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Month: July 2017

Helping Wounded and EAS Marines Get Jobs and Training

Near and Dear to the Former Marine

Returning to civilian life after military service is a hard process. It’s twice as hard if you saw combat. Every day, hundreds of military vets make this leap. Often they feel alone. Fortunately, with the help of the military, organizations, and kind souls, this process becomes a bit easier.

Michael Ehline (left) looks on to the class of vets and active duty personnel with Joseph Low (right)

That was the scene down in Camp Pendleton in July. 84 Marines and Sailors attended the Veterans Transition Support “No Cost Transition Program” at the Wounded Warrior Battalion. Among the activities was a 10 hour OSHA Safety Course.

Russell Levy, head of the Veterans Transition Support program, set it up for the vets. The program continues, including another OSHA Safety course in August, October, and November. Furthermore, there are also other educational programs. These include a LEAN Continuous Improvement Cert, Warehouse Safety Plans, OSHA Record Keeping, VA Home Loan Benefits, and more.

Former Marine and current LA area injury attorney Michael Ehline was one of the guest speakers. Ehline spoke about how education makes a major difference both in and out of military service. In addition, he tied in the work ethic of the Service with other professions.

Many veterans enter various fields. These include factory work, contracting, and white collar jobs like accounting and law. That’s what Ehline did, reading the law before passing the bar. Ehline joined another Marine veteran attorney, Joseph Low, in the discussion.

There are many moving parts to the transition back to civilian life. These include the possibility of medical claims revolving around the time in the service. These often carry with the vet well beyond their time of service. Keeping detailed medical records and being in touch with officials offsets some of these issues.

“It was a great honor to help my comrades in arms,” Ehline said after the event. “They are not alone. We will fight with them.”

For more information about Ehline Law, please contact our office. We are veteran owned and specialize in aiding vets of all ages. Feel free to call us toll free at 888-400-9721.

Are Uber Drivers Employees?

Newest Accusation of Corporate Malfeasance

A peak at our legal help.
Our president and his help.

One thing we know about Uber and Lyft is that traditional taxi cab companies are on the brink of extinction. But in a California case at least, many cabbies may be drooling at a new era of hefty fares.

What is the reason for all this? It appears that Uber stepped in it again. The ride sharing company again is under the microscope. A former employee accused Uber of unfair fare practices.

In fact, the former driver filed a mighty lawsuit. The case, expected to be a significant precedent, is in the works. It alleges that Uber deliberately underpaid its employees. Considering a slate of recent cases, this seems very plausible. Now with victory in a North Carolina court, the floodgates opened.

Ars Technica reported on the suit. The case is from Michael Hood. Originally filed in 2016, Hood started a proposed class action lawsuit that the company misclassified him as an independent contractor instead of an employee. This resulted in him being paid well under minimum wage. In fact, in one case he alleges he made under $2 an hour. This is just one of over a dozen similar cases against the company.

Is This Just the Beginning?

Hood’s attorney expects thousands of potential litigants to join the case. All told, this could mean Uber on the hook for hundreds of millions in back pay. There is a local case, O’Connor v. Uber advancing through the case. If the O’Connor and Hood cases both proceed, Uber may face a wave of suits from across the country.

Uber consistently used its influence to underpay workers. This includes manipulating the drivers themselves. Furthermore, this also includes some sleazy inroads to the government at all levels. However, Uber faces incredible push back against its model. Some major rape, assault, and even murder cases came to the spotlight.

Also, Uber faces off against Google. The two locked horns in a major self-driving car conflict. All of these add up. Uber lost some major executives. The company is standing on its last legs. Perhaps this major suit will the be the end of it. Perhaps might just be one part of it.

In any event, we can see how traditional, licensed cab companies may be back in business, as Uber potentially declares bankruptcy. But beware, should that happen, look for cabbies to make claim they too, are employees, entitled to matching SSN, work comp, and a whole litany of job killing rights. For more info, including how these cases turned out, keep it here at the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC.

NY Based Cellino & Barnes Dissolution Holds Precedent for Future Cases?

Michael Ehline U.S. Supreme Court.
Attorney Michael Ehline. The Motorcycle Rider’s friend.

The legal world set ablaze with the news that two of the biggest law giants on the east coast are at war. The New York Post noted this is not new at all. The two fought for over a year up until this point.

WGRZ has the text of the case. Ross Cellino Jr. and Stephen Barnes are known for their easy to remember number and jingle. Now, they’re known for their knock out, drag out fight. The case is in front of the Buffalo, NY Supreme Court.

The two seem to disagree on nearly every part of their business. This included how to market the firm, attracting clients, and more. One of the final straws seems to be that Barnes refused to hire Cellino’s daughter Jeanna. Cellino aims to break up the firm. However, Barnes strongly opposes this.

Many personal injury attorneys were surprised when the New York attorneys started to really market and franchise their name in California several years ago. We started seeing offices pop up everywhere, along with web pages, television and radio ads. Their market focus appears to be Los Angeles, the most competitive market in California for injury lawyers. So one could see why it would be hard to spend that much getting cases and not have disagreements.

What Happens to the Cases?

There are many possibilities here. In a smaller firm, there may be a simple separation. However, in such a large, known firm the case changes. Furthermore, media scrutiny makes it more interesting.

The Buffalo News reported that mediation attempts failed. Also, the firm employs 300 people. Their jobs are up in the air. One New York attorney said that a judge might need to hire a broker or auctioneer to sell off the firm’s assets.

Furthermore, this could take a long time and money. It could also destroy each one of the attorney’s reputations. In most cases, compromises are made. However, in some, the two go to war.

The two attorneys should probably also consider their employees. They likely don’t want to displace anyone. Clearly, they just don’t see eye to eye.  Furthermore, the acrimonious fight between the two serves as a negative precedent for other firms’ dissolution. The battle may have damaged their brand’s marketing in California and their home state of New York. Maybe not though.

I have personally seen a bump in their web traffic since the announcement. Sometimes there is no such thing as bad press, as they say. Each one understands the stakes.

In addition, the client base could become shattered through a loss of faith. What client stays under these circumstances? What injury victim risks their family’s well being? It appears that the California attorneys the New York based firm hires to sign up and manage their California cases have agreements which prevent the local case handlers  from taking the clients.

So this could be causing some people to just stay. Or maybe the clients will just hire a resident California firm to handle their California cases? Only time will tell.

Regardless of how it all shakes out it will certainly be interesting. Ehline Law covers the ongoing situation right here. In conclusion, keep this page bookmarked for updates.,%20P.C.,%20.pdf

Traffic and Accidents Go Hand in Hand Near Independence Day

MAMMOTH LAKES, CA/USA – JULY 4 : Independence Day Parade guard of honor at mammoth lakes California on July 4, 2011. This is an annual event.

The long July 4th weekend is upon us. Over the next couple of days, millions of Americans will head to and from their camps, homes, and favorite places. If you’ve already hit the road or will do so over the next several days, here’s some ways for you and your family to save some time, money, and stress. Heck, maybe it will also keep you from an accident.

AOL recommends avoiding both rain and traffic. With 44 million people hitting the road, it’s no surprise that this could be a heavy weekend traveling. Often, experts recommend leaving on Saturday instead of Friday. Leaving Friday morning before 8 am gets you well ahead of most traffic. Furthermore, there will also be a large rush of people headed to and from work in anticipation of the time off.

CNBC has its own list of recommendations. At least the average price of a tank of gas is way down. July 4th weekend is the heaviest for buying gas the whole year round.

The Other Side of Holiday Traffic

Unfortunately, there is another side of heavy traffic around holidays. During such periods, both traffic and accidents spike. With the increase in parties and alcohol consumption, DWIs and booze-related crashes uptick. Sometimes there’s no way to avoid a drunk driver, but understanding the risk decreases the chance of an accident.

If you are involved in a crash, it’s important to remember the simple steps to follow:

  • Stay calm: Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.
  • Make sure everyone is okay: If need be, seek immediate medical help.
  • Document everything: Take photos, interview witnesses, take notes.
  • File a police report: And ask for one for yourself.
  • Don’t settle with the insurance company: Before speaking to a skilled auto accident attorney.

These tips and trips brought to you by the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC. Keep it here for up to date information.

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