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Month: March 2015

The Evil Prank of “Popcorning” and Lawsuits

I admit it. I am guilty. I laughed when someone sent me a “popcorning” video. I regretted laughing. Because after I had watched it a few more times, my laughter turned to rage and disgust. This type of prank belongs in the same category as the “Knock Out Game.’ But in many of these popcorning cases, there may just be a way to get some money damages. But most street thugs knocking people out will not always have assets. Exceptions include them being in the course and scope of employment. An example would include a McDonald’s employee knocking a person out during business hours.

Popcorning Defined:

Popcorning seems the newest fad that has hit the internet. But it has very real effects in the real world for bystanders and other innocent people who got pranked. Popcorning begins by taking an unexploded airbag from a motor vehicle. Next, it gets exploded under an unsuspecting victim who sits on the bag, setting it off. But the damages and spine injuries from this practice, make it much more than just a typical college type shenanigan.

Popcorning has the makings of a civil and even a criminal battery. Also, it likely was an unconsented to physical contact. Further, it causes injury and harm (Defined Here.) Think about that before you jump on the bandwagon.

Airbag Pranks Lead to Serious Injuries

Intended to be just a lighthearted joke, it has led to severe injuries to individuals and property damage. Watch some effects of the practice below.

What starts as what you think will be a single small explosion, easily escalates to an explosive, jarring injury. Watch below at 1:16 to see the effects of one on an individual.

These injuries could widely range due to these airbag explosions. Some include ruptured eardrums, lacerations, soft tissue damage. Others result in fractured bones and brain damage, or even death. And these injuries are nothing to joke about. They could lead to significant medical bills and emotional trauma.

One injury was so severe that a concussion likely followed, as seen below:

One of the reasons that such pranks cause so much injury is because pranksters don’t believe grave dangers exist. Also, since the victim does not know of the prank, they do not properly brace themselves. In one case reported in the U.K. Daily Mail, a teenager that took part in popcorning was severely injured. The 19-year-old suffered spinal damage, as described by one of his friends:

“I don’t think he thought it was going to hurt as much. He couldn’t walk after it happened, he lay in the bush for about half an hour. In the end, we picked him up and took him to the hospital in my mate’s van.”

Disabled man on crutches from popcorning
Photo credit: Daily Mail

If you or a loved one was involved in such a prank and suffered injury, do something about it. Don’t let the medical bills pile up while you suffer.

Skilled attorneys specialized in prank injuries, such as Ehline Law will be able to assist. We assess the causes of the injuries, their extent and long-term costs, and your legal rights.

Call us today for more information 24/7. We are willing to come to you for a free, no-pressure consultation anywhere in California, and assess how to proceed. We use our experience in similar personal injury claims. We investigate whether the pranksters, property owner or others are responsible for your injuries. If so, we hold them liable.

After all, often, the prank was on the unsuspecting victim at a garage, business, or in a private home. Sometimes the jokester owns the property, or perhaps a relative does. Also, probably a policy of insurance covers the event. And we injury lawyers go after that money for you. So it’s time to get you some money for your suffering, lost work, or lost loved one.

Call us today to speak to one of our caring attorneys. Let’s discuss seeking out and finding some insurance coverage or assets. Michael Ehline may be reached at (213) 596-9642.

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Actor Will Smith’s ‘Concussion’ and Everyday TBIs

My Money is on Smith
An NFL football sits with a pile of money on a green field

Will Smith’s new drama “Concussion” proved to be hot with moviegoers. It had something for everyone. But its focus on medical science and sports enthralled audiences. At any rate, it showed a side of football often overlooked.

So while many of the topics may get dramatized for the sake of the film, the underlying science, and key factors don’t. So probably this can help lawyers pursuing these cases on behalf of the surviving families of footballers. Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBIs have been a scourge on thousands of athletes at every level each year.

Medical and Long Term Implications

Repeated trauma to the head can cause incredible effects. Concussions one after another create the problem. But threats for other types of injuries exist too. Concussions have garnered a closer focus by the NFL. And the NCAA has focused on this problem the last several years. But the cumulative effects of head blows just now have come to light. In fact, medical research has rapidly demonstrated the short and long-term harm of these brain injury incidents.

TBIs can come in many forms and due to many causes. So these naturally include sports injuries. TBIs may arise from severe car accidents too. For example, when a motorcyclist drops his bike and busts open his helmet on the pavement. But they happen daily in workplace incidents in large cities like Los Angeles. Most of the time, these cases exist when a worker falls from a ladder or slips and falls on a greasy floor.

No two traumatic brain injuries can be exactly alike. But certain similarities do often exist. In any case, these can include memory loss, declining fine motor control, and constant headaches. Last, the victims have problems ambulating, trouble focusing, and other issues.

In many cases, these injuries will require long-term care. So these ailments could include the need for therapy. Also, TBIs have also been known to be a major cause of personality changes and early death. The burden placed on a family due to these types of injuries remains grave. Thus, do not underestimate the risks. Also, a strong chance exists that such damage will lead to missing work and enjoyment in their life.

Legal Options in Case of Severe Brain Injuries

Ehline Law Firm has handled such cases before. Hence, the firm has attorneys on staff specializing in brain injuries. In fact, our team has worked with those injured in sports accidents. And we know the work needed to make life whole again. So we stand ready to help you navigate the pitfalls of the Knight v. Jewett case. Last, we partner with medical professionals to ensure a proper diagnosis. Particularly pertinent here, some doctors wait for the case to end. Above all, that means you get medical care and pay for treatment later on a lien basis.

So we will help in many ways. And we will work with insurance companies to ensure a full payout. Recompense sought includes for long term costs. Thus, we will also determine what the exact cause of the accident leading to the TBI. From here on we can weigh repeated incidents and their effects on the damage.

Thus, we can help your family sign up for useful programs, including unemployment insurance, disability, worker’s compensation. But we are experts a finding money relevant to recovery. Hence, our team will leave no options undone in the pursuit of your rehabilitation.

For more information, please call or email us today. Our offices dot up and down the Southern California coast. We would be happy to discuss your options. Let us meet you at one of our locations or travel anywhere in the state for a face to face chat. In any case, you can trust our skill so much that we work on contingency. That means we don’t ask for a cent unless we recover $$ for you. Allow us to fight for you. Why not let us determine how best to help you overcome this terrible injury? Call now at (213) 596-9642.

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