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Month: April 2017

Dolman Receives Prestigious Award at COLT Ceremony

Top Attorney in Florida

This past weekend, the Circle of Legal Trust honored a number of respected litigators in Las Vegas. The event included a number of legal minds together to improve the field. These attorneys donned their tuxes and toasted some of their colleagues responsible for major advances.

Among the honorees and participants was auto injury expert and COLT President Michael Ehline, Ohio Social Security expert Anthony Castelli, and more. The event at the Palazzo Hotel included a number of major speakers and presentations. However, the jewel of the conference was the annual award ceremony covered by Hollywood Weekly Magazine. Beverly Hills Trial Lawyer Gary A. Dordick received the California Personal Injury Attorney of the Year Award.

Matthew Dolman
Matthew Dolman, 2017 recipient

Matthew is a catastrophic injury and wrongful death expert. His firm covers all across Florida. He is the recipient of the 2014 10 Best Under 40 award and is rated as among the Super Lawyers in the state. He also received consideration as among the top attorneys in the state from various organizations, including Florida Trends and the ASLA.

Matthew is relentless in fighting for his clients. He is ranked as a top 100 attorney by National Trial Lawyers and has an impeccable resume. He graduated from Ithaca College as a dual major and received his JD from Stetson University College of Law– one of the top advocacy programs in the country. Dolman’s firm started by the traditional means of word of mouth rather than family coattails. Matthew is a self-made man, part of the reason he received this award from the Circle of Legal Trust.

Well Deserved as Part of Wider Conference

COLT President Michael Ehline was emphatic about the award given to Dolman. “He’s an example of what an attorney should be,” he said. “Matthew puts himself out there– he even gives out his cell number on his business card. He’s accessible to all of his clients at all hours.”

The April 20th ceremony was well attended and was another success for the advocacy group fighting for clients and attorneys alike.

Will the National Media Take on The Self Driving Car Risk?

The Many Issues of the New Tech

Self driving meter
The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents

Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. In their recent column, the magazine explains that the ordinary person may never ride in a driverless car.

Many people are disappointed that self-driving cars are not all they were cracked up to be. We do know that car companies pay news outlets a lot of money for ads. So the question arises, “will the national media take on the self-driving car risk?”

After repeated crashes, intellectual property disputes, and technical issues, the problems are adding up. It looks like it will be decades, not years before you can ride one. In fact, the problems are mounting so fast some companies are overwhelmed.

Even Newsweek is getting in on the action. In their recent column, the magazine explains that the ordinary person may never ride in a driverless car.

Fortune cited Tesla claims its car was not on self-driving mode after a crash killed a man in the Netherlands last year. However, as Dutch media reported recently, a Tesla car on self-driving mode crashed into a truck there this year.

Uber-Google Fight Could Sink Self-Driving Cars

Fight Over the Future of Self-Driving Cars.

The recent fight between Google and Uber may portend far bigger changes to come. The conflict comes regarding the role of self-driving car tech. The SDC movement has garnered a lot of smoke, but not a lot of fire. Furthermore, despite multiple attempts promises keep vanishing.

Fortune reported on the ongoing battle between the two giants. Underlying the whole situation is the fate of SDC tech. Google claims that Uber stole their proprietary info. This suit will eat up a whole lot of time and money. It also exposes the weak foundation that self-driving car hype is built upon.

The years showed that such technology is more often than not a puff of smoke. Also, repeated crashes and even a fatality followed the rise of this tech. Testing is inconclusive and is well behind schedule.

Uber’s List of Problems.

The situation regarding Google is just the tip of the problems for Uber, according to the LA Times. Thus, regarding the lawsuit, Uber received 14,000 company files from its former employee Anthony Levandowski. Google, owned by its parent Alphabet, soon discovered that its tech was ripped off by Uber. Furthermore, many cases the files were almost the same. According to the suit, Uber took three patents. Also, Google wants Uber to stop using any of the techs.

All of this is bad news for consumers. The trust they put in ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft is misplaced. There are multiple cases of abuse by their drivers and the company. Numerous cases of violence rocked the news.

Ultimately self-driving cars are a boondoggle of epic proportions. They show that many of the promises are hollow. It also shows a misunderstanding of the American consumer. Consumers do not want the fraud of major companies. The lofty promises are just that. Follow us here for more information about Uber and updates on fraud cases.

The video below shows just one of the many accidents caused by these types of vehicles:

Furthermore, this is just one example of issues these cars cause on the road. Considering these are just pilot cars, wait under they come out in large numbers.

Decades of Work.

Many of these issues are not just bugs to work out. In many cases, they are full problems which will require decades to get through. These car companies are lying straight out about the capabilities of these cars. Self-driving cars are a danger on the road. Don’t let the fancy videos and commercials fool you. Tesla, Uber, Google, and the others need a long time to work out their problems.

Keep it tuned here for more information about the self-driving car phenomenon and how it is growing– and fizzling. Ehline Law has several experts in both auto liability and autonomous car issues. We are abreast of the latest case studies and the chance you’ll be sitting behind the wheel of an SDC. In conclusion, whether or not the national press will risk losing advertising dollars and expose the self-driving risk is a matter to be seen. So we’ll keep you updated.

What are Some Tips to Escape a Sinking Vehicle?

The Smarts You’ll Need

Sinking Car Danger
Escaping a sinking car

A sinking car is a nightmare. It’s not a matter of fact or fiction. Drivers and parents alike fear the possibility that their vehicle will careen off the road into water. Standing and flowing water are both threats to drivers and occupants. Each person in the car should know how to escape such a situation. This is even more dangerous, considering that hundreds die each year from just this situation.

It is easier than thought to escape from such a situation. Learning how only takes several minutes but can be the most valuable thing you learn today. There are specialized tools that knock out windows in case they are sealed shut. Roll down the windows and get ready to head out. Get out the front as the back windows probably won’t roll down all the way. There’s little chance to get out through the door. There’s also no chance an ambulance or fireman can get you out. You’re on your own.

A Common Fear is Drowning is a Sinking Car.

Mythbusters even did an episode showing the risk and response to a sinking car. These types of issues are a realistic risk for drivers. A bridge issue or driving off a bank is not uncommon. Submerged cars are a unique danger to drivers. A car accident is a risk we all face. Floods and wet areas present these risks more than in dry areas. But this may not always be true. Flash floods happen in desert areas, and dams can break in dry areas.

So know what is needed to protect your family. You don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t know what is expected of you. There’s still time to learn. Furthermore, you owe it to your loved ones. Each one of these tips can save a life.

For more info continue reading Ehline Law’s ongoing blog series about safety tips and tricks. We are committed to the highest safety planning for you and your family and preventing road accidents. In conclusion, our firm stands ready to help with any road safety issues you have. Call or email us for more information.

Awards Ceremony at 2017 COLT Conference

Dordick, Dolman Among Honorees

This weekend, the members of the Circle of Legal Trust honor some of the most dedicated and sharpest legal minds from across the country. The Palazzo Banquet Suite hosts the 5 pm event on Thursday. Leading personal injury expert Michael Ehline is hosting the Third Annual Personal Injury Warriors International Attorney of the Year Awards Ceremony. These include both accolades for the Personal Injury Lawyer/Attorney of the Year and the Law Firm of the Year on behalf of the Personal Injury Warriors International Furthermore, this event kicks off the incredible four days of COLT Con 2017.

Gary Dordick: Top of His Field

This year’s recipient of the California Personal Injury Attorney of the Year Award is Gary A. Dordick of Hollywood/Beverly Hills. He recently won an astounding $125 million jury verdict. He is one of the premier advocates for the disenfranchised and philanthropists in the legal field. Additionally, Dordick will also be inducted into the Personal Injury Warriors Hall of Fame.

Mr. Dordick specializes in plaintiff jury trials, racking up over 100 in his career. He is one of the Top Plaintiff Lawyers in the state, according to the Daily Journal. In addition, he holds records for the highest jury verdicts in numerous courthouses. These include his incredible $125 million award in 2016, as reported by the Ventura County Star. Gary has been nominated and awarded a number of awards. Among these are Los Angeles Trial Lawyer of the Year. He also held the title Consumer Attorney Trial Attorney of the Year.

Most of all is his service to those without a voice. In 2015 he received the “Civil Advocate Award” from the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel. In the following year he received Loyola Law’s Champion of Justice Award. Among these accomplishments, he sued the state’s youth prison system following abuse of juvenile inmates. In addition, he took on Caltrans to improve road safety. He challenged Fiat-Chrysler-Jeep and Uber for their unsafe practices. Dordick is a graduate of the University of West Los Angeles — School of Law. He is a local attorney with his main office on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. Dordick shows the reach and down to earth nature of a local attorney.

Matthew Dolman: The People’s Attorney

Matthew Dolman of the Dolman Law Group of Clearwater, Florida is the recipient of the Florida Personal Injury Attorney of the Year Award. Personal Injury Warriors will present the award to Dolman. Due to his his efforts fighting fraudulent personal injury attorney referral services he is being honored. This work protected injury and accident victims from being taken advantage of in their fragile state. Furthermore, he is an example of the people’s attorney. Hence, Dolman’s efforts opened the door to better public relations and rights of clients. Furthermore, his hard work and dedication speak for itself.

Goals Put into Action

In conclusion, Personal Injury Warriors accepts nothing from the best from its members. Its goals of improving the legal field for both attorneys and clients makes events such as the COLT conference possible. Our efforts are only possible through the free exchange of ideas. This is possible through a network of professionals. In addition, Hollywood Weekly Magazine covers the event. We hope to see you all there. Interested parties can watch attorneys improve their game. Furthermore, ideas formulated here are tomorrow’s courtroom advances. Be a part of this exciting gala.

Can Doctor Thrown off United Flight Sue?

United Likely Violated Passenger’s Rights

The media is abuzz over the Monday mistreatment of a doctor on a United Airlines flight.

CNN reported on the rising backlash against the airline. The public outcry is swift. A police officer is already on leave. United’s own CEO faces severe criticism. Passengers were horrified watching the situation. While airlines bumped 46,000 in 2015 alone, the practice is under heavy criticism. The company’s CEO already issued an apology. Dr. David Dao was on his way to complete his duties as a physician. However, United staff and police had other ideas.

At least one passenger believed airline personnel targeted Dr. Dao because of his Chinese descent. Police and United crew carried the bloodied doctor off the plane in now infamous cell phone footage. In addition, the airline bumped the doctor to make room for another member of their staff.

The situation on Flight 3411 unfolded quickly. Dr. Dao originally agreed to the idea of being bumped. However, they changed their minds once they learned the next flight wasn’t until 2:30 Monday. While being forcibly removed from the plane, his head hit an armrest. Blood flowed out of his mouth and he was partially disrobed. The family’s attorney spoke out on the case, appreciating the outpouring of public support.

Video of United Passenger Removed from Flight

Watch the video below to see the situation unfold on the flight:

The New York Times reported that the story is causing a furor in China, as well. This damages the company’s reputation in an emerging market.

Many United passengers chopped up their credit cards while others dumped their stocks. United’s profile looks very poor, especially under the circumstances.

Dr. Dao removed from the flight

Their market value already fell $1 billion. The Chicago Department of Aviation said that the incident was not in accordance with their standard operating procedure and that the officer involved is placed on leave. An investigation will follow. United’s plans to hold an investigation are too little too late.

The doctor has the complete right to sue. Due to the fact that this is a private matter, he can challenge the airline directly. In addition, the flight was not actually overbooked. While the term has been used, the seat was meant for another United crew member. This is a breach of contract, pure and simple. The airline is a public state actor under U.S. v. Price civil rights precedent. Dr. Dao also has a firm case against the law enforcement officers that caused him involuntary bodily harm. This is a civil matter between Dr. Dao’s family and the individual officers or the police department. Each of these represent a breach of his fundamental rights of travel.

All of these issues will not solve the underlying problems of United’s treatment of passengers. However, it will increase the spotlight on these policies and how they affect the average person. We here at the Ehline Law Firm APLC will watch the case and update our readers as it unfolds. It looks like there will be plenty more to talk about in the coming week as the fallout grows.

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