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Month: May 2017

Hero Dog Saves Wedding Party from Suicide Bomber

The Heroic Pup

Ehline Law Firm dog attacks info
Thwarting dog attacks

Dog’s are a man’s best friend. There’s little that a good dog can’t do. However, many people would not guess that such a dog would also save a wedding party from a suicide bomber. Still, that’s just what one dog in Nigeria did. The dog tackled a woman wearing a suicide vest and kept her from blowing up the people present.

The Daily Caller reported on the hero dog’s actions. The attack happened in the city of Maiduguri. This is a hotbed of Boko Haram violence. The Islamist terrorists are allied with ISIS. The alert dog found the bomber and tackled her. The bomber was unable to travel any further, so she blew herself up, killing herself and the dog. Local officials do not know if the dog trained to stop bombs. However, the dog is a clear hero due to what it did.

The Role of a Good Dog

The local police praised the dog for its actions. It is unfortunate that we don’t even know the dog’s name. Surely the dog is well known and thanked by the wedding party for what they did. It goes to show that the price to pay against Islamist terror is constant vigilance. We all have a role to play in stopping such violence. The dog took it more seriously than some of our leaders in Washington.

There is still much work to be done to wipe out Boko Haram from Nigeria and beyond. Local forces attacked and reduced the size of their emirate. However, they continue with their assaults. At least actions like this are more effective than Twitter hashtags like #Bringbackourgirls. We can clearly see the difference between ineffective and effective counter-terror actions.

Our site reports on such incidents and how dogs play a large role in our society. Keep it here for more info.

What is the Best Harley Davidson for Short Riders?

What Harley Should I Buy if I’m Short?

Motorcycle riding
Motorcycle riding

Many men that ride bikes do so for a variety of reasons. Some just like the wind in their hair (under the helmet, of course.) Others like Biker culture. Some do it for the attention. Others do it as a hobby. No matter what the reason, safety is a top concern.

This is why the type of Harley is so key. Furthermore, this is especially important depending on the height of the rider. Some bikers don’t want to admit they’re short. It’s understandable. However, certain bikes are better for certain body types. is very clear on the subject. There are plenty of options for shorter riders. Some are Harleys, and others are just as good. Some of the other brands that make sense include the Honda CTX700, which offers excellent handling for shorter riders. Others include the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

Look Out for Harley Specific Bikes

If Japanese bikes are not your thing, there are plenty of other options out there for you. American choppers, such as the Harley, are available. Even the Harley forums bring up the subject and options for more vertically challenged adults.

A Harley Nightrod offers one option, depending on the arm and leg length of the rider. Furthermore, both Dynas and Softails offer options for shorter riders. Low riders, in general, allow some more flexibility for such a small rider.

Each one of these offers advantages and drawbacks for the rider. However, they do allow the ability to choose. More experienced riders can use these to improve their ride. Less experienced bikers are less likely to get into accidents or face issues through ignorance.

The road is a dangerous enough place for motorcycles. Make sure that you have the right rig to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. It’s just common sense.

California’s New Traffic Laws and You

Changes for Commuters and Passengers Alike

Mini van versus car accident.
Beverly Hills car crash involving mini van.

A new slate of laws came onto the books recently. California’s new legislative year means a number of key changes to just about every role of life in the Golden State.Furthermore, many of the largest changes involve the road and those on it.

The LA Times reported on some of the changes ahead. One of the largest changes responds to the Pokemon Go craze. Drivers are not able to operate a motor vehicle while playing the game. The state also established rules for motorcycle speeds while lane splitting. There is a major advance revolving around ride-sharing apps. The companies Uber and Lyft can no longer hire sex offenders, DUI offenders, or violent felons. The companies hired a number of drivers accused of attempted rape and violence against passengers. This is a major win for all riders. In addition, drivers for the ridesharing companies cannot operate their vehicles with a blood alcohol level above 0.04%.

There were also advances for passengers of other types of transport. This includes charter bus. The act comes two years after the Orland crash killed 10 people. Drivers of these vehicles must give their passengers written or video instructions on how to use safety equipment and emergency exists. School districts now must change their bus driver training in order to prevent children being left alone on buses. Violations must be reported to the state DMV.

Many Avenues for Effects

All of these have their own changes. It is not clear how the laws will function in the real world. Some, like protections for ride sharing consumers, are well overdue. It also follows other locations outright banning the practice. Changes to charter vehicles are also past due but likely do not go far enough. We here at Ehline Law watch these types of cases closely and advocate for the rights of motorists and passengers alike. Keep reading our site for more information on how these changes will affect you and your family.

How Do I Sue Berkeley’s Mayor for Free Speech Violations?

Violence Against Conservatives

Hammer and Sickle on Red Star
Symbol of the democrat party

Berkeley’s mayor is in hot water after issuing a stand-down order during the May Day riots and before. This allowed Anti-Fa rioters to beat conservative protesters. It also allowed widespread violence across the city. The rioters set fires and worse.

Much of the issue comes from Ann Coulter’s planned speech. However, anti-speech protesters prepared to attack conservatives. Berkeley’s mayor told the police protecting the college’s Young Republican club to step away.

The new mayor, Jesse Arreguin, is allegedly involved with some extremist groups. He is a member of By Any Means Necessary, a group which incited riots nationwide. The group fought with Neo-Nazis in California last year, causing injuries.

Mayor Arreguin also stopped police from involvement in the April 15th tax day riot, which resulted in 11 injuries. Each one of these incidents becomes worse and escalates.

Gateway Pundit reported on the issue, as did FoxNews.

Fox Business reported on the incident. You can see the video of the events below.

How to Sue the City of Berkeley

If the rioters injured you or a loved one, you have legal options. Look no further than free speech defender and former Marine Michael Ehline. Furthermore, the Ehline Law Firm is second to none in defending the rights of patriots. No one should be forcibly attacked while demonstrating. Berkeley’s mayor does not understand that.

The well-established pattern of ties to left-wing radical groups and efforts to help the rioters shows intent. Mayor Arreguin refuses to step in when his job demands it. So does the City Council. Contact us today for more information about how to launch a lawsuit against him for injuries. The Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC helps determine the extent of injuries and the means to rehab. We also figure out the mental injuries caused by such an experience.

Our firm stops at nothing– we are relentless. Contact us for more information. We will come anywhere in the state to discuss your legal options.

Alphabet Suit Shows Depth of SDC Mess

Just the Latest in Alleged Abuses

The ongoing back and forth between Google’s parent company Alphabet and Uber is a delight to watch. The two competed over the self driving car market. Now the fight spilled over into the public eye. Now Alphabet says Uber was colluding with an employee while the former still employed him. This is just a small portion of the issues between the two companies.

SeekingAlpha reported on the incident. A multitude of allegations and lawsuits mixed between the two. Furthermore, neither company is backing down. Multiple suits and allegations of sexism mired Uber down already. This is getting more interesting by the day.

Allegedly, the employee worked for Waymo, an offshoot of Google/Alphabet. Alphabet offered documents showing Uber interfering with their then-employee Anthony Levandowski during his employment at the former. The engineer worked on self driving car tech. Allegedly the documents show that Levandowski dowloaded and transfored 14,000 documents to Uber. The suit further alleges he received stock options worth over $250 million.

What is The Role of the SDC Industry?

What does this all mean for the self driving car industry? Well, for one it shows the weaknesses of the major players. Both Uber and Google taunted each other for years over development of such tech rights. However, when push came to shove they were each weaker than expected. Each also spent more time and money fighting each other than anticipated. All of these weaken the case for self driving cars anytime soon. Rather than putting their focus into the tech, these companies delay and delay.

For the average consumer, this is a mixed bag. Many people want self-driving cars. However, they realize the reality that it isn’t happening soon. They also see the fratricide between these companies and the results it has on the tech process. We here at the Ehline Law Firm cover this issue very closely. Keep it here for more info. We update our readers all the time.

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