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Author: Michael Ehline - Products Defects

Massive Bankruptcy Follows Massive Suits In Re Takata

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The Japanese airbag company Takata rose and fell rapidly. The company’s stunning destruction was of its own doing. Its faulty airbags installed in a number of vehicles caused both injuries and deaths. The billions of dollars of issues surrounding the faulty products ultimately pushed the company into bankruptcy.

Now that the company is behind Japan’s equivalent of Chapter 11, what does that mean for Americans hurt by its defective products? Lawsuits and pending litigation still stands against the corporation.

Bloomberg reported on some of the impacts.

Takata promised replacements for tens of millions of faulty airbags, which now seems unlikely. The announcement will place the company in stasis. This follows a $1.62 billion takeover bid by another company, Key Safety Systems. Key hasn’t stated whether it will replace the faulty parts. While Takata’s assets will be auctioned off, it appears its recall obligations will not follow suit.

At least some of the impact of the recall should be offset by the auction. Up to $2 billion in assets go to the block. Takata is on the hook for about the same in costs. However, the 19 car manufacturers hurt by the airbag giant is still on the hook for about $3 billion in additional costs.

What Happens to Consumers?

Consumers still on the hook for injuries or replacements from Takata still have a chance. However, the window is closing. Bankruptcy laws may lock in existing suits and prevent future ones from having an effect. Even if the cases are allowed to proceed, the diminishing assets may make recovery very difficult.

If you believe your family may be entitled to compensation, contact a skilled attorney today. The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC’s experience is key. We handled Takata and airbag cases before. Simply put: in California, we’re the best. Our team is second to none. We will assess your family’s legal options and guide you fairly. Call or email us for a free, no-pressure consultation.

Hoverboard Burns Down House, Killing Child

Why Are Hoverboards Particularly dangerous When Recharging?

Firemen fighting flames in background
Silhouette of Firemen fighting a raging fire with huge flames of burning timber

Tragedy struck a PA town this past week. A small girl died in a fire caused by a recharging hoverboard. The blaze injured multiple other people and destroyed the house. The risk of these devices is well known. There is a particular need to fight back against faulty devices known for catching fire.

Yahoo News reported on the terrible fire. The LA Times also wrote about the situation. This is the first death directly due to a hoverboard. Over the last several years the boards caused hundreds of injuries.

The fire critically injured two others in the house, as well as a firefighter. Authorities blamed the hoverboard recharging for the inferno. One victim jumped from the second floor to survive. Firefighters rescued three others.

Three-year-old Ashanti Hughes died at the local hospital. Two others remain in critical conditions. The hoverboard sizzled, crackled, then exploded into flames, according to the witnesses. The local fire chief referred to the board as “notorious for starting fires” and warned of their dangers. He said there were many fires and even deaths due to fires caused by them.

A Long History of Fires?

This is not the first such case, nor will be the last. Furthermore, fire officials warned the public for years regarding these devices. This is even worse when dealing with knockoff brands. Parents need to check the devices for flaws, including their consumer history reports. The safest bet would be not to buy them at all.

For more information about the danger of hoverboards keep reading our site. Ehline Law fought and won many consumer protection suits. We understand the danger these devices pose to families and property. Our expert attorneys challenge the companies that allow this defective product into the hands of minors. Email us for more information, including if one of these devices injured you or a loved one.

Takata Pleads Guilty in Cover-UP of Bad Airbags

It appears the Airbag maker pled guilty in this case to cover-up related to deaths. A court in fact fined the company $1 billion in this case. Takata, a Japanese auto supplier, did enter a guilty plea. The plea, in this case, made Monday in Detroit federal court. This fulfilled requirements of a deal with the U.S. Justice Department. The deal included a guilty plea and a victim’s fund. In fact, it’s a fund for victims and families of the airbags.

In fact, it’s a fund for victims and relatives of the airbag defect. In this case, it stems from the company covering up a defect in airbags. The airbags resulted in 16 deaths.

Injury victim resting on deployed airbag
Airbags are crucial in a crash

Settlement and Agreement.

The auto supplier agreement did include a $1 billion dollar fund. Though, they had to open a compensation fund. The fund opened needed to be a $125 million for victims and families.

It’s known at least 16 people died because of the malfunctioning airbags. In fact, another one hundred people suffered injury due to the airbags.
Further, three Takata executives did get indicted by the government. In this case for alleged false test reports. The executives did it to hide the airbag defect. If in fact, the airbags had real trials, in this case, it could have avoided harm. The true test results could have of course saved untold injury and deaths.

The airbags, in this case, did get installed in dozens of automobile models. It, in fact, lead to a U.S. recall for over 42 million vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration focused on the oldest cars first. Older models recalled by NHTSA first because of the research.

In this case, it, in fact, shows the airbags become unstable. In this instance due to the chemicals used in the airbags. Because of a shortage of replacement parts, the auto recall comes in stages. Older model cars have a high risk of course. The parts, of course, need replacement to avoid the dangerous risk in this case.

Expanded Recall.

In the first place, Takata did in fact, of course, resist expanding the recall. Though, they did it in this case with pressure from the NHTSA. The auto supplier, of course, followed General Motors and Volkswagen. Though, in this case by of course hiring lawyer Kenneth Feinberg. The attorney, of course, hired to oversee the $125 million compensation fund.

In fact, the lawyer has experience creating similar funds too. He oversaw funds for those impacted by 9/11 and the BP oil spill. The oil spill, of course, did happen in the Gulf of Mexico in this case. Volkswagen though, of course, did use the lawyer to run a fund. Because of problems in fact with automakers diesel engines.

Takata will compensate affected automakers $850 billion. In this case, automakers impacted of course by the airbag scandal. It’s believed this amount will cover a fraction of the loss. The loss suffered by the automakers or in this case, will suffer. Because of the false airbag tests and of course the recall too.

The airbags research showed airbags became unstable. In this case, the airbags proved unstable due to certain risks. In fact, the airbags have a higher risk in areas with high humidity. The problem’s the ingredient ammonium nitrate that became explosive. It’s used to inflate the airbags and also the cause of the instability.

The airbags can inflate in an inappropriate manner. Airbags, in fact, inflating improperly can in this case release shrapnel. The explosion sent shrapnel of course into the passenger compartment too. This has resulted in over one hundred injured and at least 16 killed.

E-Cigarette Lawsuits Complicated by Marijuana Use

South Bay Legal Counsel
Negligence Lawyer Mike Ehline

Marijuana has had a good run lately. Four states voted November 8th legalize recreational marijuana. California, Maine, Nevada, and Massachusetts joined Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado in making the drug available for people over 21.

The decriminalization and legalization movements led to an explosion of products available for use. In short– capitalism works. There are now pot brownies, soda, and energy drinks available within the states where it’s already legal. Come January 1st this will widen further. With other states rushing to get such initiatives on the ballot, the trend continues.

One of the largest markets is using THC products within electronic cigarettes. With e-cigs becoming more popular among young people than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is a wide open market. Customization and blends allow for a wider audience.

Federal Law Makes a Catch

With the recent wave of e-cigarettes exploding in peoples’ pockets causing injury, a wave of lawsuits will follow. And this remains especially the case for consumers that use marijuana oils or extracts to use with their e-cigarettes. These suits will face many legal challenges, especially considering that they will seek to create a precedent.

Making matters more complex is the fact that marijuana is still a federally scheduled drug. Appeals regarding the suits cannot make their way into federal courts– at least according to current readings. Many claimants will be hesitant to risk their case going to a federal judge. Also, this can help stifle the legitimate needs of injuries parties to seek grievances. This is especially the case if they were smoking the marijuana products legally in one of the states as mentioned earlier.

Such an issue will eventually make it to a circuit court. It’s still to become seen what the judges will determine, but it will likely line up with federal law on the subject. With it unlikely that federal scheduling of marijuana will change, the next several years should become absorbing for personal injury attorneys and accident litigation firms.

Cancer Causing Chemicals in Colgate?

Canada has banned Triclosan
Triclosan in toothpaste

Questionable Product Use

We use products for years to find out it is dangerous. The list of evil substances is long. And many people used them for years. Examples of other bad substances are mercury in dental fillers or fluoride in toothpaste that cause harm. In contrast, it continues with dangerous gasses in coolants. The gas is used in making air conditioners and refrigerators. It happens all too frequent to affect health or damage the environment.

What are the Results of the Research Study?

A study done on Colgate in recent weeks makes it a product to question its safe to use. The study showed things you might want to avoid in the results. The study found the toothpaste guilty of containing Triclosan. This can cause many diseases in the human body from use. But the most dangerous disease is cancer. Though, the substance is nothing new to the makers of cleaning products.

 Triclosan Makes Soap and is also Toxic?

Furthermore, the chemical gets used in the making of other products. These are the same chemicals used to make laundry detergents, deodorants, etc. However, none of these products go inside our mouth like our toothpaste. The chemical in our toothpaste has to be something to pay attention.

The Chemical Research In Toxicology is a magazine that publishes such studies. They ran the new survey that involves the toothpaste with their latest research. The chemical that we know as Triclosan is an ingredient in Colgate. It’s found that it may cause a high risk of cancer. It puts the people who use this product on a regular basis in jeopardy.

We must note this substance can cause cancer if used it in significant amounts. People who use Colgate on a daily basis for years need to make a choice. They are the ones who need to think as to their future toothpaste.

What are Some of the Chemical’s Side Effects?

As mentioned earlier we know the side effects from substances. They exist in products we use on a regular basis. They’re products used for years by people. The news becomes public and the government does its job to ban the product. Asbestos is an excellent example of such an event. In addition, Canada is the one country that took any steps. So at least they wanted to protect people against the chemical in toothpaste.

Another key point, the country has put a ban on the chemical. We’ll see how other countries react to this new study. Also they may look at Canada’s decision on this substance. If using a product that contains the chemical it can pass through your skin .

You could let large amounts of it to absorb in the body. Since the chemicals pass through your skin it becomes part of your bloodstream. Hormone imbalance is a reaction from the entry of Triclosan in your blood. Also, it can cause other damage and make you prone to cancer.

Despite these study results, Colgate continues to stand with its claim. In addition, the company claims it causes no harm to humans. Whether it causes cancer or if it doesn’t, further studies will decide. You have to make the decision on your own which side would you like to be on.

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Toxic toothpaste ingredients

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