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Month: June 2015

L.A. Animal Control Guidelines for Dogs

A child and a dog bite an Apple on white background
A child and a dog bite an Apple on white background

Even with responsible pet owners and modern animal control, there is still a high chance that a dog will bite a person in their lifetime. The likelihood rises for children and with stray dogs. Other factors, including owner abuse and disease, can make the situation even more complicated and dangerous. With so many issues at play, there are some general guidelines to follow to mitigate attacks.

What are Some Hints to Prevent Dog Attacks in L.A.?

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control has some helpful tips on how to help to avoid such attacks. The Department itself can also assist in response to dog bites. Also, they can seek out stray dogs, and make sure that owners have appropriately vaccinated their animals. They are also able to determine if such a dog should be classified as Potentially Dangerous or Vicious, further protecting the public.

Irresponsible Pet Owner – Is It A Legitimate Problem?

Some people see owning a pet as without responsibility to them. But allowing a pet to roam wild or get infectious diseases can be a threat to the public. Also, about half of all bites require medical attention for children according to the CDC. So there should be extra weight behind prevention with parents and pet owners, don’t you agree?

How to Prevent Future Attacks? What Role Can Authorities and Lawyers Play?

If such an attack does occur, there is vital to make an example to prevent another attack. Contacting the appropriate authorities and seeking medical attention is a good first step. However, what many people don’t realize is that a skilled attorney can be the keystone to an appropriate recovery.

So a trusted advocate could help get medical bills compensated and work with you regarding long-term recovery. But a lawyer can also go further. Such an attorney can work with officials to determine if the animal had been a danger to public safety. Afterward, you’ll know whether or not the owner was violating local laws or common sense. Such a determination could prevent the animal or any others owned by the same owner from attacking another innocent victim.

Disease Transference.

These issues become acute when dealing with such an attack afterward. First can be the emotional trauma and scarring of such an attack. Such scarring is often both physical and emotional. Secondly, there is a risk of disease transference — the most dangerous being rabies. Finding out if the animal has rabies is a paramount step and one that an attorney could assist with.

How to Get Help for Dog Attacks.

Contact Ehline Law 24 hours a day for more information about how best to proceed. Their skilled staff is specialized in the field of animal attacks and will be able to assist in every step of the process. You’re not just seeking justice for yourself but helping prevent future bites and injuries. Call Ehline Law today– we’ll come to you and don’t ask for a cent unless we win for you.

Simple Ways for Business Owners to Reduce Personal Injury Claims Liability

‘would ‘snap crackle burp’ be actionable?’

Running a small business is a dream for millions of Americans. Some can stake it out and open up an office or storefront to sustain their family. When facing such a decision, it is vital to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs. Many lessons are only evident from failures and can become gleaned from unsuccessful ventures and their challenges.

Growing businesses have many moving parts involved, and any such organizations have potential weaknesses. To minimize the chances of vulnerability, businesses can take simple steps.

Below are some helpful tips that we’ve seen in various industries and how you can protect yourself:

Why Should Businesses Embrace Technology?

Technology can be a fundamental role in your bottom line. Not only can many automizing aspects of your business reduce your expenses and maximize profit ratios, but it can also act to prevent potential liability. By enabling computers to take orders, create 24-hour access on websites, and replace old technology, your business can become a local leader. Many of these time and money saving measures can also prevent future lawsuits.

Instead of having to deal with employees that make mistakes or get into car accidents, a computer cannot put you in such a situation. Furthermore, there are reduced chances of issues such as theft and fraud. Besides the point, the general trend has been towards technological change, and any hesitation could cause your enterprise to fall behind.

Why Not Form an LLC?

Reducing personal liability in your venture is important. Many businesses are run as private enterprises. And often they are led by people with little previous business experience. By forming a Limited Liability Corporation a sole proprietor or partners would be able to reduce their exposure to future lawsuits and bankruptcy. The act of incorporating will inoculate the owners against much risk, with little downside.

LLCs are not run the same as larger corporations. There isn’t the same regulation occurring or dealing with many corporate board members. The small size of an LLC leads to mobility and maneuverability. It allows for potential rapid growth and ability to adapt to quickly changing conditions. Many businesses become incorporated in the state of Delaware due to its business-friendly regulations. Corporation law varies by state, and any decision should be made in consultation with an attorney.

How Do You Prevent the Notice of Claim?

After running your business for a while, you may be served with a notice of claim stating that a part of your enterprise is not safe. Any part of your business that is open to the public must be safe. Issues such as broken stairs, dripping water, and broken or defective products can be cited for their danger to the public. A notice of claim could be the first step before a lawsuit. Reducing the factors that could compel such notices should be a no brainer.

How to Create Proper Liability Waivers

By creating means to limit your liability, you will be amazed on how it affects your business operations. Creating liability waivers crafted with the help of a skilled business attorney can be a science. Forming language that will both explain the potential consequences of taking part in your business and compelling a signature is key. Such agreements aren’t always ironclad in court, but the closer they can get using precedent and knowledge of corporate law the better.

Many courts will look at the extent of how you attempted to reduce risk to consumers as well as your warnings. By taking the extra step, the chances of being challenged in court is significantly reduced. And customer satisfaction should increase as well.

Ultimately, these are just part of the actions a business can take to reduce your tort liability. There are always litigious people in every field and the possibility of a suit. Any actions you can take to reduce such a possibility are par for the course in the area of business.

Fighting To Force the Coast Guard to Serve Cruise Passengers

Removing Loopholes to Protect Cruise Ship Passengers

Protecting cruise liner passengers should be the top priority of all cruise lines. Unfortunately, recent cases show this is not always the case. By advocating for passengers, we are one step closer to a more just system.

Michael Ehline lobbies Congress for safe transportation.

The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act was an important part of that puzzle. Still, there are substantial concerns about its implementation. All of these are good questions for the public. How the government uses the law is another questions.

The act intended to solve many of the underlying issues. We still have far more work ahead of us. Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, tirelessly pursues better regulation. He lobbied in Washington for consumer friendly revisions to existing laws and statutes. Each one of these raises their issues. We here at Ehline Law have a chance to make a difference. Our team is at the ready for the consumer.

Removing Cruise Ship Company Loopholes

Some of the major concerns include the fact that medical staff must follow protocols after all medical cases, and not just sexual assault. A “man overboard” warning system needs to go on all cruise ships. Regulations allow a “foreign vessel loophole” for other nations’ vessels to skirt our laws. Acoustic sounding devices are a deterrent against terrorism that should be on all new ships.

Thus, the Coast Guard has a responsibility in certifying Victim’s Advocates for cruise lines. This ensures that victims informed of their rights. Their testimony should also be confidential and allow them to contact law enforcement rather than leaving it in the hands of the cruise line. These are all parts of the picture.

The vast majority of Americans blame the cruise industry itself for many of these issues. We understand this issue personally. However, the above concerns are ongoing. It remains unfair that foreign companies worth billions use a loophole to flag a ship to skirt regulations.

All of these are unfair to American companies. Thus, it also works against the concerns of anyone on these vessels. It is key paying attention to how these laws are brought about. Furthermore, we get the worries of these people.

Furthermore, it raises concerns about the Coast Guard’s enforcement of foreign licensed cruise line companies which do not pay taxes in the United States. In addition, we understand that these regulations require changes, especially with a new President at the helm. We’ll be one of the cruise ship advocates for smarter, stronger protections.

Common Household Injuries & Avoidance 101 – Who Can I Sue?

Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box
Pain in the back. Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box

Every year thousands of people nationwide suffer injuries in their own home in accidents that may have been preventable. The types of mishaps that can happen at home are wide ranging. So for example, they include slips and falls, burns and even faulty gas lines explosions. Because these accidents can vary, so can the harm that’s sustained. And it ranges from minor to very severe depending on the type of mishap.

Mishaps that occur at home are not always the injured person’s fault. In fact, many times there is someone else at fault. This is due to being a consumer of home products. Also, it is common to buy all kinds of home products.

So for example, food, drinks, furniture or electrical appliances are common supplies that carry certain potential risks. In some cases, the home has had products installed and/or maintained by pros such as home designers.

When mishaps happen at home because of another party’s negligence, the injured person is able to seek a financial award for the damages. It is to your benefit to speak with a reputable personal injury attorney as soon as possible when hurt.

Common Household Mishap Conditions.

There are some common types of issues that can cause accidents at home from the negligence by another party. And they include:

  • Improperly Installed Electrical Wiring: Sometimes electrical wiring is improperly installed. So it may cause a serious electric shock and can be a fire hazard. If this is the case, often the party or electrician that installed the wiring may become held liable for negligence.
  • Defective Appliances: Defective home appliances result in many home injuries every year. In many cases, these are electrical appliances that cause electric shock hazard, burns or fire. The most common of these appliances are for the kitchen, space heaters, battery packs, televisions and even laptop computers.
  • Improper Flooring Installation: Improperly installed floors can cause slip, trip and fall mishaps. That can result in serious harm. The floor issues can include torn carpet, holes or cracks in flooring and uneven floor boards. Along with unreasonably slippery flooring. Liable parties include the installer and contractor who did the flooring.
  • Defective Manufacture or Design of Home Furnishings:  People do not think their home furnishings can be harmful. But defective furniture, whether it happens during the design or manufacturing process, can be high risk for harm. This may be furniture that breaks or has become unstable. And this can cause the occupant to fall when used as what its made to use it for.

What are Some Other Types of Injuries that Occur in the Home?

There are many types of injuries that can occur in the home due to negligence with some being less serious than others. They include:

  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • Lacerations.
  • Burns.
  • Chemical burns.
  • Sprains.
  • Broken bones.
  • Crush injuries.
  • Accidental amputation.
  • Neurological injuries.
  • Concussions.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Internal injury.

As noted above, there are many ways to become harmed in your own home or the home of another. This is true even when using products as made to use. That they can still cause extremely serious harm. In the event a mishap does occur, speak with a products liability injury attorney who can evaluate your claim. They will determine if you have a case with the best way to pursue your claim.

Should I Consult the Experienced, Top Notch Los Angeles Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC?

Yes, you should always speak to a lawyer when injured at home. After all, we all feel safe in our homes. But mishaps can happen anywhere we live. Many of these types of mishaps could become prevented if negligence was not a factor in the accident. So when a person is harmed, they may be legally entitled to obtain a settlement for the damages.

For example, now victims can pay back medical bills, other costs. Also, they can get paid back for pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of the harm, the financial award may include ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, loss of wages or loss of future income.

So the people you can sue include product makers, contractors and anyone else who caused or created the situation that harmed you. And the Southern California, L. A. based Ehline Law Firm is composed of top-notch personal injury lawyers. And they can be reached toll-free at (888) 400-9721 to schedule a free consultation. If you are in a rush, use the handy email form on our website and we can communicate through electronic means. These lawyers can help you locate and sue the people who harmed you!


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Shoulder Injuries and Car Accidents 101

Shoulder Injury Diagnosis
Doctor with a patient checking a shoulder injury

Car accidents can injure nearly every part of the human body. Often the forces involved are similar to those felt by a pilot ejecting out of a fighter plane after being shot down. In fact, severe injury and even death can follow many auto accidents.

Safety concerns should near the top of everyone’s list when driving or riding in a car as a passenger, or as a fare. The injuries can vary in type and severity. But the human body seems especially vulnerable to joint damage as a result of sudden traumatic force.


How to Mitigate Problems Immediately? Quickly See a Doctor for Diagnosis and Prognosis

In the aftermath of a car accident, a thorough medical examination is key. In any event, many issues can develop in the days, weeks, and months following a severe crash. And all of these are unbeknownst to the victim. A skilled physician will be able to identify the short and long-term consequences of these injuries. And this is especially the case when dealing with joint and muscle damage.

Vital joints, such as the shoulder can severely inhibit a person’s ability to work or lead their life. Furthermore, these types of injuries could be longstanding, especially if not treated properly.

Also, it is also of importance to recognize the possible types and effects of shoulder injuries as follows:

  • Fractures are among the most common, often including the collar bone, or clavicle, the upper arm bone, or proximal humerus, or the shoulder blade, or scapula. These fractures are often felt immediately after the crash, and symptoms usually include pain, bruising, swelling, and limited movement. These often become identified with X-rays during a full examination by a doctor.
  • Clavicle fractures often include swelling around the middle of the collarbone, perhaps taking the shape of a bump. Many times this type of injury can be treated without surgery, but extreme cases could include full surgery with plates or rods inside the bone itself.
  • Humerus fractures are identifiable due to a severely swollen shoulder, including extremely limited mobility. These types of fractures are commonly very painful and require varying treatment options. If the broken bone fragments have not moved out of proper alignment, surgery may be avoidable. However, if the fragments have moved, surgery including plates, screws, or pins is commonly required. For more severe cases or older patients, shoulder replacement may be required.
  • Shoulder separations can severely impact the victim’s life. And these are commonly felt as an irritation sticking up out of the shoulder. Sometimes a noticeable bump develops on the top of the shoulder. Depending on the severity and direction of the separation, surgery may or may not be necessary. But in more severe cases, surgery to repair ligaments is needed. Most of all, this is common among those that use the shoulder as part of work.
  • Shoulder dislocations also feature a bump. But this time it develops on the front of the shoulder. So the arm is unable to move, and the arm is commonly rotated outward. Many people lose sensation in part or all of their arm. This type of injury requires the arm to be placed back in the socket, including medical intervention. But sometimes this is done manually by putting the arm back where it should be. And then it gets placed in a sling. Of course, at times this requires surgical options.

So if you or a family member have faced a severe injury such as this, it is vital to reach out to both a medical and legal expert as soon as possible. Personal injury expert Michael Ehline has helped hundreds of accident victims. He is a car accident attorney, in Los Angeles and a legal professional. So he takes pride in ensuring accident victims they can return to full function and enjoyment of life.

As a disabled former Marine, Ehline understands the pain of severe injury. Also, he comprehends the need to repair lives after accidents. Ehline Law works on contingency, not asking for any money unless Michael wins for you. He and his team will answer the phone 24/7 and will visit you anywhere in the state. Call or email us today for more information.

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