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Month: March 2017

Texas Bus Crash Kills 13

How Did the Valdez County Crash Occur?

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Tragedy struck a rural area of Texas not far from San Antonio. A pickup truck crashed head-on into a passenger bus in northern Valdez County. So far thirteen people died in this terrible accident.

The driver of the pickup survived the wreck. However, the passengers on the 2004 Turtle Top bus were not as fortunate. Only one person aboard that vehicle survived. The passengers were members of the First Baptist Church of New Braunfels Texas on a senior outing trip.

ABC News reported on the disaster.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration sent agents to the scene. As the site unfolds, more and more bad news comes out. Governor Greg Abbott extended their “deepest condolences to the victims and the families of those involved in today’s tragic event.” He also thanked the first responders treating the accident victims.

Unfortunately Not Unique

Such an incident is not the first bus crash in recent times. Because of loopholes, buses remain harmful for riders and other drivers. In most cases, bus companies hire the right drivers. However, in some cases, companies hire drivers without a CDL or the right experience. In other cases, companies do not repair their vehicles as required by law. Furthermore, in others, the corporations or public agencies will flout regulations. All of these issues result in severe tragedies like the one we see in Texas.

In California, the NBC Bay Area station reported on a similar situation. In this case, Caltrans did not use the proper highway markings along Highway 101, according to the NHTSA. This crash killed two people and hurt 13 others in 2016. The driver was largely un-blamed. Additionally, only two of the 21 passengers wore seatbelts.

Keep your attention here for more info. Also, the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC will cover the unfolding situation and other similar cases.

Weekend California Traffic Accidents Include Two Fatal Crashes

Westminster Crash Turns Fatal

Spine Injury Car crash
The first responder at rolled over the car.

In Westminster, California, a fatal crash did happen at 2:40. The accident occurred at Sr91 and Euclid Street off ramp. The crash closed the westbound lanes on Euclid Street until 7:30. The accident did involve three vehicles.

One car, in fact, landed on its roof. In fact, one vehicle was a moving van. One of the vehicles landed on its side. The other vehicle a Jeep did block the HOV lane. In this case, the moving van was in the 2nd lane. The third vehicle’s identified as a Toyota Corolla. It, of course, came to a stop on the right shoulder.

Three Trapped.

Three people got trapped in the vehicles, and one person died. One man was reportedly sitting on the ground on the right shoulder of the road. Anaheim-Fullerton first responders called to the scene of the three-car crash.

Police set up a hard closure for the freeway of course for a couple of hours. In this case, the cars did need towing and the scene investigated. The traffic exiting Euclid Street got closed. The traffic became in fact diverted until the road opened. The name of the victim killed in the crash remains unknown.

Riverside Fatal Crash

A Riverside accident scene resulted in a fatality Sunday. The collision did happen at 22840 Ellis Avenue at 6:19. The crash appeared as an accident with a car flying 40 feet off of the roadway. In fact, the car went into a fence and rolled over. Police reported the car was still running on the other side of the wall. Police said a fatality and a minor injury.
The vehicle got towed from the scene as evidence. It’s unclear if one or two cars were involved. The model of the vehicle or vehicles remains unreported.
Incident number 01482.

Riverside Morning Collision

The collision happened in Riverside, California. It did happen on SR91 and Green River Road. The vehicle involved got reported for speeding. It’s unclear if other cars got involved in the crash. The 2003 GMC Serra pickup truck did come to a stop. In fact, it stopped off the right side of the road at the on and off ramp.

Police reported the driver left the scene of the collision. The car got impounded as evidence, and of course, police said.

Indio Morning Crash

A morning crash happened in Indio with injuries. The collision did occur at I10 and Desert Center MM 104. The crash did, in fact, occur at I10 West at Eagle Mountain Road Exit 189.

Police reported moderate and minor injuries. In fact, one person got transported by air from the scene. The police, of course, closed both lanes to land the airship. In this case, one car became stuck on the guardrail. The injuries and vehicle models remain unreported.


Why Did Uber’s President Resign?

Jones Leaves Under Storm of Controversy

RIdesharing Expert
Injury Lawyer at work.

The President of the embattled ride-sharing company Uber stepped down in a haze of accusations. Jeff Jones lasted only about six months in his position. Also, during this period critics and governments accused Uber of various legal and civil issues.

Recode covered the breaking news Sunday. Jones wasn’t the president of the ride-sharing company for even a year. He leaves under a cloud of controversy. Furthermore, many concerns rose about allegations of drivers and sexual harassment and sexism. Uber confirmed the move, saying that the President didn’t see a future at the company. Jones, for his part, said that the firm’s path was contrary to his own “beliefs and approach to leadership.”

The news reports that Jones did not expect such a turbulent period with Uber. Recode called it a “very troubled ship.” Jones was a former leader at Target. While his resume was impressive, the rot within Uber was not. Uber faces multiple controversies regarding sexism, assaults and more.

An Uber driver attempted to rape a passenger in one case. In another, a former employee accused the company of rampant sexism. The company saw multiple resignations over the last several months. Furthermore, its model is increasingly unstable. Young riders will soon drift away from the poor service. Just the other day, Italy banned Uber as unfair competition.

A Graying Landscape

Each one of these issues is another nail in Uber’s coffin. Companies such as Uber and Lyft will likely survive. But their model is aging. Many riders are sick of inappropriate treatment, a potential for violence, and a lack of recourse. Many cities moved to ban or restrict the practice.

For more info about Uber and its issues, keep the dial here. Ehline Law reports on the problems of the day. We profiled the company in the past, including the many suits against them. Their issues will not go away. Press freedom and more light are some of the solutions. In conclusion, be careful when you call that driver or use that app.

Weekend Traffic Crashes Include Fatalities and Injuries

multi-vehicle collision

California roadways turned deadly this weekend. Three people died in two separate crashes. The crashes, of course, caused road closures and SigAlerts. Several people, of course, suffered injuries.

605 Freeway Crash Kills 2 and Injures 3 in Cerritos

Saturday morning at 1:00 am a 605 Freeway crash happened at the 91 Freeway interchange. The pile-up happened at the Carson Street exit. The freeway remained shut down until 9:30 am. In this case, the road closed in both directions for over 8 hours.
CHP officers said six cars collided. Officers said two or three might have crashed first. Officers said, in fact, speed and alcohol may have lead to the crash. The first collision involved two cars near the HOV lane. One of the drivers’ got ejected in this case.

Accident Victims

Two people died as a result of the crash. One man remains unidentified and drove a 1999 Saturn. He, in fact, passed away at the scene. A second person died and identified as Gabriela Hernandez, age 24. Hernandez was a resident of Huntington Beach. Hernandez died at the hospital from major blunt force trauma police said.
Hernandez was a passenger in a 2007 Honda. The Honda’s driver Ulises Rodriguez, 32 got hurt. He, in fact, suffered a laceration to his legs. A second passenger in the car Yenit Esquivel Rivera, 30 got injured. Rivera suffered a fractured nasal bone.
CHP Sgt. Raquel Stage said both people died outside of their cars. They suffered the fatal injuries by leaving the vehicles. Both got hit outside of their vehicles and after the collision. The officer said if involved in a crash it’s unsafe to walk near the collision. She told me to remain in the car if possible. If you can, of course, drive to the right shoulder. Staying in the lane’s, in fact, dangerous. The officer said especially of course at night.

Lakewood resident Amy Johnson age 36 drove a 2016 Honda. She, in fact, suffered a sternal fracture in the crash.
CHP officers said the impact caused one man’s body to get ejected. Police found the man on the northbound side of the freeway.
The crash caused one of the vehicles to catch fire at the scene. One person needed rescue from a car. A second person got taken to the hospital. Police said with non-life threatening injuries. The cause of the six-car crash remains under investigation police said.

Was the Willows Crash Fatal?

Sunday at 8:44 am I5 southbound, and SR162 crash turned fatal. The crash caused one vehicle to overturn at impact. One car police identified as a light colored Lexis SUV. Three vehicles in fact collided and two remain unidentified.

Police issued a SigAlert due to a person with significant injuries. They, in fact, closed the right lane of the northbound lanes.
One person died because of course, the injuries suffered. It remains unclear if other people were injured in the crash. Three vehicles, of course, got towed from the scene. The accident remains under investigation.

605 Freeway fatal crashes happen all too often.

How Much Does a DUI Cost on Car Insurance?

DWIs Among Most Expensive “Luxuries?”

Have an extra $1,700 for insurance? If you don’t, you should consider the cost of drinking and driving. DUIs and DWIs are among the most expensive actions by drivers. Even if they do not kill anyone behind the wheel, there are still incredible consequences. Many DWI court cases cost at least $10,000. The State of California cracked down hard on drinking and driving. It finds the risk to life and property unacceptably high. So should everyone.

Below is an infographic from the site Nerdwallet about the insurance cost of a DUI conviction. Costs change by location and circumstance, but there’s a strong correlation. Each one adds a significant chunk. Also, in some cases, it more than doubles the costs.

St. Patrick’s Day Parties: Drinking, DUIs and Your Insurance
Via: NerdWallet

Increasing Penalties

According to the state’s DMV, there are severe. Last year the Governor signed a law requiring all convicted DUIers to have an interlock device on their car, according to KTLA.

Drivers arrested for DUI have their licenses suspended or revoked. They must pay a $125 reissue fee to the DMV and proof of financial responsibility. A first offense conviction is showing over .08% BAC results in a four-month license suspension.

A second or further within ten years results in a one-year suspension. Someone under 21 faces a one-year suspension for a BAC of .01% or above. Drinkers and drivers must request a restricted license through a DMV office. The immediate suspension or revocation is an Administrative Per Se sanction by the state before conviction. There could be further penalties and fines, including jail time, after a conviction.

The simplest– and the cheapest way to prevent all of these issues is to simply not drink and drive. Furthermore, you make the roads safer and prevent years of legal and fiscal issues for you and your family. Driving is a privilege, not a right. It is your task to keep it.

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