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Month: January 2017

Pokémon Go the Dangerous App

The app responsible for numerous auto accidents

The app gained appeal with kids, teenagers and adults using Pokémon Go. Los Angeles and Southern California did have reports of driver mishaps. Drivers watch the app as they drive too. Also, Pokémon Go has Pokémon or Pokestops as the objects of the game. These, in fact, must be watched for with the app active.


Dangers of Gaming While Driving

Pokémon Go player while driving

Here the danger begins with driver’s taking their eyes off of the road. Also, players look at the app on their iPhone or Android.

Distracted driving due to the use of any app can put the driver at risk. Though, it also puts passengers and anyone else on the road in danger. Because of auto accidents related to the app a hashtag happened. It too became used on social media sites #Don’t Pokemon Go and Drive.

Though, this slogan did trend on the Internet. It means to alert game players to the hazard of distracted driving.

Car Accidents Related to the Pokémon Go App

Car accidents and in fact other harmful mishaps got reported to police. The media reported players of the hunt and the game disasters.

• Los Angeles Police headquarters got reports of a multi-car pileup. The LA Times reported such incidences of multi-car pileups.

• One study showed a ten day period of Pokémon Go. It suggested nationwide over 110,000 crashes happened.

• App game player here hit a police car in Baltimore Maryland.

• A driver here rear-ended another vehicle. Playing the game and driving at the time in Washington.

• A driver playing the app game, in fact, struck a tree in Auburn New York.

• One driver too left their vehicle parked near traffic. They did this to catch a Pokémon causing a crash in Texas.

• The situation became dangerous on the roadways in California. A California a bill proposed to expand the law in place as a ban on texting. They did this to prohibit the use of handheld devices and apps.

The list could go on with mishaps of drivers distracted playing the app game. Some, in fact, caused serious harm.

Harm to Pokémon Go Players Happens

Pokémon Go players put themselves in danger and others. Here are a few ways it happens:

Driving and playing:  Playing, in fact, means looking at the app to find the Pokéstops or Pokéhotspots. Since it requires taking eyes off the road, it causes distracted driving. It can lead to getting hurt, hurting others or both.

Driving and stopping: Stopping at Pokéstops some drivers have stopped in the street too. This can cause a danger to other motorists as the driver’s distracted. Here, the player chases the virtual creature Pokémon.

Players on foot: Pedestrians playing Pokémon put him or herself in danger. Crossing streets as the app here, in fact, keeps them distracted.

Pokémon and Safety

Loading the app and turning it on playing safe advisory loads. It’s in fact to warn the player of potential distraction and harm. From a legal standpoint, distracted drivers get held liable for the injury. Playing Pokémon Go and driving means distracted driving. The player here shoulders liability for the harm they cause.

It’s a fact in this case drivers become distracted by apps. Whether, it’s driver distraction from Pokémon Go or social media sites. Distraction can also happen with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook. If a driver did get distracted, liability lies. Because of caused injuries and damages too.

If someone acted carelessly by use of an app on their cell phone, they’re negligent. At the time they operated a car, SUV, van or truck they’re in fact liable. Though, if harm’s suffered because of the negligence, you need legal advice. Please contact the top Los Angeles auto accident lawyer. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case.

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