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Month: August 2016

At the Scene of a Truck Accident—Simple Steps to Take

Michael Ehline at the court
United States Supreme Court

The prize-winning attorney at Ehline Law Firm presents their valuable insight on the various steps to take in dealing with semi truck wrecks in the news and online. These tips include both pre and post incident. If you have further questions after reading this, feel free to call us toll-free. We quickly return your important calls. Also, we’ve received millions in money damages awards for injured consumers just like you.

Every Accident Comes with a Price

So we all know big rigs truck wrecks have a cost. Most of all, injuries and disabilities can last for years. Also, in some cases, it is stress, rather than a bodily harm. And while it would be best to avoid getting involved in an accident that is not always possible. Furthermore, in the United States, thousands of motor vehicles collide yearly. After a tragic event, there are important steps to take. Thus, you can help assist the attorney to win compensation in your case.

Why Must You Get Prepared For a Medical Alert?

Trucks weigh much more than cars. So getting involved in a collision with a truck can have devastating results. Furthermore, vehicle crashes occur with such frequency; it’s important for drivers to get prepared. Hence, they should have a cell phone. Also, these people should have a plan that includes providing information about medical conditions. There should also be easy to access this information. Some people use a wristband with a computer chip like this.

Most of all, a list of medications and allergies are essential for any first responder to be aware of. Consequently, in cases injuries are severe, they will be unable to confer this information. Hence, they could pass away due to wrong medication or treatments.

So emergency medical professionals cannot help you unless you assist them with this info. A plan of urgency should include having a pen and paper. Also, don’t forget a disposable camera, or a smartphone that performs this function. Last, a flashlight, traffic cones, and emergency flares are also handy.

A plan of urgency should include having a pen and paper. Also, don’t forget a disposable camera, or a smartphone that performs this function. Last a flashlight, traffic cones, and emergency flares are also handy.

When a driver gets involved in a collision safety is the primary concern.

  • If it is possible, move the vehicles to the side of the road or shoulder.
  • When the vehicles cannot get moved, you should place cones and flares on the road. Also, turn on the hazard flashers if possible.
  • Information should get exchanged, including names, drivers license information. Also, document license plate numbers, and addresses.

Why is Evidence is Important in a Truck Wreck?

Using a camera makes possible documenting the exact crash damages each vehicle has. But it is also important to document old injuries. This is because wear and tear cannot get used as new losses by the insurance company. Particularly relevant, photos can show insurance adjusters the position of the vehicles.

Also, pictures can show the damages directly after the collision. Getting witness accounts is also important. So if there are witnesses, obtain names, addresses, phone numbers. Also, jot down what they witnessed. Refresh their memories later. This kind of evidence is mandatory to win a larger monetary sum. Last, it is crucial to file a police report, for the insurance company.

Especially relevant, if police or CHP do not respond to the scene, you can do an over the counter report. Documentation is key to involve the insurance company. So even when the other driver offers to pay for the damages, get the above information. Defendants can change their minds after lulling victims into a false sense of security. While this can happen, it doesn’t have to.

So having this evidence is so important because it literally can decide if you win or lose the case!

How Does Ehline Law Firm Help You in Every Step?

When the motor vehicle accident involves a truck, photos hold clues to the cause of the crash. Adjusters also look at trailer overloading. Additionally, structural deficiencies and defective brakes or tires are easily captured on film. If the truck gets hauled away, it could get destroyed or repaired. This destruction of evidence can devastate your case.

Why Acting Fast to Gather Evidence in a Truck Crash is Paramount?

Legal experts that specialize can send investigators to the scene right away. Also, they take photos to piece together factors that contributed to the collision. If the truck gets taken away, lawyers send letters for the preservation of evidence. Furthermore, it will be important that investigators view the truck driver’s log. Most noteworthy, it ensures compliance with regulations for driving time and rest times.

Also, there are some common causes of trailer crashes. Hence, they include driver fatigue, improper maintenance, and overloaded trailers. Finally, there can be faulty or defective parts. So having this information can help Michael P. Ehline present a winning case. In this way, the strong, million dollars winning Ehline Law Firm helps obtain compensation.

This is money the victims are entitled to receive. Last, if there is more information you want to read about, please visit Also, you can call us at (213) 596-9642. We are ready twenty-four hours, seven days per week. What you should do is be prepared and use these tips to guide you in the meantime.

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Glendale California Tops Providence Rhode Island for Worst Drivers

Michael Ehline at the court
United States Supreme Court

This is interesting and better late than never. So I am always driving through Glendale. Most of all, they have some crazy roads. But finally, the annual report for Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report is out. This yearly report analyzes data from America’s 200 largest cities drivers.

Providence Rhode Island Only 5th Worse for Accidents in Motor Vehicles

So this year, Providence Rhode Island drivers are the 5th worse in the country. But they were beaten by Glendale, California, Newark, New Jersey, and Baltimore, Maryland. Furthermore, Washington D.C. came in at number one. Allstate in their analysis of drivers considers several factors. But the original study originates from the number of times drivers in 200 cities drive without crashing.

The Traffic Analysis Predictions

This analysis predicts that drivers nationwide go approximately ten years without accidents. But this same prediction is not likewise for drivers in Providence. Most noteworthy, their estimate is about six years. But in Washington D.C. it is even less. So the accident rate for drivers there is approximately 4.8 years. Thus, people get in fender-benders more often there.

In opposite, the report stated that the best driver’s in the country live in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Especially relevant, they have typically 13.8 years between motor vehicle accidents. But for Providence, this is not the first time drivers. Rather, they are ranked badly for their habits. Consequently, Men’s Health Magazine ranked the city in March. Furthermore, they ranked it as the 5th highest rated city nationwide for accidents.


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