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Month: November 2016

E-Cigarette Lawsuits Complicated by Marijuana Use

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Marijuana has had a good run lately. Four states voted November 8th legalize recreational marijuana. California, Maine, Nevada, and Massachusetts joined Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado in making the drug available for people over 21.

The decriminalization and legalization movements led to an explosion of products available for use. In short– capitalism works. There are now pot brownies, soda, and energy drinks available within the states where it’s already legal. Come January 1st this will widen further. With other states rushing to get such initiatives on the ballot, the trend continues.

One of the largest markets is using THC products within electronic cigarettes. With e-cigs becoming more popular among young people than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is a wide open market. Customization and blends allow for a wider audience.

Federal Law Makes a Catch

With the recent wave of e-cigarettes exploding in peoples’ pockets causing injury, a wave of lawsuits will follow. And this remains especially the case for consumers that use marijuana oils or extracts to use with their e-cigarettes. These suits will face many legal challenges, especially considering that they will seek to create a precedent.

Making matters more complex is the fact that marijuana is still a federally scheduled drug. Appeals regarding the suits cannot make their way into federal courts– at least according to current readings. Many claimants will be hesitant to risk their case going to a federal judge. Also, this can help stifle the legitimate needs of injuries parties to seek grievances. This is especially the case if they were smoking the marijuana products legally in one of the states as mentioned earlier.

Such an issue will eventually make it to a circuit court. It’s still to become seen what the judges will determine, but it will likely line up with federal law on the subject. With it unlikely that federal scheduling of marijuana will change, the next several years should become absorbing for personal injury attorneys and accident litigation firms.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Burn Injuries Spike

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Burn injuries within the home increase dramatically from the end of November through January 1st. The answer should be obvious why. The large amounts of cooking for guests and stress related to the holidays cause inadvertent injuries.

And this is especially the case for the most significant number of people coming to eat at your house. When preparing food for Christmas, Chanukah, or any other holiday, it’s important to remember several tips on how to avoid burn injuries during this festive time of year.

Simple Tips Can Save Your Skin.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help.

Don’t be afraid to ask your family members for help cooking. You may be the rock of the family or the house chef, but there’s no reason that others can’t contribute as well. Any side dishes, desserts, or parts of the main course that can become outsourced should be. There are a lot of opportunities to reduce your stress and time used over the stove or oven.

Slow it Down.

With a large crowd coming and the dinner table set and ready for a meal, you may feel especially rushed. But this isn’t the case. There’s always time to double check things, set timers, and make sure that your cooking schedule is not accelerated for no reason. You are in control. Take this into consideration when preparing that meal. You set the time, and you make sure that things get done the way that you want them to be.

Careful When Doing Tricky Cooking.

This one should be obvious but isn’t for many revellers. Instead, more complex forms of cooking present the largest risk of injury. This is especially the case with deep frying turkeys. Such a method provides a delicious meal but can be dicey for amateurs. Make sure that you leave an adequate amount of room. So now, nothing catches fire. Also, make sure that the turkey is placed in the fryer slowly so that oil doesn’t shoot out.

Your Family is Your Rock.

Don’t feel as though everything is on your shoulders. Use this time of year to appreciate all that you do for your family and vice versa. Make it a meal that you want to spend with them, not in the hospital or wearing bandages.

We here at the Ehline Law Firm see far too many cases of injury due to carelessness. Give the EMTs and us a day off this holiday season and be safe!

Are Trump Supporters Often Targeted?

Anti Trump and flag burning
Liberals love burning our flag

In the first place, anyone that watched this election cycle saw something strange. In fact, they saw a new level of vitriol. The 2016 election appears the most divisive in modern memory. In truth, the problem continues to increase. But some consisted of hoax attacks. And victims claimed that they faced attack by Trump supporters. So instead, in most cases, the reports proved false.

In fact, there are plenty of documented cases of violence. All that happened during in this election. But the violence’s aimed against Trump supporters, though. The Daily Caller reported on a student protest. First of all this incident happened in Maryland. So, to explain four people beat a pro-Trump youth. In fact out of four people, by the same token one got arrested. As a result, the assaulted student went to the hospital.

The Daily Wire covered another similar, disturbing turn of events.

A mob in Chicago beats a Trump supporter. But in fact, no sympathy came from the left. So on CNN, a Clinton backer said the following. “We can’t call for people to be peaceful when the rhetoric is not friendly. And people don’t feel calm in their home.” At another point, the Democrat said, “Oh my goodness, poor white people.” But the comment made sarcastic manner by the individual.

A Trump supporter got attacked by two people in Meriden, CT. The supporter holding a Trump sign faced an assault,  according to the Boston Globe. According to the paper, the two assailants arrested. They were both from the same city as the beating. “Wilson Echevarria, a 32-year-old resident. His charges included third-degree assault. And Anthony Hobdy, a 36-year-old resident, charged with third-degree assault. But also they included heroin possession and other charges.”

Ignorance is Not Bliss.

We cannot wish away the wave of violence. In truth, this isn’t something we can do.  Many Clinton supporters draw from a well of anger. So, they’re using it in violent methods. Hate groups like ANTIFA use it against the Trump supporters. In truth, this type of violence needs to stop. In fact, the Clinton campaign isn’t helping the situation.

The recount effort was triggered by violence and vitriol as well. For this reason, the recounts include the states of WI, PA, and MI. So in fact, this is going to deepen the divisions.

Also, it appears that the  DNC is either directly or indirectly funding these leftist agitators. Since the DNC funded the leftist agitators causing problems. In fact, the victims may be able to sue. So as a result, the defendant is the DNC. The Democrat Party may be liable for intentional torts. In truth, they could bring personal injury claims. This would be under the Respondeat Superior.

Top LA Auto Accident Firm Sponsors Anti-Drunk Driving Event

Ehline Law Puts Money Where its Mouth Is; Sponsors Walk Like MADD Event

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Annual Walk Like MADD Event

Walk Like MADD is an annual walk to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. Hosted by the Carlsbad area MADD organization, the event regularly draws hundreds. That fight against what is a common tragedy in California.

In 2013 alone, over 1,000 people in California lost their lives due to drunk driving accidents. Every positive event and initiative decreases the amount of people in this situation.  That believe such behavior is acceptable.

Many dedicated volunteers and officials take part in these activities. Because of their leadership, events such as Walk Like Madd grow each year. As committed as such everyday heroes are, there is always room for more help. Ordinary people attending such events and donating to anti-drunk driving campaigns have further helped the cause.

Still, for some of the larger businesses, there is more to do. Due to the nature of their profession. Many lawyers then forced to see the results of drunk driving crashes over and over. They have to comfort the families of the victims and fight for them. Despite the terrible circumstances. Such experience often changes lawyers. It makes them even more responsive to victims and their loved ones.

One firm is Ehline Law located in Carlsbad, CA. Its lead attorney, Michael Ehline, knows the anguish of injury. As a disabled former Marine. Ehline makes a solid vow to be there for the families of those hurt in accidents. He means every word. He makes himself available 24/7 for those that need him. His cell phone number allows clients direct access. For Ehline there is no second rate for these families.

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