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Month: October 2016

Child Car Seat Purchase Basics

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Parents have the responsibility for many things like what a child eats, wears, and medical care. One of these is car seats and picking the safest one. The choice is numerous, and it makes a difference what one you chose. Michael Ehline is a Los Angeles car accident attorney. He has provided the below information to assist you in making the right choice.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for years children put in rear-facing car seats until age two.

Rear Facing Car Seats

Now it’s recommended the child remain rear facing until they outgrow the car seat. Another recommendation is for children to stay in car seats at least until age four. Facing back can reduce injury in a crash when the seat’s correctly installed.

While drivers do not expect involvement in a collision, many do including parents with children in the car. Toddlers, infants, and infants can suffer serious harm because of a crash. The rear facing seat and toddler car seats can help protect young children from injury.

The rear facing seat protects the infant or toddler’s body by minimizing sudden movement upon impact. The position contributes to distribute the impact and to depend on the crash the child could remain unharmed. However, choosing the right car seat is essential. A 2007 study published showed children under the age of two were 75 percent less likely to suffer serious harm in a crash when in a rear-facing seat properly installed.

Common Child Crash Injuries

Children in crashes can suffer some of the same harm as adults like whiplash. The most common injuries are spine and neck trauma for children. This happens when the impact causes the head’s violently jolted. This is where the rear facing car seat can protect the toddler.

Parents–Car Seats and Crashes

Parents want to keep their children safe, and one way is to research the seats and chose the best rear facing seat. Ensure when they outgrow the car seat it is replaced with a safety seat for the toddler’s size. Parents try to protect their children including driving safely; however, accidents can happen anyway.

Other Countries

In some countries, young children stay in a rear facing car seat until four and often until five years of age. Furthermore, some of these countries only sell rear-facing car seats for infants, toddlers, and young children.

Sweden is one of the countries with strict car seat regulations. Data from the International Safety Data and Analysis Group shows in 2013 two percent of car crash fatalities out of 144 deaths involved young children. The two percent in Sweden versus six percent in the United States for children under the age of nine.

Legal Help

It is impossible for a certainty of avoiding collisions or the severity of a crash. If your child, you or a loved one is hurt in a collision contact the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your claim and determine the best approach to obtain a settlement. Contact the law firm toll-free at 888-400-9721.

TBIs Affect Every Level of Football

My Money is on Smith
An NFL football sits with a pile of money on a green field

Watching some of the coverage of Traumatic Brain Injuries related to the NFL.  You may believe that it is only a problem in professional sports. That is wrong. Instead, such brain injuries are linked to every single level of playing football.

There are cases of players as low as peewee football facing severe brain issues. From repeated concussions. Whether they are playing for the NFL or your local high school or college team. This presents a series of dangerous realities.

In conclusion, doctors and coaches have known. About the dangers of repeated concussions. Also other brain injuries for years. Personality changes and cognitive issues. Even early death. Are all symptoms of tackles that happen over and over again. Furthermore, many players exhibit these. Along with other signs of severe harm. However, some of these will have immediate symptoms. While others can take weeks, months, and years to appear.

It’s clear that the NFL sat on knowledge about such harm for years. Thus, the teams placed players at risk of getting hurt. It created a culture that did the same down through all football teams. No matter how small. Coaches put players out on the field. Players that were clearly rattled. Then let them face the outcome.

The media has placed the issue in the news. But many former players are hesitant to come forward. Furthermore, the sooner that people come forward. The more likely they are to receive effective treatment.

Football players, past and present, are much more likely to face the following medical issues:

  • Memory Loss
  • Dizziness
  • Impulse Control Issues
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)
  • Dementia
  • Depression, including Suicidal Thoughts
  • Insomnia and other Sleep Disorders
  • Memory Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Parkinson’s
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Intermittent Explosive Disorder
  • Psychosis

What are the Options for Players?

Often there is a statute of limitations on when suits related to football or other harm can be filed. In addition often they fall within about two years. But some time limits are just one year. With the recent Federal District Court Settlement under Judge Anita Brody. For former football players that face brain issues can sue. Including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Some instances of CTE may have the right to restitution.

Finally, this can include:

  • Examinations, including neuropsychological and neurological. Other medical testing, counseling, and other treatment.
  • Compensation for mental impairment.
  • Other medical care as needed.

These terms don’t go far enough but are a start. The NFL and NFLPA are creating positions to monitor how the situation unfolds. To protect current and future players from such a fate. More action is needed to stop future harm. We owe it to our football players of all ages.

Thus, you believe that you suffered harm due to playing football. Please contact Ehline Law today. Our team of legal pros pay special attention to your case. We offer you any and all help. The team has fought and won other sports injury cases. We offer our full efforts. As a result, we will come anywhere in the state to discuss your case and legal options. Please call or email us today.

Skyslide Attraction More Dangerous than Previously Believed

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While the new Skyslide is a major tourist attraction, there is a hidden risk for visitors. Many seek out the “Skyslide.” And at least one woman has been severely injured while riding it. So some L.A. personal injury attorneys may have found a new cottage industry here. A new lawsuit shows the risk presented to the public and the insufficient safety checks done to prevent harm from coming to visitors.

The case report is in Curbed Los Angeles. Even though it’s just open a month at the US Bank Tower, the slide already claimed a victim. Gayle Yashar, 57, of New York claimed that she broke her ankle while using the slide. She and her husband filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, the company that owns the US Bank Towner, Oue, and Legends Hospitality, the operator of the slide.

The lawsuit says that the slide accelerates so fast that visitors cannot properly slow down in time to prevent injury. Yashar and her attorney even posted the video of her trip down the Skyslide on Youtube, as seen below:


Options for Injured Skyslide Users

In case you or a family member injure yourselves using the Skyslide, there are options open for you. Ehline Law successfully represented hundreds of clients injured due to unsafe conditions at entertainment venues, including amusement parks and others. We understand the risks that many companies overlook to open their locations, often at the expense of visitors.

Ehline Law has experience fighting for tighter safety requirements at these sites to prevent future injury for others. We also seek compensation for the victim’s families, including medical expenses, loss of work, and more.

Hence, our team has the experience needed to go toe to toe with even the largest companies and demand to make the injured party whole again. We will travel anywhere in California to discuss your case with you. Furthermore, we offer a variety of services determining your legal options.

Los Angeles Fractured Spine Compression Lawyer

Ehline Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC – Serious Lumbar Fractures Lawyers:

Michael Ehline at the court
United States Supreme Court

When the bones in the lower spine break due to trauma, several medical descriptions exist. Terms include cervical-lumbar compression fractures, ruptures, breaks, cracks or fissures. Some doctors call this a “vertebral compression fracture,” for example.

In most cases, this type of fracture takes an extreme force to do the damage. But for every rule an exception exists. But the elderly, or cancer patients have become brittle. Lower impacts on weak people like them can be tragic. Same goes for women with osteoporosis. A small stumble easily means permanent harm.

What Are the Annual Stats on Spine Fractures?

It is estimated each year that 150,00 people in the U.S. are stricken with spinal fractures. Further, at least 12,000 people suffer spine maladies. Also, this includes an estimated 6,000 back injury deaths. (Click here.)

Ehline Law Firm spinal cord injury attorneys remain the “go to” lawyers for back injuries. In fact, we have achieved remarkable success in court for winning cases.

Also, out of court, people praise us for our great service. After all, we promptly return customer calls. We also keep clients apprised of the latest case matters. If you suffered a severe lumbar break, we stand ready to assist you right now at (213) 596-9642.

What are the Lumbar Compression Fracture Symptoms?

When a fracture of the spine bones takes place, wide-ranging symptoms present themselves. And this affects suffering people in many ways. The severity of the break determines the pressure placed on the spinal cord. So some breaks are mildly painful. But others feel worse. Still, others lead to termination of life.

The symptoms include:

  • Numbness: numbness might exist in the back or legs. Lack of feeling presents itself in bad cases.
  • Weakness: if nerve damage exists, weakness or tingling sometimes occur in the back of the legs.
  • Pain: a possible symptom of a fracture. Also, it usually happens in the lower back. Furthermore, in some instances, it will be felt in the upper back, neck, hips, and abdomen.
  • Paralysis: when the fracture involves spinal cord, partial or permanent paralysis could occur.
  • Urination and Bowel Problems: lumbar compression fractures place pressure on the spinal cord. Also, it impairs a person’s ability to urinate or have bowel movements.

How Do You Get Your Fracture Diagnosis?

When trauma causes a cervical/lumbar fracture, the person could feel pain right away. To have this fracture diagnosed and treated, you need medical care. The physician will order spine testing. This determines the amount of damage done to that point.

  • X-Rays: The physician will order x-rays. These will be able to identify a fracture and where it has occurred.
  • CT Scan: Doctors sometimes order a CAT scan, also known as a CT scan. Sometimes x-rays prove insufficient. Also, Scans prove more intricate. Scans help determine fracture stability. And they provide a different view.
  • MRI: if the physician suspects nerve damage has occurred, they should order an MRI. Further, this will allow a look at the soft tissue around the spine. And it will show any abnormalities.

How Do Compression Fractures Happen?

Compression fractures also naturally occur. Sometimes degenerative diseases like osteoporosis or cancer get diagnosed. These could cause vertebral compression fractures. So these illnesses weaken bones of the spine. Trauma to the spine bones also causes fractures in healthy people. Most of all, accidents causing fractures stem from slip/falls and car accidents.

How Do You Pay for Your Back Injury Medical Treatment?

Treatments for cervical-lumbar compression fractures depend on the severity and type. Surgical and nonsurgical procedures exist. But these will depend on if the fractures stay stable or unstable. Stable fractures sometimes heal if you keep the pressure off. Normally the patient wears a brace.

Use of a brace, rest, medications and physical therapy help. These methods assist in strengthening the muscles. So this will allow for healing of the injury. But unstable fractures or those that caused nerve or tissue damage mostly need surgery. Last, other treatments could be indicated. Pain injections called “epidurals,” often become prescribed, for example.

This will include:

  • Surgical Decompression: This type of surgery involves reducing the pressure on the affected area. This gets done by manually manipulating the bone and ligaments. In the case where pressure remains on a nerve or spinal cord, surgical bone removal may be indicated.
  • Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty: Many of these treatments remain controversial. Also, they might fail to work on all types of spinal fractures. These procedures involve cement injections to the fracture location. This helps assist in spinal stability.
  • Surgical Fusion: To heal, sometimes the vertebrae need screws, rods, and hooks. These get surgically implanted in patients to stabilize the fractured bone. Bone grafting has also been a typical procedure used. But the surgeries have a high risk of infection and failure.

How Do You Get Your Compression Fracture Prognosis?

Many compression fractures remain capable of healing if treated. However, some treatments lead to paralysis and death. Even people helped by non-surgical treatment will need perhaps three months to heal. And it goes without saying that folks who need surgery need several months to recover.

Was Your Compression Fracture or Back Injury From an Accident? If So, Call Ehline Law Firm Now For Help!

Ehline Law Firm has provided strong legal help. We have won money for those suffering cervical and lumbar injuries. These clients suffered injuries in various ways.

These include:

  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Work related accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries

Also, our lawyers remain honed, assertive, and illustrious. We have a no holds barred style. And we go toe to toe battling belligerent insurance companies. We have no fear of fighting and defeating their army of defense attorneys.

Our forte remains managing, and mastering extremely contentious medical cases. This expertise includes help with disc bursts and compression fractures. We understand how malevolent insurance companies look at these injuries.

So we use this knowledge to obtain the highest possible payout. We win money for your wounds. Contact us for free legal advice. Call at your earliest convenience. (213) 596-9642.

Other Citations:

1. Taber, Clarence Wilbur; Venes, Donald (2009). Taber’s cyclopedic medical dictionary. F.A. Davis. pp. 2173–4.


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Car Accidents And Not Guns Increasing Yearly Fatalities and Reducing the U.S. Life Expectancy

Car accident lawyer Michael Ehline at gun range
Michael Ehline, personal injury lawyer

The life expectancy or average age before death continues to grow in many countries. In the U.S. the life expectancy should be at an all-time high. Also, it is not gangs or guns causing this number to diminish. So this is all about motor vehicles and inattentive, or negligent vehicle operators.

Anti-self defense advocates use figures that include self-defense and justifiable homicide to falsely claim that maniacs with guns are killing more folks than negligent vehicle accidents.

The only way that the number of gun-related deaths compares to the number of vehicle accident deaths, is if vehicle accident deaths are compared to the grand total of suicides, murders, defensive homicides by private citizens, legal intervention homicides by law enforcement officers, and the relatively smaller number of firearm accident deaths. And that math is as slippery as a garage floor mopped with 10W-30. (Source.)

But because of fatal car crash numbers and other events, it has lowered the age. This country is one of the wealthiest. Also,  people live healthier than in many countries. The National Center for Health Statistics researchers found a problem. They discovered in the U.S. because of fatal incidents many people die younger compared to other nations.

Researchers Findings:

Researchers found the top three kinds of fatalities in America are car crashes, drug overdoses, and guns (again, these researchers are trying to say that self-defense is “gun violence” to arrive at their numbers). The average age of men is expected to be 76.4 in the U.S. But in other countries, the average male life expectancy is about 78.6 years.

The National Center for Health Statistics found Americans die with about an average of two years earlier than people from other countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, the U.K, and Japan. Women’s average lifespan in the U.S. is 81.2 years, while in other countries it is an average of 83 years. Another thing found the U.S. has thousands more fatal traffic crashes than other nations. Accident fatality became the reason for the age difference in life expectancy.

Lowering Death Rates:

While this number of early deaths can be reduced, Los Angeles traffic crashes happen every day. Southern California fatal accidents and nationwide have diminished, but still, but to reduced further is the goal.

Data shows the two leading causes of fatal crashes is driver distraction and speed. Reducing both speed and distraction could save thousands of lives every year.

Michael Ehline and Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys APLC, urge Southern California drivers to slow down and keep their eyes on the road. These two things can lower some fatal crashes. If you get hurt in a crash, or a loved one dies the law firm offers a free consultation. So we can evaluate your accident claim or wrongful death case.


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