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We are one of LA and California’s premier personal injury firms. Why do so many satisfied clients choose Ehline Law Firm in Greater Los Angeles? Simple, “We Make It Happen!” This means that we treat our client’s legal matters with a sense of urgency. And we treat all our customers with dignity, respect, and compassion. In fact, we have won over $100 million dollars in verdicts and settlements. Why not let us win big for you too? Check out some of our client’s reviews here.

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    Various awards given to Ehline Law Firm

    Best car and motorcycle accident attorney service and resume for the fee

    • Firm voted Top 7 years running

    • Experts in Uber, Lyft and Car Accident Laws for crashes near your location

    • Respected accident attorneys group of pros

    • Michael Ehline is a car accident lawyer guy trained as an expert for accidents near you

    • Car accident lawyers near you are ready for your call

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    Ehline Law Firm is recognized internationally for its affordable service, critical thinking and superior advocacy in personal injury law matters. This sizeable and renowned law firm helps people with bad accidents and personal injury claims. Since 2005 our personal injury and accident attorneys have produced landmark results for their happy clients. In fact, our lawyers have brought in well over $100 million dollars in verdicts and settlements.

    Once you speak to one of our compassionate team members, you will see the difference in our portfolio. Our accident attorneys have assisted injured So Cal clients in the LA and Orange County for over a decade. Also, we maintain several convenient meeting locations. So we have San Bernardino, Orange County and Los Angeles offices near Wilshire Blvd in Downtown LA. Also, we serve clients at their home, office or hospital bed. Go ahead and reach out now!

    Seeking a Personal Injury Lawyer for an
    Accident You Didn't Cause?

    When a loved one gets harmed in an accident, you and your family need to hire the best personal injury lawyers money can buy.

    An injury lawyer practices law on behalf of tort victims. Other names used over the years include attorney, solicitor, advocate, barrister, counselor, ambulance chaser and chartered legal executive. The art of "lawyering" includes the practical application of abstract legal theories. These specialized lawyers will have above average knowledge to solve specific problems of accident victims. Their job is to advance the interests of plaintiffs who retain them. The decision to hire a lawyer will be one of the most important ones a person can make.

    After all something like a bad car, truck, bus or motorcycle accident usually causes great upheaval in our day to day lives. The fiscal stress alone can make you nervous and depressed. It could cause you to break down emotionally. In fact, right after a bad crash or slip and fall, for example, expect a trip to the hospital. Sometimes victims need an MRI, CT scan or X Rays. Experts like a rheumatologist may be called into play. Sometimes we use our vacation pay just to attend physical therapy. Other times we cannot work at all and get fired after missing too much work.

    A top notch accident-related personal injury attorney helps mitigate the harm caused by the damages causing your injury. After all, a mishap was unanticipated. And thus, you handling the fallout is not something you should have to be prepared for. This is why you retain legal assistance on your way to a full recovery of your health.

    Personal Injury FAQs

    What is a Personal Injury?

    One of the most frequently asked questions people have is “What is a Personal Injury?” A personal injury is an injury to an individual’s person caused by another party. Personal injury law is the common term used by people who bring insurance or court claims to recover money for their injuries.

    Personal injury lawyers are the state bar members who will usually file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a plaintiff such as you. Is this making sense so far? (Read More.)

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    How Much is Your Injury Worth?

    How to tally the value of your personal injury case depends on many variables and a whole host of related costs and fees. It remains impossible to predict case values accurately.

    First, the dollar amount of bills, therapy, and lost work are a major and critical component. Intangibles like mental suffering and physical pain must be creatively calculated. Usually, experts are required. Most lawyers will advance these costs. But the victim will pay it back out of the settlement.

    Although there is no magical personal injury case value calculator, the court, adjuster or jury will look at:

    • All of the losses and how they are categorized
    • The total rehabilitation and medical expenses connected with your injuries
    • Past, present and future losses of income related to your personal injuries
    • Your life-altering disabilities caused by or related to your accidental injuries
    • Any property damage related losses or damages
    • Any pain and suffering you may have experienced from your injuries

    By using this information, our accident lawyers will determine the likely probability of the recoverable dollar amounts of damages for your injury case. So obviously, the lawyers you retain will play a major role in the damages recovered.

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    How Much Do You Charge Up Front?

    When seeking a lawyer, the first question is almost always: "how much do you charge up front? The answer is that ELFPI is contingency fee-based. In other words, you pay no attorneys’ fee up-front.

    And even then, we never get a fee unless we recover. Yes, you heard correct, you owe us no fee unless we get you an outcome for your accident  (Explained in detail here).


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    Can You Get Paid If You Were At Fault?

    Yes, you can! Sometimes two or more acts or failures to act combine in an accident. In some states, unless the defendant had the last clear chance to avoid the wreck, the plaintiff's case is dismissed. But in California, we use the pure comparative negligence rules discussed more here.

    So here, your award is simply reduced based upon your percentage of fault.

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    What Makes Ehline Different?

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get about our military veteran run law firm is "what makes Ehline Law different?" Our online reviews and winning record verify our relentlessness and standing in the local legal and consumer community. (Read More.)

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    What are the Top 7 Reasons to Hire ELFPI?

    The nagging question for many personal injury victims, is “how do I know who to hire for my accident insurance or court claims?” Because of this, we have identified some top qualities to look out for in a PI lawyer or firm below:

    Quick Index: 

    1. No Recovery No Fee
    2. Cutting Red tape
    3. Hiring Investigators and Experts
    4. Objectivity
    5. Veteran Experience
    6. ADR
    7. Technology

    (Read about the Top 7 Reasons to Hire ELFPI.)

    Free Case Consultation

    How Long Does it Take to Settle Your Personal Injury Case?

    There is not a set litmus test for how long it takes injury cases to resolve. Like human beings, each case is unique. So from filing suit, to settlement or verdict, it remains different in every case. In fact, some cases settle fast, while others stretch out for many months or years. (Read More Here.)


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    Once Your Accident Case Settles, When Do You Get Paid?

    Invariably, injury victims have one question that arises above all others.

    The resounding question is:

    • "How long after the settlement will it take to get me paid?"

    Typically, the profit-driven insurance company has to order a draft payment from its home office. This does not happen overnight. (Read more about length of time to payment here.)

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    What is a Lawsuit?

    A lawsuit is usually a formal written complaint to to court that generally alleges the negligence and other causes of action. It is filed with the court and served on each defendant. Usually a process server will serve it on behalf of the plaintiff. (Read More.)

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    How Long Do You Wait To File The Lawsuit?

    This is governed by statute or contract law. As discussed, there is a two year statute of limitations for most personal injury cases in California. But that doesn't mean we wait.

    However, in cases where you sue the government or a cruise ship company, things are different and you must file a claim right away. This is why you must speak to a lawyer as soon as possible! (Read More.)


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    What is Civil Discovery?

    After filing suit, there will be an initial case management conference (CMC), and a lengthy period for civil discovery. This means both sides get to ask eachother written questions and demand documents and things. (Read More.)

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