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Month: February 2017

California Rain, Rain and More Rain Dangerous for Drivers and Residents

Slick, rainy streets.
Driving on dangerous rain-slicked roads

California has suffered incessant rains in past weeks. The state’s experiencing another slow moving storm. Thursday and Friday the state got dumped on with rain again. The forecast amount for the weekend an expected 2 to 4 inches in Los Angeles. The foothills and mountains predicted to see 6 to 8 inches.

In fact, it might sound as if the rain forecast didn’t amount to a lot. Since in this case, every inch of rain matter’s it does.

The New round of rains.

Today rain came and fell in buckets in Northern California. The storm had wind gusts reaching 199 miles per hour. Monday new rainfall records did get set in the state. In San Jose, San Francisco and of course Sacramento hold new records.

Residents have seen enough rain in recent weeks that it seems like it won’t end. It will end, but the damage may reach exorbitant costs.  In this case for both motorists and property owners. The latest round of storms produced some flooding of course. In fact, it caused water to surge down the Don Pedro Dam.

Officials say it’s the second time in 20 years the spillway got used. In this case, it’s used to keep the reservoir from overflowing. Tuolumne River’s close to reaching its limits to in fact become dangerous. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson gave a statement to residents. He said they strongly suggest residents seek higher ground.

Santa Cruz County’s in fact, seeing the near flood stages. Along the coast reaching the Feather River Basin and inland could see flash floods. In fact, in this case, could see evacuations enforced.

According to meteorologists, the Central Valley could see 3 inches of rain. But, the mountains could see 10 inches from the storm. This storm in this case, of course, adds to the Oroville Dam issues. Problems that resulted in 180,000 residents ordered to evacuate last week. The San Joaquin River has, of course, reached the danger stage officials said. Sacramento assistant sheriff stated that they did warn residents. They, in fact, told residents to get ready to evacuate. He stated that it’s the first time in 20 years.

Worst California Rains.

It’s reported the relentless rain happens in California about every 200 years. One of the recorded events occurred in 1861-1862. These storms occurred for 43 days. In fact, the great flood happened over 150 years ago.

Across the state, weather related problems have become too familiar. Mudslides, closing roads, flash floods and other problems it’s dangerous. The Carmel River and the Salinas River reaching flood stages. Other places, of course, have the same rain-related dangers. In fact, it’s dangerous for residents and drivers. Rain soaked highways, heavy winds, and debris can cause major accidents. Crashes, in this case, can cause severe injury of course. Too, drivers need to use extra caution on rain soaked roads.

Driving in inclement weather tips.

The large populated areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties crashes increase. San Francisco, San Diego, of course, has the same problem. Rain, in this case, makes for hazardous driving conditions in California. Traffic accident reports increase in inclement weather of course.

But in this case, the rain is a lot more than the ground can handle. Falling trees, sliding rocks, and dirt can definitely cause driving hazards. Each roadway in the state, of course, has its unique problems. Because of the amount of inclement weather.

So drivers need to stay alert to avoid dangerous spots on the road. In this case, they need to watch for debris, other vehicles, and warning road signs. All across California, the days of rain caused havoc. Since the ground’s over saturated, trees falling and some roads damaged.



Bicycle Accident Lawyer’s Lawsuit Center

Thanks for stopping by. First, let us introduce our lead counsel. Michael Ehline. Since 2005, he has actively led Ehline Law Firm in aiding victims of bicycling accidents.

Bicycling is a common form of portage, amusement and fitness from one end to the other in California State. But bicycles afford very limited protection from the day to day perils facing bicyclists on the roadways of the Golden State. Riding bikes can, and often does, pave the way to moderate injuries to riders on the small range. But it also leads to death and tragedy on the high range.

The catastrophic injuries to bicyclists from roadway accidents are tragically higher among kids. As a matter of fact, school-aged children face great risks due to their smaller height. Because of this, they are less visible to a distracted driver.

Victims of bicycle smash-ups face unique challenges. Notably, this remains the case both medically and legally. As they convalesce, they also seek payment from the person(s) who caused their injuries. Plus, due to the laws of California and local municipal codes, their legal representatives must have specialized training and experience. Skills must include knowledge of the duties, rights, and obligations of bicyclists throughout the state.

Types of Fact Patterns Most Often Arising.

The vast majority of bicycle accident claims Ehline Law faces, comprise of fact patterns where there is contact between riders and passengers. Others involve drivers guilty of failing to yield the right-of-way at an intersection. For example, cyclists can get cut off due to an un-telegraphed turn by a vehicle directly into the path of an oncoming bicyclist.

  • Poor Judgment By Car Drivers.

Typically car drivers misjudge the speed of the bike or do not see the bike. So they misjudge the safe space they should allocate for safe passage. Often, motorists fail to share the road equitably. On other occasions, a large vehicle like a bus or truck is not paying attention to smaller objects like bikes.

  • Blind Spots of Big Rigs?

In particular, larger vehicles can kill anything that remains unseen in their blind spots. This has forced many a rider into a curb, or onto a sidewalk, or fixed object, to their doom. This visibility issue is a huge danger to passengers. So we advise riders to avoid buses and big rigs like the plague.

Forces In Bicycle Wrecks.

Bicycle mishaps can be due to other forces. And many of them remain particular to the utilization of this unique machine for transportation. Bicycle accidents may become exacerbated by coincidental factors. These include poorly designed roads, negligent repair, signage or maintenance.

These factors often lead to a limited or severely impaired vision of the poor road and path conditions. Other adverse conditions riders face things like loose gravel, trash, oil spills, potholes, and other road debris. Riders make easy targets for loose dogs, and many a fallen rider has fallen victim to packs of dogs pulling the down and tearing them to pieces.

One of the atypical twists facing California riders occurs after an unreasonable motorist negligently opens their car door into the path of a bicycle rider. Another stroke of bad luck common in the major cities like Los Angeles are people on foot getting slammed by bicycle delivery riders. Examples include process servers, legal messengers, and food delivery services. These service businesses hire out riders.

Other Facts About Rider Injuries.

In California, bicycle riders are subject to the same obligations and restrictions as cars, except where specifically provided for by law, such as bicycle lanes. In fact, some municipalities allow bikers to ride on the sidewalk, such as parts of Los Angeles. LA County may also allow sidewalk riding, subject to the restrictions laid out in the Vehicle Code here, and County Code here. But as discussed, riders need to obey the rules of the road just like operators of all other traditional motorized conveyances. (See safety tips here). But there is not rule requiring a cyclist to have liability insurance.

Bicyclists under age 18, are also subject to helmet laws codified in California Vehicle Code §21212. In California, children under four-year-old, or weighing 40 pounds or less, remain prohibited from being passengers on bicycles. But they can ride if in a seat which holds the child in place. But it must protect the youngster from moving parts. The child must also wear an approved helmet. (Source CHP “Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents.”).

But helmets are not designed to stop all injuries. Rider awareness is the key to staying safe. Speeds and impacts of 15 to 20 miles per hour or under, may allow a helmet to lessen or prevent serious head injuries. But that isn’t always true. And it does next to nothing at higher speeds.

Helmets are a Mere Implement.

It is just a safety implement, not a guarantee or insurer of safety. Bicycle helmets are tested in 2-meter drops under U.S. benchmarks. In fact, they travel at drops of approximately 14 miles per hour (or 22.5 kph) on a flat, anvil.

However, the New England Journal of Medicine said in a famous piece, that individuals wearing a bicycle helmet had at least an 85% lessened chance of a serious head injury. In fact, it says there was an 88% reduced chance of brain injuries. (See also, “A Case-Control Study of the Effectiveness of Bicycle Safety Helmets”, Robert S. Thompson, M.D., Frederick P. Rivara, M.D., M.P.H., and Diane C. Thompson, M.S. N Engl J Med 1989; 320:1361-1367, May 25, 1989).

The experts have concluded that inconsequential skull and brain housing group injuries, typically arise from linear acceleration. So that occurs when the head impacts with another physical barrier to free movement. Wearing a bicycle helmet helps prevent and mitigate serious, or traumatic head injury. This is because a helmet can reduce of spread the inertia through the device.

Rotational Acceleration.

Alternatively, greater, and more devastating types of harm, typically arise from angular as well as rotational acceleration. This can result in a diffuse axonal injury (DAI) or even subdural hematoma (SDH). The above are the standard head injuries afflicted upon unfortunate riders. And these have been known to set the stage for the loss of life upon spill victims.

Bicycle helmets are not engineered to reduce rotational injury. And the available scientific research does not look promising in a helmet’s safety capacity improving anytime soon. (See also “Curnow WJ. The efficacy of bicycle helmets against brain injury.” Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2003,35:287-292.)

Ehline Law Firm is a legal advocate. And its attorneys are also riders of all types of cycles. We put ourselves in the shoes of victims, and we feel their pain. When victims become our clients, they can take pleasure in the confidence they have that we are fighting for them. We go the extra mile to get them a comprehensive financial recovery.

Getting Windfall Results in a Bicycle Wreck Case.

We fight for the windfall like results. Mostly, we do this by putting fear in the hearts of the opposition by showing them we are the real deal. But we hire the right experts, investigators and legal researchers to seek out the strengths of your case, and the weaknesses in the defendant’s case.

Let Ehline meticulously prepare your case for settlement, mediation, and trial. If you or a wage earner are devastated and feeling the pain of serious loss or death from a spill on a bike, call us. Why not get a detailed analysis of your potential injuries claims with a real lawyer? (888) 400-9721.

Latest Motorcycle Technology Taking Riders into the Future

Motorcycles keeping the classic look with new technology

Motorcycle riders or enthusiasts like to stay with the brand loyalty of course. In fact, manufacturers depend on this brand loyalty. They, of course, use it as a selling point. To keep rider’s loyal they have a plan. The builders regularly work on motorcycle improvements. Bike makers integrate new technology into the bikes. But they strive to keep the classic appearance of the bike that attracts riders.

Motorcycle makers integrate new technology into the bikes. But they strive to keep the classic appearance of the motorcycle that attracts riders.

Some improvements include headlights and the electronic throttle. But other improvements are not that noticeable.

Electronic Throttles.

In fact, the electronic throttle’s one of the differences of course seen. In this case the throttle control’s ride-by-wire technology. The change makes fuel control from the engine by electronic sensors. In this instance its instead of the older cable-driven system. The electrical signal, in fact, avoids sudden stalls. It’s done by the electronic throttle signal sent to a small computer.

This computer is called an ECU. In fact, the speed of the bike and gear lets the throttle send a signal. As a matter of fact the bike signals to the ECU. This process allows control over the engine. This makes for a smoother ride, better performance, and fuel economy. It’s a system that’s, in fact, perfect for beginning riders and of course experts. Also, the ride-by-wire system automakers use in some cars can be used in bikes.

Cooler Engines.

Bike engines attract riders, and of course, it’s the distinct sound they like. But bikers did begin making a choice in fact for an alternative driving force. Though rather than the traditional air-cooled engine times did change. Liquid cooled engines are another choice. In fact, the outer sports fins don’t exist on the liquid cooled engine. The fins on the air cooled engine allow the heat from the engine to escape.

In fact, the newer engine has a closed design. Because of the design the bike also makes decreased noise. Also, it produces a lower amount of heat. As a matter of fact, the engine runs cooler. So the engine runs better than an air cooled engine. In fact, it helps prevent overheating and engine damage. The heat instead is transferred to the radiator at the front of the bike. In this case, it makes riding the bike comfortable on hot days and in traffic.

But the liquid cooled engine has other benefits. For example, it helps avoid hot spots on the cylinders. The liquid cooled engine maintains an even dispersion of the heat. But the engine difference changes the long history. In this case, the change differs from the original motorcycle air cooled engines.

Motorcycle Lights.

Lights on a bike remain essential, day or night. In fact, day riding lights make the bike visible on days without the sun. At dusk, lights keep the bike visible. They allow the rider the same visibility as a car driver. But bikers still face other dangers. For example, they can get harmed by animals, insects, weather and road conditions.

Bikers have life-altering challenges that car drivers don’t face. For example, they can be thrown by potholes the headlight may miss. While taking corners, the headlight illuminates a portion of the turn. This differs from a car’s headlights showing the whole turn. Technology has helped with adaptive headlights.

The sensor uses the angle to determine the direction of the lighting. Adaptive lighting illuminates areas that traditional lights miss. The smart headlights have government safety approval. The American Automobile Association (AAA) backs the headlights. AAA says the lights are 90% safer. This is because the lamps give better lighting at night on curves.

Motorcycle Stabilizers.

The first thing riders learn of course that bike stability important. Instructors teach new riders the importance of bike stability. It’s a motorized vehicle with two wheels instead of four. In this case, handling the bike becomes different. In fact, motorcycle stability is essential. But unlike a car, the motorcycle rider must prevent the bike from falling over. Also, bikers need to keep both wheels on the pavement.

Motorcycles have shock absorbers and steering dampers. Also, good quality tires help keep the bike stabilized. Though, great tires don’t always help with skidding or riding in bad weather. But technology advances do help the bike’s stability. Though, the Bosch Stability Control helps the bikes have even greater stability.

The controls are run by a computer that monitors several sensors. If the computer sees a loss of traction, it helps correct the problem. In this case, it automatically applies the disc and engine brakes. The computer does this to regain control of the bike. Hence, riders have this extra protection on winding roads. Also, it offers protection on terrain with sand or gravel.

Motorcycle Touchscreens.

The tech world, in fact, meets bike with touchscreens. In this case riding a bike, the rider needs both hands on the handlebar. It didn’t make sense for riders in motion to use personal technology. For example, riders can’t use cell phones or GPS. But a company named Skully based in Silicon Valley has changed things.

In fact, it makes the AR-1 helmet. So this helmet now allows riders to listen to music and more. Also, they can use GPS and make phone calls without using their hands. In fact, the rider doesn’t need to take their eyes off the road.

Los Angeles Rated Most Unsafe Location for Pedestrians

Female walking with shopping bags.
Pedestrians are often unaware of traffic collision harm

The 80’s New Wave band Missing Person’s said it best. “Nobody Walks in L.A.”

Living in Los Angeles has benefits, of course, unless it includes walking. The city is better for big rigs than pedestrians. The city remains filled with drivers. In this case, walking in L.A. can lead to deadly collisions with pedestrians.

This is because the typical L.A. driver remains unaccustomed pedestrians. So this places people on foot danger of traffic accidents. Collisions have devastating results for the pedestrian in this case. Los Angeles has a large number of intersections with pedestrians hurt. Areas in this instance with repeated incidents of pedestrians hit by cars.

The dangers for walkers, in this case, came out in a new study. The study did, as a matter of fact, show the top twenty locations. In fact, the number one place went to LA County.

Though, the county did have the most pedestrian deaths nationwide. The study used National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2014 data. This, in fact, showed a large number of pedestrian deaths too. The county did have the highest number of pedestrians hit too. But, it’s over one hundred deaths higher over the next location. In fact, LA County walker’s deaths reached double over the second location.

That’s double the number of deaths in Maricopa County, Arizona. This, in fact, did hit number two of counties in the top twenty. Though, Maricopa County, as a matter of fact, includes the city of Phoenix. The same period this Arizona County had 91 pedestrian deaths. Though 91 is a lot, LA County still tops the danger list.

Where are the High Numbers of Pedestrian Incidents?

Three other counties in California also hit the list. San Diego County hit number four on the list. Though, San Bernardino County in fact made number seven on the list. But, Riverside County, in this case, came in at number 14. Of course, fewer pedestrian deaths happened in these counties than in L.A.

Florida’s another state that with many counties on the danger list. Of course, it doesn’t have the amount of danger for pedestrians of the Golden State. Believe it or not, California, pedestrian, and car collisions hit a high rate in Redondo Beach.

But, of course, it’s another city in Los Angeles County. In this case, too it’s, in fact, another LA County intersection. Since of course, it’s the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Vincent Street.

Twenty Most Dangerous Traffic Locations for Pedestrians

Snapchat App Often Related to Severe Injury and Death.

Snapchat me that P
Close-up of a businesswoman sending a text while driving to work

Snapchat is a very popular app today. Millions use the phone app. However, it remains linked to some injuries and wrongful death. The case is worse when the users drive. Below you will see several incidents caused by the app. CNN recently compiled a list of accidents tied to it.

Many Cases with a Common Thread?

In one case reported by the Daily Beast, a man was beaten to death while using the app. His death was uploaded onto his account by his murderers. Police say that the man was killed for allegedly stealing a bong and marijuana pipe from one of the killers. Authorities report the killers recorded the young man, Delvin Mendoz-Chaparro, live on the app. They range from 19-20 years old and face up to 60 years in jail.

A Tampa case was even darker. Police say that Snapchat likely caused the death of five people. ABC Action News reported on the crash. In this case, a young woman snapped her boyfriend driving almost 116 mpg. The accident caused a severe fire.

The victims ranged in age from 9 to 39 years old. Three adults and two children died in the crash. Shortly after the driver’s girlfriend used Snapchat, he lost control of their VW Golf. It then crossed the median and collided nearly head-on with a Toyota Sienna, which caught fire.The Golf then struck another car and debris hit yet a third vehicle. Two other car crash victims were in critical condition.

Another case in New Jersey showed a man beaten up on Snapchat, reported on In another, the last Snapchats of two young people were revealed. The Daily Mail reported the two young men vanished at sea. CNN reported on another case in Georgia. And this allegedly showed a 107 mph accident caused by a Snapchat filter.

All of these cases have a common thread. For injuries resulting from the app, please call or email Ehline Law today. Our team is ready to take on the cause of the accident. Our team is willing to help in any way we can. Furthermore, we allow our experience to speak for itself.

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