer can also go further. Such an attorney can work with officials to determine if the animal had been a danger to public safety. Afterward, you’ll know whether or not the owner was violating local laws or common sense. Such a determination could prevent the animal or any others owned by the same owner from attacking another innocent victim.

Disease Transference.

These issues become acute when dealing with such an attack afterward. First can be the emotional trauma and scarring of such an attack. Such scarring is often both physical and emotional. Secondly, there is a risk of disease transference — the most dangerous being rabies. Finding out if the animal has rabies is a paramount step and one that an attorney could assist with.

How to Get Help for Dog Attacks.

Contact Ehline Law 24 hours a day for more information about how best to proceed. Their skilled staff is specialized in the field of animal attacks and will be able to assist in every step of the process. You’re not just seeking justice for yourself but helping prevent future bites and injuries. Call Ehline Law today– we’ll come to you and don’t ask for a cent unless we win for you.

Is there a Difference? Rotts and Pits Versus Poodles

All About California Dog Attacks.
Ehline Law Firm dog attacks statistics

Dogs are the most faithful of all animals in most cultures around the world. Being man’s best friend, millions of people in the U.S. have dogs as pets. These people treat their dogs as family. And dogs reciprocate the good behavior of their owners with their faithfulness.

Different people have dogs in the US for various reasons. Some just want a cute animal like a Poodle in the house, while others pet them for security purposes, or to provide protection for the wife and kids when the husband is away, such as a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd.

Some people have dogs to take care of their children or someone in the family with special medical needs. Some people, like gang-bangers and thugs, seem to love having pit-bulls in their yards. These shaved headed miscreants love taking them out in public and displaying them in their music videos. Compared with the population as a whole, violent owners are attracted to guard type dogs.

Hollywood has also magnified things like the thug image and fighting dogs. For example, they have shows featuring underground dog fights, in movies and the news. The video game industry has also featured Pits and Rotties as rabid beasts in many of their games. Due to the negative imagery, soccer moms and politicians like to ban things they don’t understand.

New York City even considered making these dogs illegal. But tear jerk liberals in New York are famous for depriving people of their basic liberties under the guise of safety. For example, they are afraid of things like certain types of “scary” looking military style firearms. But it seems as far as dogs go, after much debate, it went nowhere.

“And if the city bans the pit bull, what’s to stop thugs from shifting to other breeds that can be made into weapons, such as the Canary Dog or the Dogo Argentino? Outlawing them all would be an incredibly divisive policy.” (Source.)

Of course, New York could just as easily apply that logic to gun control. But oh well, another topic for another time. At the other end of the spectrum, we have many famous, peace loving celebrities who also love pits. For now anyways, the debate over breed and dangerous propensities are as unsettled as “global warming.” There is simply no consensus despite state propaganda by lobbyists selling carbon scrubbing technologies.

However, just like humans, who are the most advanced and wise of all creates in the universe, dogs can also exhibit anomalies in their behavior. No matter how much you love them, you must remember that they can be violent. Also, this is the reason there are thousands and millions of dog bites cases every year.

In fact, many minor bites don’t get registered in the books. So they never become part of the statistics.

Dog Bite Cases And Various Dog Breeds.

In fact, most people associate dog bites with the dog’s breed. Some breeds are more violent than others. And some are virtually harmless. Several studies and surveys exist.

In fact, these reports attempted to find a connection between the violent nature of dogs and their breeds. Also, the American Veterinary Medical Association has done a survey and complete study on this matter.

Following are the breeds of dogs that AVMA has found out to be more frequent biters (See also.)

  • Rottweiler.
  • Doberman Pinscher.
  • Pit Bull.
  • German Shepherd.
  • Spaniel.
  • Labrador Retriever.
  • Jack Russel Terrier.
  • Chow.
  • Collie.
  • Saint Bernard.

Additionally, studies conducted by AVMA, and Center for Disease Control went on for nearly two decades. According to the results, Rottweilers and pit bulls are the dogs most prone to biting cases.

In fact, more than 50% of dog bites involved similar dog breeds. These results were quite similar to the result of the studies conducted by AVMA. AVMA, however, did not recommend labeling dogs as biters based on their breeds.

According to AVMA, aggression is associated with many factors. So it’s not necessarily its breed.

The Size Of The Dog.

Dog owner surveys formed the basis of many surveys. Also, many behavioral tests connected a dog’s aggression and its size. Results showed that small dogs are more aggressive than bigger ones. For that reason, Collies and Spaniels are considered more dangerous than big dogs.

Even poodles nip children in the face. But all in all, the larger, fighting dogs have far more bite power and more menacing strength than a little yelping dog. The reason why they don’t get noticed or mentioned much in is that they’re so small.

The small size makes owners believe that the dog bite would not harm anyone seriously. However, attention must be paid to small breeds as well. By and by no matter how harmless they look due to their size, they could attack. On the other hand, large breeds like German Shepherds and pit-bulls are known to be more aggressive. Mainly this is because their bite cases get reported immediately.

When dogs bite, they cause severe harm. In fact, some attacks could result in fatalities. So this naturally pushes people to report their bites. Thus, they are considered more aggressive in nature when we look at the stats.

The Background Of A Dog

Yes, just as humans we have to look at the background of a dog before we label that dog as aggressive or furious. For example, pit bulls were used as fighting dogs and for bull-baiting. So this tells us that they are aggressive in nature. But this is not because of their breed. Rather, it is because of the conditions they live.

Of course, these dogs did not choose to live in these conditions themselves. Furthermore, German Shepherds are wise dogs. But if not given proper training on socializing with people, they will remain overprotective of their territory.

They might notice someone close to them or their house and attack deeming that the approaching person was an intruder. Same is the case with rottweilers. Most of all, dogs must get socialized with humans. Only then can they be comfortable around human environments. But if not trained properly they can devastate their victim. After all, their size, jaws, and builds could rip a person apart.

Word Of Advice.

Los Angeles is a busy place and quite a populous region in the world. You would find owners taming a huge variety of dogs here. Dog bite incidents are quite common here. When you see a dog of unknown breed nearby, it is best that you stay away. Also, avoid any moves that could infuriate him. If you or another dog owner properly trains a dog, injuries are more avoidable.

Handling Dog Bite Cases.

Of course, at the end of the day, it is in the hands of the owner how his dog acts. Also, owners with dogs aggressive dogs should get dog training immediately. If you have fallen victim to a dog attack in Los Angeles, you should contact Ehline Law Firm as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that medical care needed after severe dog bites can be massive. Last, you wouldn’t want the negligent behavior of a dog owner to go unnoticed. After all, you want to keep your surroundings safe.

Concern About Military Dogs Being Used for Child Rape

Dog being used to anal rape
Rape dog in action.

So this remains a serious personal injury topic based upon circumstantial and direct evidence. If the allegations are true or not, we may never know. For parents and caregivers with a weak stomach, I caution you when reading this.

This article deals with multiple allegations by correctional officers. Also included is testimony from at least one language interpreter. Also, this is evidence about U.S. government, black operations, and the use of “rape dogs” for prisoner interrogation. Finally, it covers the subsequent spike in reports of U.S. children being sexually assaulted by trained dogs in the same manner as alleged by the camp guards.

This article will then delve into the post-war U.S., and the potential connection between depraved, possibly sexually perverted former U.S. interrogators, and these attacks. Afterward, we will discuss the hypothetical chances of suing for personal injuries. The goal here is getting money damages for these children. But there are many pitfalls and possibilities.

The long wars across the world over the last decade and a half seem to have many effects on the United States and the world. Between the cost of the wars, injuries, and deaths, there may be another aspect that many have not considered. The sheer psychological toll of the war has affected many and has been a severe issue for returning soldiers and even military service animals and the former interrogators who own and control these animals.

Disturbing allegations have been spreading across the internet, reportedly backed by an investigation from the Fairfax County, Virginia Police Department. In 2007, testimony in front of Congress by Flint Waters, an investigator with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce in Wyoming described in graphic detail seeing a photo of a child being raped by a dog.


The Interview With a Former Prison Guard Corroborates that Dogs Were Used and Prisoners Were Also Anally Hydrated

These seem to be backed by a recent article in Medium describing many of these actions as described by a former prison camp guard. Aspects of using dogs to attack prisoners were recently reported in the Christian Science Monitor, itself citing a CIA report. Part of the abuse in Iraq was described as “sadistic, blatant, and wanton criminal abuses.” There have been reports that military dogs have been used to rape prisoners and of using “anal hydration” in Afghanistan, with an ACLU report citing that this type of hydration anal rape was used in Gardez prison in Afghanistan.


Increase In Military Vets Arrested For Child Dog Rape Porn

The Medium report also notes a sharp increase of former military personnel arrested on child pornography charges and child rape tourism including dogs in Kenya. These all seem to point to a terrible series of incidents that can bring many to tears.

If such reports are corroborated, it is vital that military personnel responsible for such crimes be held accountable. There are few worse crimes than those reported, and it will be only a matter of time for investigations to determine whether or not such use of dogs for rape came to fruition and whether such behavior will be brought over to the United States itself.

The issue here is proof. We do have direct evidence of dogs being used in Abu Ghraib prison by U.S. military personnel against Iraqi prisoners after WikiLeaks showed photographic evidence with naked men and attacked dogs.


Dog attacks male prisoner
Rape dogs or simple interrogation?

So we definitely can establish that dogs were used to terrorize these accused terrorists. We are not disputing that this type of interrogation has historically been used to gain valuable intelligence. But what we are trying to uncover here, is how widespread, if at all, the use of these rape dogs has been overseas. And we need to know many soldiers, as well as CIA personnel, may have been sexually blighted or perverted by their experiences.

Narcissist personality types and others may find this type of torture gratifying. My research showed that there are numerous bestiality websites across the web that anyone can view which could fuel the fire of sexual depravity. It is no stretch to imagine that many former CIA personnel and even troops are now back in the U.S., and retired.

We also know that trained working dogs are often adopted out to their former dog handlers. So there is a HIGH probability that people trained in enhanced interrogation, as well as dog handling, and even their dogs are now back in the U.S.

The problem for the parents and children abused by these dogs and this personnel is proving it. We have seen recent lawsuits against the top secret Area 51 get blown out due to “National Security,” or similar excuses. So as it stands, unless the parents can prove there is a connection, the families are left with suing the dog owners, who will undoubtedly be dead broke after spending their life-saving defending against the criminal cases.

Even if the defendants identify the government as a potential respondent, the lawyer and his staff will undoubtedly be intimidated from pursuing a case, and sovereign immunity would most certainly become invoked. In my opinion, the only real way to continue a case like this is to dis-empower the federal government and to limit it to the Article I, Section 8, as required by the Constitution.

The federal government can crush anyone. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that any discovery would be allowed to prove a case, and in fact, it is highly likely that a judge would seal the case and dismiss the claims of the victims based upon national security.

Courts have so expanded the powers of the politicians that appointed them, that words like “shall not be infringed,” are meaningless. Jefferson warned of this, advocating a continuous state of revolution, saying:

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.

The battle opponents the parents will face is a government that our founders would not even recognize as being legitimate. George Orwell wrote of this in his book 1984 stating:

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

The only way we can change this situation is to start electing representatives who:

“know the law and mean to keep it well” – Blackstone.

Presently, the news media is enslaved by its advertisers and the whims of an FCC head, who has been given the power by Congress to change the so-called “rules” at whim. Most politicians pursue the money and power that comes with it as a career. Free speech is now more about partisanship and protecting the government. After all, secular humanists have rewritten our history to mean that it is the government and not a Creator that bestowed our rights. And this is despite the fact that our Constitution incorporates the date of our Independence, and thus the entire “Unanimous Declaration” into the Constitution.

Unfortunately, none of the Obama appointees to the High Court agree to recognize this fact and instead, embrace a Roman Civil Law type of a philosophy that is not consistent with the Constitutional Republic.

Our country has undergone a quiet revolution by lawyers:

“which from their verbosity, their endless tautologies, their involutions of case within case, and parenthesis within parenthesis, and their multiplied efforts at certainty by saids and aforesaid, by ors and by and, to make them more plain, do really render them more perplexed and incomprehensible, not only to common readers, but to the lawyers themselves.” (Source.)
Give me liberty or give me death has been replaced with giving me free stuff, and I will support you, ANYTHING you do. At the end of the day, it is up to parents and others to unplug from the state propaganda machine and to study history and learn themselves what their rights are.

It is highly unlikely that we will ever be allowed to know the truth about rape dogs until we the people look to ourselves for the answers and solutions. In the meantime, if you are a former military witness, or have information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of people involved in this heinous act, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement. I would love to interview you as well. Contact me anytime at the above-provided methods.

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